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  1. It sure is weird and actually not the first time Boshke has done this - happened with the last Cybered album as well.
  2. That information was available on their bandcamp yesterday with a warning DO NOT BUY DIGITAL FORMAT (even though I couldn't see an option for digital purchase).
  3. I have to agree with thanos on this one. Also, not everyone has a vinyl player.
  4. juril

    Sirian - Havona

    working link: https://sirianmusic.bandcamp.com/album/havona
  5. juril

    Good TV Series? Any?

    Legion. Just wow.
  6. Probably that they'll be made using a regular CD writing app. I could be totally wrong though.
  7. Uptempo: 1: Tripswitch - Vagabond (Iboga Records) 2: Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising (Neogoa Records) 3: Manifold - Digital Sun (Ektoplazm) 4: VA - Digital Family Vol. 6 (Digital Diamonds) 5: Spruce - Bazel (Anomalistic Records)
  8. I've been listening at bandcamp and haven't made the purchase yet (possibly won't). A few years ago I would've pre-ordered on day 1, but as a large part of my CDs just sit in the cupboard waiting to be listened, I can't justify the purchase of a CD I don't thoroughly enjoy. I'll give it at least a few more listens though. Edit: There are moments when this album is pure bliss though.
  9. Actually, Starkraver was offering some CDs from his own collection to antic604 as gifts, which annoyed SixZeroFou4 so he said Starkraver was offering pirated CDs.
  10. If I find 2 tracks out of 10 to be annoying, then the album as a whole can't end up being great in my eyes/ears.
  11. Since you mentioned "Colours" and "Fiction" I had to give it a few listens at least. Ended up purchasing the CD as well. One of my favorite releases this year. Thanks.
  12. The first track (if that can be called a track) ruins it for me. The fact that the second track also contains an annoying spoken sample (used multiple times for added awesomeness), means I won't bother with the rest of the album.
  13. Captain America: Civil War. I had ridiculously high expectations for this one and thankfully they were not only met but exceeded. A fantastic movie in every way.
  14. For me, the recent Ultimae releases have all been too melancholic. This was no exception, sadly.
  15. Was waiting for your opinion. I listened to it a little on Bandcamp and based on initial impression I probably won't do so again, at least not anytime soon.
  16. Thanks for the review. I agree about the samples in Mountain Echoes, but I pretty much always hate vocal samples. Will probably pick this one up.
  17. A year has passed and still no news about the Good Vibration compilation. Hope it's still on the horizon.
  18. Hope it arrives soon. I've been drifting away from listening to downtempo recently, but I loved Through The Afterlife, so I'm really excited about this one. All the best!
  19. As far as I know, Basilisk is the one man army behind Ektoplazm.
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