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  1. I had errors with Mind Rewind 1 as well, turned out the CD drive I had back then was to blame.
  2. I only have Hutti Heita at the moment. Pre-ordered this yesterday and will obviously get the upcoming I.F.O. re-release as well.
  3. From facebook of Dat Records: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLd9teNgmdM
  4. +1 Also, Sonopictorial - Macrosketching - this and Hutti Heita I would recommend without a second thought.
  5. juril

    Prana - Remixes 2015

    I'm not arguing that it isn't. For example, I mostly listen to music relaxed lying on my bed to completely enjoy the voyage. Whether it works on a dancefloor or not is irrelevant for me.
  6. juril

    Prana - Remixes 2015

    Well, I agree with Celaripo on this one. Why would I ever buy a CD if it was meant for the dancefloor?
  7. The first few that come to mind: Kiriyama - Evening Star Amygdala - Wintermute Dohm - Silent Existence Troy Polygon - Merle
  8. I found the first few episodes a bit too depressing. Episode 6 was definitely my favorite though, slow or not. I like Mike, guess that helps.
  9. Beyond the Tuubi was one of my favorite releases from last year, easily my favorite compilation. Looking forward to this one as well, naturally.
  10. juril

    God is God

    Submoon-Records is a necromancer.
  11. Well, considering that for me they ripped fine a few years ago, how do you explain it - a copy protection activated by time? Anyway, a CDr with copy protection, really?
  12. juril

    Bogtrotter - Jamais Vu

    This was actually released in 2014, some stuff arrive a bit later to Ektoplazm. On point, I prefer Catawompus.
  13. I know it's probably too early to ask, but can you share any information about your upcoming compilation. Both Procs and Fragletrollet have mentioned they have a track that will be released on Yggdrasil. Since they're among my favorite artists I'm super excited.
  14. I guess this is as good a thread as any for some venting. A few years ago I bought all the Schlabbaduerst compilations from Dave. When they arrived, CD 7 had an error - the last 3 track were unreadable (yes, I did try with 3 different drives). Dave promised to send another copy, which I naturally never received (that's not the point of this thread though). Last year I had an issue with my PC's main hard drive and since I hadn't backed up all of my music to an external one, I had to rip a lot of CDs again. Imagine my surprise when at that point only 4 of those Schlabbaduerst compilations ripped without errors. One actually caused my PC to stop responding. So today, since I'm in the middle of putting most of my collection on sale on discogs, I take the first Schlab disc out to see if it rips properly or not and the result is the same - I actually had to put my PC to sleep to make the DVD drive responsive again and get the CD out. I understand that those compilations are CDrs, but wow indeed.
  15. juril

    Cybered - Acid Box

    I think the cover is equally awesome.
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