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  1. Like a few other psynews users, I plan on selling most of my collection. The reason - I don't have enough time for music - I probably haven't listened to most of the discs I own in a year or longer. Also, my financial situation would suggest that it wouldn't be a half-bad idea. My store on discogs - feel free to PM here or on discogs, if you're interested in something. My collection on discogs - stuff I haven't added to the sales list yet, there are of course some CDs that I will keep, but you can still have a look and ask.
  2. http://www.michalkarcz.com/
  3. I use Exact Audio Copy. I had two nice guides bookmarked, but sadly the sites do not exist anymore. I use the version 0.99 prebeta 5. At some point I tried a more recent release, but didn't get used to it.
  4. I'd like to point out that even if you decide to vote in one category only, you should still mention which one before your list - might be obvious for readers, but not for the automatic vote-counting doohickey. That's my understanding, at least.
  5. Through the Afterlife is another wonderful compilation, similar to Conundrum Concoction in style. Xenoscapes - Atmosflare is also refreshingly different. I'll also throw Spruce - Mru here, haven't listened to it properly yet, but the initial impression is definitely positive. Downtempo releases that I enjoy are rare these days - lately everything from Ultimae seems too melancholic for my taste; a lot of what's advertised as downtempo, is actually (in my opinion) progressive trance; and the hippy music is mostly just not for me.
  6. I agree. Glad I backed the Indiegogo campaign.
  7. Final, I guess. Uptempo: 1: Goch - Sphere of Influence (Hypnotica Records) 2: Cybered - Acid Box (Horns and Hoofs Entertainment) 3: Gojja - Eggshell Marmalade (Sanaton Records / Lost Theory Records) 4: VA - Beyond the Tuubi (Sound Kitchen Records) 5: Psyshastra - Through the Forest (Backflip Records) Downtempo: 1: Audioglider - Accidental Beauty (Section Records) 2: Ajja & Cosmosis - The Alien Jams (Peak Records) 3: Point - Flatpad (Digital Diamonds)
  8. Is there any new information about this one? Arabesque is showing a release date in January.
  9. Maybe donate to the charity directly then?
  10. Stumbled on this earlier today and thought I'd share the news.
  11. Well, I like it a lot, even though you say it's bad and all.
  12. A few days ago: Cybered - Acid Box VA - Unconventional VA - Analog Dreams
  13. Antistat seems to be available on discogs, no?
  14. To anyone who might have missed it last year - Cybered released an awesome and free album on Sun Station Records and it's available on Ektoplazm.
  15. Surprised to see this thread still only has one other comment. Probably my favorite album from 2014 so far.
  16. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ltr/ltr1cd004.html and one from ektoplazm as well: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/amygdala-modus-operandi
  17. Received this on Monday: Gojja - Eggshell Marmalade
  18. Passages is available here: http://boshkebeatsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/midimiliz-passages-cd-album-bbcd002
  19. The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome.
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