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  1. Damn, I forgot about the compilations! I will have to edit my vote.
  2. Uptempo: 1: Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality (Suntrip Records) 2: Morphic Resonance - The City of Moons (Suntrip Records) 3: Mindsphere - Mental Triplex: Presence (Suntrip Records) 4: RA - Earthcall (Suntrip Records) 5: Imba - First Encounter (Suntrip Records) 6: Norma Project - Creative Minds (Ovnimoon Records) 7: Artha - Dream Telepathy (Cronomi Records) 8: VA - Mind Rewind³ (DAT MAfia Recordings) 9: VA - Goa Trance Revolution 2 - Retrofuturism (Goa Trance Music) 10: Virtuart - Virtuart and Friends (DAT Records) Downtempo: 1: Aes Dana feat. Miktek - Far & Off (Ultimae Records) 2: James Murray - Eyes To The Height (Ultimae Records) 3: Suduaya - Venus (Altar Records) 4: Max Million - Monogramma (Audiomodern) 5: Profindita - Ciel (Altar) 6: Scann-Tec - Unyt (Ultimae Records) 7: The Bhaktas - Manipulated (Altar) 8: Globular - Holobiont (Self Released) 9: Perfect Blind - Wanderers (Ae Records / Neogoa Records) 10: ELEA - Oniros
  3. Still AKG MKII 240 for me. Great and totally affordable. A few other topics already discuss this: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/72108-how-do-you-listencurate-your-music/ https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/67989-please-suggest-headphones/
  4. Your post is likely to raise 2 or 3 fights alone! First, I assume you're unwilling to play in CDR, which, IMO is a good idea nowadays. Most CDJ's have USB sockets and you create much less waste like that. IMO practically noone is able to make a difference between a wav and a mp3 encoded with Lame -V 0 or in 320 kbps. Many people here won't agree despite very serious studies, and I accept that, and I will let them argue over who has the most perfect ears... I will agree though it's a destructive encoding (removes some frequencies that don't fall into the human's psychoacoustic model). In any case please don't play mp3s that aren't encoded with Lame, or that are <= 192kbps. Another solution is to encode in FLAC. You save 1/3 of the space. Now your CDJ's might not be able to play them. Yet, the best solution is just to keep Wavs on a couple of 128 or 256GB USB drives. One minute of music in wav takes 44100*2*2*60 = 10.584.000 bytes = 10 MB. You can fit 12.094 minutes of wav music on a 128GB drive. ~160+ albums, or ~1450 tracks. Anoebis on this very forum still plays CDs, and he wanders from party to party with a suitcase full of them. That must be close to 100 CDs. And he plays three different styles. So, can't you make your choice for a DJ set over 1450 tracks, or can't you afford two times $30 ? https://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_hi_5?rh=n%3A172282%2Cn%3A541966%2Cn%3A1292110011%2Cn%3A3151491%2Cp_n_size_browse-bin%3A10285018011%2Ck%3A128gb+usb+3.0+flash+drive&keywords=128gb+usb+3.0+flash+drive&ie=UTF8&qid=1481903757 The only thing you can complement your CDJs with right now is a very good set of headphones. Apart from that what's important at your stage is to focus on your technique. So the best piece of advice I can give is: practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice... ...and be patient! The reward will come.
  5. Good points Antic604. To me Bandcamp is the best trade-off for customers, artists and labels.
  6. You're welcome to come and help us. When shall we start? No. The decision was taken 1 week ago.
  7. It's not the first time for A.Van Buuren I think Psytrance is professionalizing a lot and getting a lot of traction, There is probably a mutual interest in that and to be honnest trance and psytrance have almost reached convergence Vini Vici vs Sesto Sento to me is due to: - One member less - Teenager project vs Adult project - Need to get into the Israeli pseudo-progressive train
  8. Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality but I could give 9 more when the usual poll comes up as Paul said.
  9. As promised The crowd Serge / Total Eclipse & Antidote Hallucinogen Live Colin OOOD Creepy Crowd Anoebis/Suntrip and Draeke/DAT Mars/Suntrip & Draeke/DAT Hallucinogen Live The crowd Shpongle mask Hallucinogen Live A pirate girl Process amazing DJ set The girl with a broken leg! Shpongle Total Eclipse Live Butterfly Deathposture / Psynews Total Eclipse & Antidote Tristan Live Green Nuns Of The Revolution Spanish Green Nuns groupies Green Nuns Of The Revolution Draeke/DAT dancing Anoebis & Super G after a whole night dancing Mars after a whole night dancing Wait wait wait, I also found some videos that I managed to upload on my YT channel !!
