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Found 14 results

  1. E-Mantra - Nemesis Suntrip Records, 2014 Goatrance 1. The Entity 2. Wrath of the Nomads (Rmx) 3. Fall of Icarus 4. Gebeleizis 5. Xibalba 6. Ayahuasca 7. Mission Aborted 8. Orphic Hymn 9. Shae Nab E-Mantra is Emmanuel Carpus. His Goa debut, Arcana (2009) was praised for immersing listeners with strong atmosphere, soundscape textures, and dynamic (tweaked tempo) transitions, one of which is the coolest enhancement that I have heard in electronica music to this day. Although I found that Arcana lacked memorable melody leads, I can't deny its innovation. The exploratory element was great and Dansul lelelor proved that the artist could create memorable leads in addition to the atmosphere and everything else. Pathfinder (2011) incorporated some catchy synth leads, but lacked the absorbing soundscape textures to the degree of Arcana. Pathfinder had some great tracks, elements, and moments nonetheless. It was more melodic, and yet less immersive soundscape wise and atmospherically. Some liked it more than Arcana and vice-versa. Anyway , three years went by and Emmanuel's tracks continued to impress on Psy/Goa and Psyambient/Chill albums until the next massive Goa creature arrived. This brings us to Nemesis (2014). Every E-Mantra album to date has had a bit of a learning curve for me. Emmanuel's style is very distinct and complex, and at times overwhelmingly creative. Good news is that Nemesis is more ambitious, imaginative, and atmospheric than Pathfinder. It also has more of what many liked about Arcana, the soundscape textures (exploratory element). I'd love to hear an all ambient/chill album by this artist in the future too. But moving on to Nemesis... 1. The Entity is the best opening [goa trance] track by E-Mantra to date. It has a fantasy edge that I miss (since the old-school days of Chi-A.D.) coupled with immersive atmosphere, strong synth work, a driving beat and bass line, tasty soundscapes textures, and some great synths. This song is like moving through a galaxy of space candy. I love the female voice sample, even if I miss what she's saying half the time. Her "sound" alone enhances the track. Oh, and when I bitch about there not being enough memorable melodies in E-Mantra's first two albums, just wait until you hear the one at 6:44. It's very catchy! I really like the return of the strong bass line at 4:05, the atmosphere and melody/sound (synth) work. The echoed, female effects are nice too! My ONLY gripe is that after the beat drops out (which switches up the sound a bit), I am less gripped. From around 5:30 to 6:39 the song begins to feel repetitive. Fortunately, the melody at 6:39 leads to ear candy at 6:44 that elevates the song. Very little here could have been perfected (to me) for a nearly perfect score, as the artist did a great job overall. The Entity is excellent, one of E-Mantra's most solid tracks to date. A- 2. Wrath of the Nomads (Rmx) I find less dynamic and varied than the opening. The song moves in one general direction, but it has a strong beat and base line. The synth lead stands out among the heavy backdrop, and is accompanied by soundscapes/textures, as is E-Mantra's more typical style and approach. To be honest, I was a little disappointed here, primarily in the first half. The song starts strong with a solid synth but grows repetitive and predictable by the third and fourth minute. Fortunately, there's an interlude/ around halfway through. The beat and music return at 5:10 where the song grows noticeably catchier. The beat is accompanied with more engaging sound work. Better late than never I suppose. Simply put, the song could have trimmed a minute or two earlier on, or involved more enjoyable work in the first half which would have made it more enjoyable. This is a solid track that starts slow and rewards listeners in the second half. B 3. Fall of Icarus I find more interesting than the previous song which showcased a more typical E-Mantra sound. Earlier on I'm grabbed by the atmosphere here. The bass line that enters at 0:55 captures the driving, dark tone; it's good. Gradually details are added. There are many layers here; I just wish that the melodies hooked me more, as with E-Mantra's work there is sometimes more higher pitched synth streams rather than stand out Goa tunes. Having said that, the song innovates. It's like a fluid storm of debris shrouded in lightning and space snapping rattle snakes that sneak up and surprise. The more times I listened to this track, the more I found regarding the complexity and cohesiveness of it all. It gets catchier as it progresses naturally, and showcases some really good sound work in the second half that compliments the first. Having said that, more memorable melody work would have been nice. Good if not great song. B+ 4. Gebeleizis begins like a computer spazzing out, printing up algorithms left and right without rhythm or reason, but in a psychedelic space sense; this is no computer