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Found 7 results

  1. hello everyone just like last year, i've noticed that i've picked up much less downtempo music than uptempo this year. seeing that most of my favourite releases were recommended in last year's thread, i've decided to open a new one for 2015. i guess it will also be useful to others in preparation for the upcoming best of 2015 poll. so what are your favourite downtempo/psychill/psydub albums/compilations from 2015? i'll start off with: Ott - Fairchildren (not quite as good as his previous albums, but it's still ott) Illuminus - Sweep Dreams (psydub with half of hux flux. similar to globular but more consistent/not as daring) Phobium - Khronikos (downtempo, one 50min long track)
  2. so... i've been listening psytrance for 2 years now. i'm enjoying the journey so much but there's only one problem. there is too much psy to listen. this is not a problem in itself because i would like to listen to new psy for years to come but at the same time i would like to reach some basic level of psytrance knowledge. that would include many must-hear producers as well as specially creative producers and many newschool producers who are good enough to shape the psysound into new directions. that would be just to reach this 'basic level of psyknowledge' i was talking about. it's a difficult task because with each track, album or compilation i listen to, there happens to be more that one artist from who i've never heard anything from. browsing psynews has helped me A LOT in getting to know artists so i come here again, asking your help to make some kind of must-listen-to artists. i'm also making this because, for example, i stil haven't listened to the entire juno reactor's discography, or even hallucinogen's. so, in order to start listening to really fresh things i believe i need to know the basics first. nevertheless, i encourage you to recommend newschool artists too. also, i'm looking for artists that have an extensive discography like electric universe, so as to listen to it chronologically and getting to understand goa/psy evolution through the years. . astral projection . juno reactor . hallucinogen . koxbox . mwnn . transwave . x dream . blue planet corporation . hux flux . vibrasphere . elysium . doof . infinity project . mfg . infected mushroom . process . planet ben . human blue . electric universe . space tribe . dark soho . eat static . cosma . cosmosis . logic bomb . total eclipse . chi - a.d. . slinky wizard . wizzy noise . etnoscope . etnica . shpongle . jaia . gnor . pleaiadians i dj in my room and want to really understand what psytrance means, its essence before leaving my room and being in front of a crowd. what would you recommend? my list can have mistakes too, feel free to critize it too.
  3. There was this member who came back to psynews after 5 years pause or something like that. He asked what has changed. An educated answer by a member (cannot recall the answer nor the topic in itself) was about like this: nowadays we are just posting YouTube videos; there's not actual discussion. Ok. I love to get recommendations and videos shared. Wouldn't be here without. But instead of plain posting of a Yt vid, could we change the approach to be a more analysis type of a thing: a few accompanying words would do a lot, don't ya think? Yes, some already do it, but I always find annoying to see a plain video posted.
  4. It's been a busy spring. I think I haven't bought or downloaded a thing since January or so*. Now I could place a couple of orders so any ideas of stuff I've missed, up- or downtempo, would be welcome. Free downloads also count. Titles and quick blurb, please, not vids. *OK, I got Nervasystem 3 & 4, The World Beyond and Kolovrat. Etnica in Dub, Doof and the Suntrip stuff I happen to like are already on the shopping list, but what else?
  5. in preparation for the "best of 2014" voting i noticed that i haven't listened to much downtempo released this year at all. and apparently i'm not the only one. so what are the best downtempo releases you've found this year? any instant classics that one cannot ignore? was there a good psydub release like globular last year?
  6. So I've browsed through common CD stores a few times this year and made a couple of orders, but for some reason I haven't followed the free release side since March or so. I'll probably go through it all at some point, but now I'd like to get started somewhere. A few good releases for background listening while getting stuff done this weekend would be nice. In short, what's been good so far? And if I may ask... Yes, please: - title (+optionally label etc.) - link to the release - a few words or at least an approximate genre No thanks: - YouTube spam - everything and the kitchen sink - self-promotion
  7. Hello, psynews' members, I have entered the Trance scene quite recently and find myself overwhelmed by the amount of content and subgenres. Concerning Goa/Psy, I have acquired a taste for Filteria's Lost In The Wild, Mindsphere's Patience for Heaven and Etnoscope. I am an avid listener of the intense, fast, aggressive goa/psy. In summary, music to dance to at the top of your heart whilst travelling between its endless layers. In the Progressive side of things, Neelix as a whole was somewhat pleasurable. Regarding Full on, Indra in general, 1200 Microgram's 1200 Mic's (its latest album), Astrix's Artcore, as well as some The Misted Muppet have gathered my interest. Apropos of Dark/Forest, I am enjoying Kiriyama. However, this is the subgenre I have less experience with and feel the most lost. I do not even know if it is all right to categorize Dark and Forest together, but the differences go still unnoticed to me. All in all, I would be glad to receive some recommendations on albums/artists for each Trance subgenre I am getting into, as well as other genres I might be overlooking. As I have said, there is too much content around and I feel kind of astonished. There is no concern on my part in the sense of tracks' release dates: old, new; as long as it pleases my ears, I am fine with it. Just throw around some 3 albums/artists that you consider the best since the birth of Trance to this very day and I will be grateful. With kind regards, naa
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