  10. Present! Good memories. There was a goadancefloor, it was really unnusual at the time. I remember the spanish guys who'd come dressed as Green Nuns and who'd painted their faces in green The Green Nuns set was excellent, Process was amazing, Tristan played with a skeleton outfit, lots of other lives and DJs kicked ass... I'll try to fetch some pictures to post here.
  11. For me that would be this one:
  12. I heard an abum was planned on GlobalSect but I suspect most of the tracks ended up on the latest GlobalSect compilation.
  13. so, we're scrambling to finish Imbas album production. Mastering 80% done, cover 100% done, promo pack for shops WIP. It all gets easier when an artist positively involves as Nikola does ! This will be a serious X-mas gift! Communication-wise, we're giving priority to Crossing Mind right now, but Imba samples will be online soon !
  14. I'm looking for enjoyment. All the rest is secondary.
  15. http://www.ektoplazm.com/projects/metamorphosis and http://www.ektoplazm.com/blog/ektoplazm-metamorphosis-update-5 and http://www.ektoplazm.com/blog/ektoplazm-update-summer-2016 BTW there's a tshirt design I'd done 10+ years ago for Psynews. If you need it, just ask.
  16. Where do we go? I'm going to listen to some Goatrance
  17. Ticon - Mirage (Iboga CD97) Tracklist 1 Mirage 7:38 2 Out Foxed 8:18 3 Tripticon 6:24 4 Entropy 8:30 5 Stimulant 8:10 6 Behind The Wall 9:17 7 Violent Serenity 8:27 8 Ether (Album Edit) 8:06 9 Useless Loop 4:51 I was not a super fan of Ticon back in the days; I prefered SonKite, but I have to say this new album really stood out *by far* amongst all the non-goa music I listened to recently. Mirage is a blatantly progressive album. It's not as experimental as other Ticon productions, although it has very well put touches of electronica, and every track sounds like it's crafted with love and is an instant catch. The album starts with an eponymous, cinematic track, with pretty intense breaks, almost giving goosebumps. The sound is crispy, alive. Nothing else to say, just enjoying. Out Foxed is more classic, TIcon fans will like it. There's a nice trancy, then acidish break that makes it really enjoyable. Tripticon is a nice progressive track. Honnestly we're not offroad here, but it's well done, balanced, and not monotonous with its nice melodies in the end. Great. Entropy follows up where Mirage left. Cinematic, aerial, catchy, scratchy, with a solid groove and a superb production. It's like a storm over a summer evening. Awesome track. I like how Ticon manage to make such carefully crafted tracks sound simply enjoyable. If you were looking for more experimental tracks, Stimulant is for you. It makes me think of Star Sounds Orchestra for instance. A rock solid kick/bass couple, ethnic influences, original instruments. Wow. You felt it coming since the beginning, Mirage also has an electro layer. Behind The Wall at last unveils it completely. Just sharp and great! Violent Serenity is more classical. It's not something you've never heard but it completely deserves its place in the album. Ether is yet another of these cinematic tracks that Ticon 2016 can make. That's the little sister of Entropy and Mirage that they can blindly play on a morning! Useless Loop is at the crossroads of progressive, electronica and house. A smooth finisher. To me, Mirage is the best progressive album I've heard in a long time. Go get it!
  18. The first party is always the hardesr. Good job! Other than that, I agree with you that the party promoter is the one having the least fun on the end... Keep your spirits up, good luck for the next party !
  19. ...thought so. I realize being too deep in the scene sometimes sheds a new light over some things. There's so much we wish we hadn't seen or heard, and not much we can really do without doing more harm. Go ask the mods to delete your bloody account, I'm not part of psynews since the first half of 2011. Anoebis even before. Why do psynews-martyr-wannabees we put back in their place keep saying we rule that forum? This is a lie! Get your facts right. You still have my support for the sake of music. If Celestial Beings II gets released, be sure I'll buy it.
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