or printer. The curious introduction slams the senses with an impact effect, or echoed beat and synth at 0:26. This moment is brief, but powerful and gripping. It also introduces the first wave of energy/synth work to power the starship. There is an interlude midway that reminds me of stars blinking out in the night sky. It's immersive and intriguing. Then a new crescendo of sound arrives, comprised of atmosphere, soundscape textures, and a delectable combination of synth melodies. The song evolves into combining the powerful effects with actual melodies that have harmony and feeling. I simply find that the last 1-2 minutes, while very nice, could have incorporated more development to increase the songs greatness in the end. An artist that applies this concept well is Cybernetika relative to his general tracks (1, 3, 6, 7) in the atmospheric and also dark album, The Scythe of Orion. Gebeleizis is a super song that has a soft ending that makes me go between a solid A and minus. The song is possibly deserving of a higher score. It's fantastic. A- 5. Xibalba begins less chaotically than the previous track, with good atmosphere and an effective, lower-pitched bass line. The bass line adds to the darker tone and is very effective, primarily when combined with other sounds that go into effect at 1:58. The more versatile "synths" are deliciously braided. There is a drum roll that leads into a highly effective third minute, coupled with a strong lead and otherworldly textures. At around 4:00, an echoed synth enters; this is the sound that I like from War of the Hierophant's track interlude from Arcana, as well as the Metamorphic Resonance track (last third) from Pathfinder. Here it's used more as a pitch bending accent rather than a visceral synth melody lead. Nevertheless, it's catchy and compliments the track; it's just not as infectious as how it was utilized before. No worries. It works well with the core rhythm. The beat briefly disappears at 5:12, and returns with the driving feel and even tastier melody/sound work at 5:25. It's also enhanced by the accent effects that appear like space insects flying by the voyager. All of this takes place with great synth work. An ambient segment enters around 7:15, and adds to the song's mood; it could be perceived as a sense of urgency or consequence. This part of the song sounds serious, evocative. It's interesting and adds character and feel to this intergalactic album. The song isn't as eventful as some of the others, but I like it this way. Xibalba is imaginative and captures my attention from start to finish. Well done! A- 6. Ayahuasca is the next track that I warmed up to the most, along with The Entity and Gabeleizis. ​This is because of the melody approach. The synth work emotes with the overall exciting feel. Instead of one synth, the artist somehow incorporated three or four, maybe five. The work sounds so layered and complex. It grows stronger, catchier as it progresses. The part around 4:20 forward has an amazing, climactic feel. It showcases what is quite possibly the artist's best melody synth (leading) work to date. I am very impressed with this part and how it fits into the context of the whole. I love it. The last third (or rather act) includes a very nice melody lead that blossoms around 6:16. It's unpredictable and uplifting! I love how the artist realizes that complexity alone does not necessarily make a song good. Ayahuasca showcases fantastic sound/melody work by the artist, who raises the bar on how uplifting and catchy his Goa songs can be! Part of me feels that the song could have gone even further or higher into heavenly bliss (ascension) in its final moments, but I really like the last few minutes. The song closes strong and knows when to end. Ayahuasca is one of the finest tracks in electronica! It's beautiful, unique, and innovative. The song has feeling too. It's excellent. A 7. Mission Aborted begins dark, as if abandoned or alone, though the samples off-set this thought. What stands out to me the most here are the astronaut's voice. They're catchy as they echo across the music. The first third keeps the tone and driving (under-current) dark. The synths sound mechanical and grows catchier in the second act. I like how the artist supports these darker elements, and the ambient/atmospheric layer later on. These examples show how well the artist puts sounds together, however I wasn't that arrested with the overall song. The astronaut voice samples add character and I like that. However the synth work, while catchy, never stayed in my head. There's no tune that grabbed me, no climactic elements either and that's okay. The second half is quite nice I admit. I simply never felt completely immersed or addicted, and the ending isn't really exciting. Having said that, the overall song is very well structured; it builds nicely and has some interesting elements, solid synth work. It's also dark and moody (though I found Xibalba catchier in that regard). The astronaut samples