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  1. Way to necro a thread, I was rather excited. Anyway, I think it turned into this, at least the Purosurpo part.
  2. Indeed, I did decide to go all digital, but this will be an exception.
  3. There was a thread already https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73690-va-good-vibrations-yggdrasil-records/ Not that I'm against having two as I've been looking forward to this for a long time.
  4. From their Facebook: People are asking about the lyrics in "Nattväsen". It's written by Daniel and not sampled from any movie.
  5. Got the digital release yesterday. A bit disappointed that buying a CD is the only (legal) way to get the "mixed" version.
  6. I actually got a pair of Soundmagic E50 last week, definitely happy with my purchase.
  7. What did you change it to? I don't really notice anything different.
  8. I also only have the default theme available. Using chrome.
  9. I remember reading somewhere that the reason for leaving Ultimae was so they could be independent. And then they go and sign with Blood Music. Sure, they sell digital from their own bandcamp, but couldn't a similar compromise be reached with Ultimae? For what it's worth, I'll definitely get the digital version of the upcoming Derelicts. Anyway, I kinda miss Ultimae (recent releases haven't been for me) - loved the postcards and especially the bookmarks that were bundled with direct orders.
  10. Was about to support, but obviously paypal is not accepted.
  11. Looks like this finally has a somewhat official release date. Sure hope it lives up to my ridiculously high expectations.
  12. Thanks for posting, somehow didn't notice the video myself. Will be an instant purchase. Hope it's a mixed album like the earlier Ultimae releases (unlike the remasters on Blood Music).
  13. That's something they do for orders from their bandcamp store. I got one CD with a T-shirt purchase and one with Cybered - Acid Box.
  14. https://zion604records.bandcamp.com/album/multimoods-album
  15. What was the deal with the CBL reprints? Also, am I imagining it or do the remastered versions actually sound noticeably different than the originals? (Listened a bit on bandcamp)
  16. Ended up ordering the regular (black) version. One of my favorite video game soundtracks (Machinarium) was also repressed. Available here. Now I only need a vinyl player.
  17. It sure is weird and actually not the first time Boshke has done this - happened with the last Cybered album as well.
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