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  1. Well, for now the budget is this, so let's see what's the best I can get for that price These seem very interesting, i'm hesitating between these and JBL, i'll let you know what I think if I end up ordering them. What Antics604 said resonate with me a lot, it happens too often that I just snap and pull the earphones out because the highs tire me... @antic604 Which ones in particular are you talking about? Thanks folks!
  2. Hey, So there are a few posts on this topic already but they're all pretty outdated! I'm looking for a pair of earphones (intra-auricular) between 20 and 60€ Any good recommandations?
  3. On Youtube I stumbled upon this amazing track: "Straight Forward" but I can't find it anywhere else. Does anyone know where it was released? Or maybe it's just a mistagged youtube upload?
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