compliment Mission Aborted in that they're catchy. I just wanted to feel more involved and hooked with the overall song after finding the previous three so exceptional in comparison. That said, this is a very good track that seems to separate two more ambitious and delectable ones. B+ 8. Orphic Hymn is another one of my favorites along with tracks 1, 4, (now 5) and 6. The introduction is solid, and the beat/effect at 2:15 is wonderful. I love the humming ambient, and the synth work that enters at 2:33 is so ridiculously catchy. OMG I love it. Then there's the third minute where this infectious sound combines with others that sound as delicious with it. The third minute involves one of the catchiest segments in goa trance. After this phenomenal part, the beat leaves at 3:46 for an interlude (transition). This provides the opportunity to change up a few things and refresh the song. The returning music at 4:14 is nice. The atmosphere's enhances it. The melodies become brighter at 4:35 and I think it's good add light to the darkness. The second half of this song is attractive, don't get me wrong. I simply wish it was as infectious in the uplifting, positive and harmonious sense, as I love the idea. The melody/sound work is catchy. I just find them less captivating than the edgier work beforehand, which I found stunning. The song could have benefited from having a tastier final uplifting act in that regard, as it goes from darkly superb to beautiful good, in my opinion. Take Astral Projection's Liquid Sun, Radical Distortion's Star Dance, Goasia's Sunrise - ok those were morning Goa sunrise songs throughout and this isn't I realize (but for uplifting tracks that really impressed). Orphic Hymn does darker, edgier best and should have stayed that way with more development in the last third I feel. Or the brighter evolution could have used more work to make it more spectacular, just my two cents. I was so enamored by this song's first half and wanted to give it a solid A. Maybe a remix will get away with this. Orphic Hymn is another great track that showcases some amazing work. A- 9. Shae Nab, unlike the last two tracks previous E-Mantra albums is far from slow. Is slow uptempo an oxymoron? Regardless, the tempo is good. This final track has a smooth and fluid feel, with seamless melody/sound formations that develop in some subtle ways. The synth work is very good. I especially like the skipping synth that comes and goes. Shae Nab isn't very eventful (that's not the point), but rather one continuous movement; the song flows like water. This flow of energy concept ? track reminds of a little of Khetzal's opening on Corolle; this is completely different in sound and approach of course. A really nice melody enters around 5:00, and a more gripping (to me) one at 5:50. After the third or so interlude, the rhythm returns with even greater sound, deepening the hypnotic vibe. The ambient notes in the last minute are beautiful. It would have been nice if such feelings of euphoria were more present earlier on. The ambient notes add so much feeling and harmony; by the time they arrive, the song has almost finished. Nonetheless, the artist's blending of sounds here produce an old-school, goa sound that some will love. Shae Nab is a beautiful work of art. Its gentle approach may not stand out initially, as much as some of the other songs. This is a solid closing track that could have had more personality. It flows beautifully nonetheless. A- In conclusion, Nemesis is a strong album. If you're an E-Mantra fan, I think you'll be impressed, as I can be critical and pin point or over analyze even the smallest things at times. Every E-Mantra album I've heard to date has been impressive including his chill ones via Hermit Sanctuary (2013). The artist continues to improve and "perfect" his style on Nemesis and it shows. The album is dark and visceral, often immersive and at times magical. This album impressed me when I least expected, but it also took time to grow as Arcana did. I really like the power, rhythm and synth work of The Entity in combination with its fantasy elements. I was also impressed with Gebeleizis, Xibalba, and Ayahuasca for their strong synth work, arrangement, and sound formations. Orphic Hymn has an incredibly catchy first half (until 4:39 for me); the rest is pretty good, just not as addictive. Shae Nab is a pleasant closing track with an old-school feel. With the overall album, I enjoy the atmosphere, soundscape textures, and (being a huge melody fan) improvement in the synth department, though greater emphasis on tunes that get stuck in your head would be nice. There's a lot to explore thanks to the artist's attention to detail and interest in creating depth. The lower-pitched bass lines work well too, adding to the dark feel of the album. Constructive Criticism / Feedback 1.) Some of the melodies could have more development of arrangement. For this reason, I find Filteria's albums (DoOL and LitW) easier to get into. Emmanuel tends to scaffold his melodies more with trills on notes, whereas many Goa artists compose more arrangement. 