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  1. Ufomatka album was also scheduled for 2017.
  2. 2017 Silent Horror - Hex 2018 Re-Horakhty - Purgatoria
  3. I currently play Age of Wonders and Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, only PBEM (play by e-mail). A combination of too little free time, an old PC and nothing really interesting (read - 2D turn based strategy) being released these days. Also have Solium Infernum installed, but hard to find players for that. Haven't played Dungeon Keeper in years, though it is installed as well. Probably my favorite PC game ever. And that's it, only 4 games on my PC.
  4. In this case, I don't see what's the big issue. Or, I guess I do see it, but it just doesn't bother me that much. I got into psytrance in 2010 and as the years went by I accepted the fact that there were albums I'd never own in any format (among others I.F.O. and The Juggeling Alchemists Under the Black Light), Draeke had other ideas and I'm definitely grateful for that. I would've been happy with just vanilla re-releases of the original albums, but instead we got so much more. I really hope Federico continues unearthing the gems of yesterday as DAT is among the few labels I follow.
  5. Agree with everything you said. CD 1 is my favorite with Vicky's Dream being the standout track.
  6. Physical album available here and digital here.
  7. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/subconsciousmind-symphonies-of-life
  8. My best tip is to shut down and unplug all electronic devices in the room where you sleep when you sleep.
  9. How can one decrease the spacing between lines?
  10. Up 1. Silent Horror - Hex (DVSM Records) 2. Purosurpo EP (Sanaton Records / DVSM Records) 3. VA - Pote 2 (Blind Arc) Down 1. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts (Leftfield Records / Blood Music) 2. VA - Smörgåsbord Vol. 3: Porta-Party (Omnitropic)
  11. Bought it on day one as it was my most anticipated release for two years in a row. However, after several listens, I sadly have to agree. There are some tracks that I like (by Fragletrollet, Procs and a few others) - in my opinion it could easily have been a (more enjoyable) single CD compilation.
  12. Shipping is included in the €10.99 however, at least was for me. Digital will arrive later (according to facebook).
  13. Available here. No digital at the moment. Samples here.
  14. Rotwang has usually made the "best of ..." thread. He mentioned he's been busy lately, hopefully he'll still find time to create the 2017 topic.
  15. Exactly. Unless you want to provide the people who managed to order it with a future download option.
  16. Samples available: http://www.goastore.com/ray-castle-and-collaborators-mystique-of-the-metaverse.html
  17. Released: https://dvsm.bandcamp.com/album/silent-horror-hex
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