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  1. dear friends i would be happy to send a personal mail to each one who bought the album . the link will include the full album on WAV format . please send the request + purchase details to 604zion@gmail.com thank you !!
  2. thank you guys for support ! album is out, full ubar tmar bundle
  3. Respect goes to you guys who support us . this album is dedicated to you
  4. Full album of UBAR TMAR , early fusion (ZION604CD018) is ready now for pre-order . for now, the audio files will be given to the customer in a private link in order to avoid network audio rips thank you for support ! https://zion604records.bandcamp.com/album/early-fusion
  5. my dear friend , thank you so much ! you are the model for me as far as it concern to release quality music from the past . keep doing your great work, wish to meet soon
  6. some technical det ails for our upcoming EP by Ubar tmar ...
  7. only one track (Another transform) will be included in the upcoming album. The other two will be an exclusive tracks for this release . we forgot to explain .. anyway, its for collectors and will be part of the limited edition of the album
  8. This is the first CD-Single from ubar tmar's upcoming album, 'Early fusions' .The single contains 2 previously unreleased versions of takeshi's big hit from the 90's, 'Transformer synthesizer'. The original track was released in takeshi's album FUSION which was released in Dancing mountain records . The EP share another unreleased bonus track from the same years, 'Mutant life forms'. All versions was written, Produced&engineered by Takeshi isogai . All tracks was recorded live to stereo between 95-96 at Giant studio systems, Tokyo / japan. CD-Single purchase - > https://zion604records.bandcamp.com/album/another-transform-ep
  9. Thank you ! Actually, we have most of the materials ready and soon we will release it as a pre-order at bandcamp . The album will be released in may, approximately
  10. UBARTMAR - EARLY FUSIONS (ZION604CD017) Dear friends and supporters, Ubartmar's critical seventh album EARLY FUSIONS will receive a proper tribute to the good old times of the 90's. The track list and cover for the album have just been announced by us, and it’s packed with incredible goa trance music . The track list goes to show that Ubartmar is not only a great artist: for us he represents a special moment in goa trance history. Beside 4 unreleased tracks and 3 early versions of famous hits, Two bonus tracks will be included in that album. These versions are totally live programmed, taken from the famous live act of Ubartmar @Shizuoka Izu Ohtaki Land (Japan 1996). Artwork – Taro Kc Tanaka Written-By, Producer, Engineer – Takeshi Isogai View the full track list below. 1. Mutant life forms (Unreleased, 1996) 2. E-talk (Unreleased, 1995) 3. I'm Shocked (Unreleased, 1996) 4. Another transform (Unreleased, 1995) 5. When The Light Is Gone (Early mix, 1997) 6. Eternal Return (Early mix, 1996) 7. Eejyanaika (Early mix, 1999) 8. 3D Heaven (LIVE mix, 1995) 9. Transformer synthesizer (LIVE mix, 1995) Please support us : https://zion604records.bandcamp.com
  11. Great Week to all HUMAN NATIONS ! as part of our infinite GO4L to preserve the music we love so much we see it necessary to release a physical copy of Oforia​'s new album "READ MORE..." With a special addition of selected and UNRELEASED tunes from the past Re-Mastered by Ofer Dikovsky​ , which makes it a limited edition Double-CD with a very special atmosphere ! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPSRtuwu-RbkCCRVx3g5sx7LBZAywClpZ So Reserve yourself a copy at the link below & support preserving GOA Music: https://zion604records.bandcamp.com
  12. Dear Buddies, a little short message to you all, the Acid Disco compilation is now officially OUT ! and that means: 1. that you can now buy it in the digital method - full length tracks for immediate download in any format you wish 2. all of you that bought and pre-ordered the CD , can now download the files and if the option is now working you're welcome to send us a private message to 604zion@gmail.com and we will send you the files. 3. have crazy fun with it https://zion604records.bandcamp.com/ We preserve 604 music ! With big respect, Zion 604 family .
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