2.) Sometimes this artist has something so perfect going, only to incorporate a last third that isn't as infectious (track 4, 8). I love songs that get catchier as they progress! 3.) I would love to hear more sleek interludes like the one in Arcana's War of The Hierophants track, from 3:58 to 4:50. Such work was wickedly catchy and sleek. The ones here are solid nonetheless. End of Feedback There are things about the other albums that make them special I realize. I have warmed up to Nemesis slower than Pathfinder, but faster than Arcana. This is probably due to Nemesis having more depth and exploratory elements/details over Pathfinder. Sure Arcana had some fantastic elements (atmosphere, textures). Pathfinder had the melodies (synth leads) that stood out where the debut was lacking. Nemesis is more refined, involved and deep; the synth work and melodies are catchier too. Thanks to numerous improvements, I think many listeners will consider Nemesis to be the artist's best [goa trance] album yet, but it took time to time for me to assimilate to this album for some reason. Not since moments in Arcana have I been so impressed with an E-Mantra album in the psy/goa genre (I also recommend E-Mantra's Hermit Sanctuary album for psyambient/downbeat). Nemesis puts the listener back in a voyage through intergalacitic space travel, atmospheric elements and exploratory psychedelia. It's a lot to process. A lot takes place, and while I personally favor certain styles of Goa over E-Mantra's (normal considering we all have our preferences), Nemesis was well worth the wait. Favourite tracks: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 A- Samples / Order Suntrip http://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD31/ Suntrip Bandcamp http://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com Psyshop http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd031.html Beatspace http://www.beatspace.com/7916/Suntrip+Records/E-MANTRA/Nemesis/detail.aspx Goastore http://www.goastore.ch/e-mantra-nemesis.html Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Nemesis-E-Mantra/dp/B00HW1FEQA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391013235&sr=8-1&keywords=E-Mantra+Nemesis
  2. Psysutra - Gamma Phoenicis Cronomi Records, 2014 1. Planet Of Illusions 2. Acid Rush 3. Air Trance Corporation 4. United States Of Mind 5. Lost Universe 6. JetMan - Female Animals (Psysutra's Male Perspective Mix) 7. Postcard From Goa We Poles are not lucky when it comes to the political class and many other things, but we cannot be denied an exceptionally strong and individualized group of psy-artists. In contrast to many other countries (let's stick to the obvious example of Israel and its large group of disposable musical clones) we can boast of a team of people, where each and every one of them developed his own easily recognizable style. Thus I will smell Artha's tracks from a mile, then there is this specific vibe of TLG etc. Things are no different with Psysutrą, one of the new wave of young artists who, along with his music, is also an autonomous being on our psychedelic map. After many hardships Łukasz finally lived to see the release of his debut album under the Cronomi Records banner, a label that focuses on new talents in the field of goa trance. The label definitely stands out from the crowd, which in this case is only an advantage. In the end, why repeat the theme of sweet, ultra-melodic goa over and over again, when this music has so many faces? Psysutra thought the same, providing a record full of different shades of old school and strongly acidic psytrance under the goa banner. After listening to all tracks a lot I found out that actually I have nothing to bitch about. The sonic design of tracks is great. Łukasz easily takes anachronistic ideas and themes of the past and showers them with new layouts, owing to which we end up with seven intense landscapes from the land of goa trance. A land, let us add, that has many names. The tracks are not monotonous and there is always something going on, a thing one cannot say about many other productions of this type. In the field of creativity Psysutra leaves the competition far behind thanks to his lively ideas. Various trance artists of all latitudes flood us with their music, which technically is great, it has the punch, but as far as ideas are concerned it is presented in a bland and flat way. Their main idea is to move the crowds on the dancefloor, as well as to wiggle the playing person's index finger - and that's all. Luke has not forgotten an important element of juicyness, color-play, oldschool audio-corridors and sharp, almost three-dimensional acids in opposition to foreign cookie-cutter, over-produced boredom fest, seasoned here and there with a touch of catchy sound to break the routine. Another advantage of the album is the length of the tracks, specifically four of them: "Planet Of