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  1. Received these 2 today: Psychopod - Headlines EP VA - Gates of Unknown Got the following a while ago: Solar Fields - Until We Meet the Sky Ishq - And Awake Doc Von Ooze - In Vitro EP
  2. juril

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year !!
  3. If I knew what crossfading is, the problem might be solved indeed. Some people just listen to music. However, I will google it at some point, thanks.
  4. This album makes me sad - I love all the tracks on offer, but the clipping sounds at the end of every track make listening to it too annoying for me. I've actually only listened to it from start to finish like 2-3 times and I bought it when it was released.
  5. I'm not Ormion, but I would highly recommend Séance to anyone who listens to darkpsy.
  6. Is there any chance for a physical release? I'm oldschool that way.
  7. Hello, I discovered psytrance in the summer of 2010 and luckily shortly after that Google directed me here. I guess I've been reading this forum since september or october. I'd like to thank everyone who've contributed to psynews.org and/or to the scene in general. Special thanks go to Abasio for being helpful and to Basilisk - your essentials guide is fantastic, particularly for a newcomer to the world of psychedelic music. All the best.
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