Illusions", "Air Trance Corporation", a remix of "Female Animals" and "Postcard From Goa" all oscillate around an impressive time of 11-12 minutes. Works for me. I've always been of the opinion that with such time at one's disposal one can build and communicate a coherent story. The album starts with the high-octane acid cyberpiece "Planet Of Illusions", which is a proverbial bullseye when it comes to this track being the opening one on this CD. The chameleon-like "Acid Rush" highlights just how far the music of Psysutra is from his milder colleagues from Suntrip Records. The more uplifting and cheerful "Air Trance Corporation" will serve as a proper musical tool for many open air parties during the more oldschool-oriented moments. The banging "United States Of Mind" with its batch of distinctive acids smells of old Transient Records compilations, which is only a good thing. A bit playful and laidback atmosphere is introduces by "Lost Universe", a track aimed at early morning hours of outdoor frolicking. Track number six is Psysutra's take on a tune by my colleague JetMan from Psytrance.pl. This mesmerizing track with Posford-like qualities spread over circa 11 minutes is certainly an interesting tune aimed not only at trancefloor workout, but also suitable for elemental breakdown at home. It is worth looking up the original version at SoundCloud to compare it with the version created by Psysutra. At the end we will not fall asleep with a "let's throw in a chillout lullaby at the end" routine done by so many, because the last track is also psytrance, albeit a bit calmer than its predecessors. This is achieved by a flowing, slightly magical atmosphere illustrated by the sound of the flute, which given an impression as if good ol' grampa Raja Ram is sitting somewhere in the background. It is impossible not to mention about the colorful design adorning the album's cover. I send words of appreciation towards Psara (a Portuguese DJane named Sara Constance), who interestingly underlined the album's musical atmosphere with her butterfly-wings-on-acid graphics. Given that it is the seventh release by Cronomi Records, the CD itself is marked with a cheeky nod to James Bond movies ("My name is Wu, Łukasz Wu. CronomiCD007 Licence to Dance!"). Speaking about the cover, despite a musically and graphically strong album, it fell victim to minor editorial mishaps associated with evident laziness at Cronomi Records. I'm saying here about the typos on the album's back cover. However, looking back at the history of trance releases and cases of this kind, one needs to admit that if this is the only flaw of "Gamma Phoenicis", the album is really good. The father of "Gamma Phoenicis" can be proud of his child. Through its spontaneity and inventiveness the album has a good chance not to get lost in the crowd of goa-productions of modern times, which at the time of them coming to life are prone to anonymity. This album is recommended both for someone who plowed through a whole lot of albums, as well as for those who just put their first baby steps in the psytrance realm. TLG and Space Element: your turn. https://shop.cronomi.com/?page_id=571 http://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/psysutra-gamma-phoenicis http://nobient.pl/index.php?products=product&prod_id=2717
  3. WAV/FLAC/MP3: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/the-world-beyond The World Beyond is a new concept release from Neogoa featuring four songs by eight musicians, all of whom have previously appeared on releases from the label. In the making for the better part of the last year, this compilation is the first of its kind for Neogoa; embedded within the artwork one will find hints of connection to previous Neogoa releases, particularly the Dimensional Gateway series and Celestial Transvibrations. Here on this release Neogoa’s mysterious collaborators explore experimental realms ranging from dark and acidic Goa trance to eerie and occult ambient atmospheres, all perfectly crafted to bring the listener on a 75 minute journey into the world beyond. Artwork and concept by Richpa at Neogoa Design with mastering by Deimos at Deimos Soundlabs. Artist: Various Album: The World Beyond Label: Neogoa Records Style: Goa Trance, Experimental, Dark Ambient Format: Digital (WAV/FLAC/MP3) Cat.Num: NEOG036 Tracks: 4 Lenght: 75 min Date: March 20th 2015 Artwork design, concept and compiled by: Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia) Mastering by: Deimos at Deimos Soundlabs (Croatia) Tracklist: Chapter I: The Vision (Passing The Monolith Into The Throat Of Time) Chapter II: The Journey (Across The Silver Sea Of Eternal Life) Chapter III: The Gate (Facing The Keeper Below The Human-Form Mountain) Chapter IV: The Sphere (Ascending Towards Star-Eaters To Become The One) Samples: The Vision (Passing The Monolith Into The Throat Of Time) https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/the-vision-the-world-beyond The Journey (Across The Silver Sea Of Eternal Life) https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/the-journey-the-world-beyond The Gate (Facing The Keeper Below The Human-Form Mountain) https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/the-gate-the-world-beyond The Sphere (Ascending Towards Star-Eaters To Become The One) https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/the-sphere-the-world-beyond
  4. Artist: Various Title: Gamayun Tale Label: Lookinglook Records Date: 2014 1. Celestial Consciousness - Rise 2. Magic Science - Atman 3. PharaOm - White Lotus Energy 4. Nova Fractal - Through Our Senses (Sky Technology Remix) 5. Roof Raiser - Stone Garden 6. Prok - Gliese 7. Ufomatka - Asteroid 8. Wanderlust - Square of the Cardboard Clocks 9. Shizolizer Gin - Skygravity Trance Mission 10. Jyotish - Purple Imagination Bonus Track: Rexuss - Chakra Gamayun is a prophetic bird that signifies wisdom and knowledge in Slavic folklore. The title speaks of mysticism, but the cover art screams "Check out this vagina!" And I'm cool with that. I like vaginas Just like Spacedock Lookinglook is one of those outlier labels that doesn't release a lot, but still demands attention. Probably most famous for their first release Dancing Mavka, their latest compilation was put together by Sky Technology. According to Discogs the CD is being distributed by Saikosounds. Yes that one. Didn't they go outta business? Anyway what a screamer this is. The melodies can be long and twisting backed up with power to drive the point home. The leads growl and grow in intensity sucking you in like a tornado. Track after track of unrelenting melodic goa madness and mostly from lesser known artists. That's great news as you always need to stock the farm system with new and promising talent. Never know when one of these guys is gonna leave the scene. *Wipes tear from eye as Lonely Man Theme plays for PharaOm* Artists like Roof Raiser (ugh, that name) who drops a constantly evolving bomb or Magic Science whose track bristles with cactus like spineage. The majority of the album is of the dark sort that goa heads will lap up, but a track by Prok is really deliciously acidic. Think Kiriyama with some Psy-H Project. The more well known guys put in some work also like PharaOm and UFOmatka. His track should end with sound of a dropping microphone. There are some dimmer areas of course, but definitely not deal breakers Sky Technology's remix felt a bit mess like a bull in a china shop and the lead by Wanderlust on Square of the Cardboard Clock (cool title) annoyed me like a paper cut. Actually after Asteroid the darkness seemed to dissipate until Jyotish closed things out with a track that attempted to reclaim some of that back. The biggest gripe I have is why the hell is the bonus track not available for those that want to purchase the CD? Doesn't make sense. Do you not want to move any product? As a label wouldn't you like to sell CDs? Please tell me if I'm missing the point. So as I've said before 2014 has been a great year for goa with some of the labels with a lesser presence delivering some storming music. This is one of those albums and I recommend you give it a listen. Beatspace Psyshop Bandcamp Digital Purchase Mdk
  5. hello!! we are preparing new 604 trance compilation, release date if all will be in time sometimes in October or November or maybe even later... I hope that you liked our last compilation The Call of Goa 2 :)) we are going now little in other direction, concept of this new compilations will be more as our very successful release "Colors of Goa"...we present you now full tracklist for this VA (maybe possible some little changes)...artwork as usual will make Ricpha Neogoa Design ...compiled by Nova Fractal... CD1 01. Travma - The Reality 02. 01-N - Teonanacatl 03. Screwloose & Lunar Dawn- Sunspots 04. Trinodia - Astral Clouds (Edit 2014) 05. Siam & Nova Fractal - Inside the Vortex 06. Cactus Arising - Transfer at the speed of light 07. Fiery Dawn - Mahakala 08. Nova Fractal - Naga 09. Somnesia - Wind Melody CD2 01. Psysutra - OamPower 02. Lectro Spektral Daze - 25th Century Technology 03. Anumana & Nostromosis - Traveler 04. Arronax - Lightning Bolt 05. Omneon - Sirius 06. OXI - Haunted Dreams 07. GoaTree - Hide & Clap (Morphic Resonance Remix) 08. Morphic Resonance - Neutrino 09. First Man - First Sound Samples will come soon after mastering is finished...
  6. in preparation for the "best of 2014" voting i noticed that i haven't listened to much downtempo released this year at all. and apparently i'm not the only one. so what are the best downtempo releases you've found this year? any instant classics that one cannot ignore? was there a good psydub release like globular last year?
  7. So I've browsed through common CD stores a few times this year and made a couple of orders, but for some reason I haven't followed the free release side since March or so. I'll probably go through it all at some point, but now I'd like to get started somewhere. A few good releases for background listening while getting stuff done this weekend would be nice. In short, what's been good so far? And if I may ask... Yes, please: - title (+optionally label etc.) - link to the release - a few words or at least an approximate genre No thanks: - YouTube spam - everything and the kitchen sink - self-promotion
  8. Z4thoichi is a London based producer and DJ who produces underground, rolling psychedelic beats. He has released music on Blacked Out Recordings, Sound Break Records, Divergence, KindCrime Recordings, V.I.M. Records, Music Dark Records, Ego Shot Recordings and Dirty Drop Records. Z4thoichi is the project which Javier E.R has been immersed in for the last few years. Javi started listening to 60's and 70's music when he was a child and at a young age he knew it wouldn't stop there. Being a drummer, percussionist, bass player and autodidact, he has always been interested in all types and styles of music from all over the world, imbibing his soul with everything he has listened to. In 1998 Javi started a punk-rock band called Paper Plane, where he played the drums and he started to realise he really loved creating rhythms. From then on, he has been involved in many different bands, contributing and learning. In 2004 he discovered psychedelic trance and the rave scene and he went to lots of psychedelic nights in Decades, an epic bar in his home town Seville, Spain. Those experiences encouraged him to participate in the scene and share his feelings about the music. In 2005 Javi founded a psytrance collective called Psylocibe with some friends from Seville that offered their particular vision of psytrance, throwing indoor and outdoor parties featuring the best djs of the Andalusian scene. From that point on Javi has been very active, playing at free parties and clubs in Spain such as El Tren and Quilombo and also at important festivals like Kuruputo Festival (Argentina)and SkizodelicMind Festival, Connection (Spain). In 2010 Javi started producing psychedelic tech funk/psybreaks under the name Z4thochi. A very promising career path soon emerged which was fortified by his tracks being remixed by renowned artists such as Andy Faze, Charlie Kane and Forufreezer. 2013 was a very productive (and busy) year for Z4thoichi. As well as moving to London from Seville he released 4 quality original tracks alongside 4 remixes plus a wicked Memtech remix, which went out as a free download. 2014 has been equally positive starting off with an excellent System 2 remix followed up by a storming collab with Chris Voro called Genesis. A remix for the mighty Martopeter was released shortly after along with another first class remix, this time for Blacklist. You can listen of all of these releases on his Z4thoichi soundcloud page. Javi also is working on another project called HōKō, going back to his roots. The link to his HōKō soundcloud page can be found below. With support from the likes of Far Too Loud, Too Dusty, Kwah, AP3X, Martopeter, Acidova and Motna, Z4thoichi is definitely one to watch in the ever growing psybreaks scene. Keep an eye on his pages to keep up to date with all of his upcoming releases and events! https://soundcloud.com/z4thoichi https://www.facebook.com/Z4thoichi https://soundcloud.com/h-k-22 Blacklist - Mental (Z4 remix) & Forufreezer - Trichome [VIM] System 2 - The Kora (Z4 remix) [VIM] Chris Voro & Z4thoichi - Genesis (Z4 version) [blacked Out Rec] Necroboy & Alter Form - Dark Leadership (Z4 remix) [Kindcrime Records] ??? - ??? (Z4 remix) Z4thoichi - Hypernova [VIM] Artech - Speedz (Grouch remix) Z4thoichi - Hardhead [sBR] Dubxface - Must Than Sound [Forufreezer remix] Z4thoichi - Overmaster [in Bloom Rec] Z4thoichi - Panspermia [Dirty Drops] Moontrip - Reality & Spirituality [TEK] Max Hertzz - Intuition (Z4 remix) [Ego Shot] Psyde B vs Akash - Gargoyles [Pistolero]
  9. Welcome to the Smörgåsbord, an eclectic selection of delectable audio treats and sonic snacks for your ears. Compiled by Jeremy's Aura and jointly released by Omnitropic and Maia Brasil Records, this release brings together an extraordinarily talented group of playful, fun-loving musicians. Each and every artist on board has a distinct sound with no compromise to artistic individuality and integrity. This compilation is presented with the simple intention of sharing the one thing we all have in commonthe love of music! 01 - Globular - Playing For Rain (101 BPM) 02 - TRD - Derive And Detach (85 BPM) 03 - Radioactive Sandwich - Everything Is Awesome (65 BPM) 04 - Jeremy's Aura - Drinking Cornish Clouds (105 BPM) 05 - Easily Embarrassed - The Capital (96 BPM) 06 - Shantam - Fiddle Sticks (100 BPM) 07 - Spacey Koala - My Cat Is A Dragon (108/128 BPM) 08 - Tron Sepia - Salamander (137.77 BPM) 09 - Supersillyus - Enigmagician (99 BPM) 10 - Ekoplex - Nama (128 BPM) 11 - Zoungla - Flower Sun (75 BPM) Additional credits are listed on the Omnitropic web site. Download it direct from Omnitropic or Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/smorgasbord http://omnitropic.com/smorgasbord/ Omnitropic web site: http://omnitropic.com Omnitropic on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Omnitropic Omnitropic on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Omnitropic
  10. Tracklist: Oxya - Game of Drones Oxya - Thrill Oxya - Water Terrorism Oxya - Alas All tracks w&p by Joey Dianos @ Lemon Sauce labs Mastered by Shahar Shtrikman Release Date: 2014-05-17 Label: Nightbase Music Catalog Number: IMUSICIANA18098 get your copy @ http://www.beatport.com/release/game-of-drones-ep/1306797 http://www.junodownload.com/products/oxya-game-of-drones-ep/2480655-02/ follow Oxya @ https://soundcloud.com/oxya https://www.facebook.com/oxya.psy
  11. Cosmikal Healling Music presents a unique Mexican underground psychedelic experience. 11 powerful and twisted darkpsy and psycore tracks compiled by Sick Brain & Akbal. Called Sanacion which means Healing, these tracks have been created with the purest intentions of ~healing~ with dark arts. Enjoy this blasting release and do give your feedback to Cosmikal Healing Musik. Track List ~ Frog ~ Infect Insect 148 Bpm ~ Bones ~ Esqueletos en el Bosque 152 Bpm ~ Tykua Mk-Ultra ~ Cosmic healing therapies 152 Bpm ~ Cosmogonia feat Danta ~ Saturated 152BPM ~ Nyctophyllian OrchestrA ~ Lost in the sacred mountain 152 BPM ~ aGh0Ri TanTriK ~ Baap Rey Baap 152 BPM ~ Master Of Horror ~ Satanic Possession 170 Bpm ~ Miquiztli ~ I'm Death 170 Bpm ~ Angkor ~ Chailin 172 Bpm ~ Xhamanik Ritual ~ El Zenith del Zodiaco 175BPM ~ Akbal ~ Ceremonial Ayahuasca 180 Bpm Download links at: http://www.sonictantra.com/2/post/2014/04/va-sanacion-cosmikal-healing-musik-mexico-free-release-out-now.html
  12. OUT NOW! VA - Snug in Smoky Smashans FREE Download in WAV / MP3!! http://www.sonictantra.com/va---snug-in-smoky-smashans.html Snug in Smoky Smashans is a free 14 track psychedelic trance music compilation from Sonic Tantra Records. The word Smashan means the Graveyard or Cemetry in Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), however they believe in burning their dead, as fire is an element of liberation and purity! Let us bring that purity of fire to our current life!! All tracks have been carefully chosen by our friend and DJ known as Bhassam from a beautiful & mystical place in India known as Assam! Bhassam can be described as the holy ash gathered from funeral pyre, it is regularly applied on the forehead by Hindus, as it empowers opening of the 3rd eye Chakra and gives access to divine worlds inhabited by Gods themselves. Let us now snuggle up and immerse ourselves in this sacred sadhana! 1. Baalthaza - Haunted Spectrum [173 BPM] 2. Hector Miller - Inhale Exhale [150 BPM] 3. Nazrael - Welcome To The Lab [151 BPM] 4. SaW - Morjim [155 BPM] 5. Silent Moon - Paranormal Activity [160 BPM] 6. Pupsidelic - Dark Movie (part 3) [165 BPM] 7. Yoshua Em - Grisly Fucking Illusion [195 BPM] 8. Bones - Ejercito Zapatista Liberacion Nacional [167 BPM] 9. Radice - Dark Reflection [168 BPM] 10. Dhrupad - Lost Civilizations [170 BPM] 11. Kivotronic - This is not dream [192 BPM] 12. Liquedator - Mad Bullet (aGh0Ri TanTriK Remix) [193 BPM] 13. Plasma Force - AstraKosmoPlasm [200 BPM] 14. Fastic Blastic - Optic Tension [200 BPM] compiled by Bhassam Artwork by Dooydodoom Mastering by Soultrax Productions
  13. GENETRICK - PERCEPTION DISORDER E.P [Synergetic Records] New Psy-Progressive Trance release by GeneTrick and it's exclusive on BEATPORT! Download here: http://www.beatport.com/release/perception-disorder/1263001 Track List: 1.Perception Disorder (Original Mix) - 136 Bpm 2.Psychedelic Experiment (Original Mix) - 138 Bpm Have a great day !
  14. Tripura yantra recs Present Wirikuta sounds 3 Compiled by Bizzare frequenCy Tracklist: 01 - Krumelur - Dunkla motiv (140BPM) Germany 02 - Cthulhu - Wirikuta Sounds (150BPM) Mexico 03 - Yaotzin Tech - Enûma Elish (170BPM) Mexico 04 - Shie'ox - One Foul Sweep (150BPM) Australia 05 - Morriggan - Forest Residues (148BPM) Mexico 06 - Wave Hypnotic (Abakki RMX) - Delicious Psylocibes (152BPM) Mexico 07 - Datakult & Dejan - Abducted (154BPM) France 08 - Aluxo'Ob - Tukuul (155BPM) Mexico 09 - Neuronal - грубая ошибка (176BPM) Mexico 10 - Rekk Thum - Sith lord (156BPM) Croatia 11 - Ozore - Nightmares of the Streets (150BPM) Mexico 13 - Baphomet Engine - More gaz in my lake of fire (155BPM) Brazil 14 - Suffer misery - In Purgatorium (190BPM) Mexico 15 - Bizzare frequenCy & PolyBius - Cosmic drugs (151BPM) Mexico 16 - Filami - Flying under aether (145BPM) Portugal/Germany 17 - Bones - The unknown (169BPM) Mexico 18 - Psytuga - Pantera (160BPM) Portugal 19 - Lyzergik Brain - Fungi (179BPM) Mexico 20 - aGh0Ri Tantrik ft. Eerie Boy - Chew Yo Brain (171BPM) India LINKS FREE DOWNLOAD! Mp3 (320kbps): http://depositfiles.org/files/dvst8771f [345 MB] WAV 16bits: http://depositfiles.org/files/175j5gmz3 [1 GB] ARTWORK: Eos Othorre https://www.facebook.com/eos.anahata MASTERING BY Panchos studio BzfCy
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