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  1. Oh man, I'm super hyped! When will we be able to listen to a preview?
  2. Yeah, I know Tsuyoshi Suzuki and love his work, especially the latter track 'Oriental Express', but I don't know any other major contemporary Goa or Psy Trance artist.
  3. Japan used to be one of the three Trance power houses in the 90's together with Israel and the UK, but I wondered how it is today, since I don't see new artists from Japan lately.
  4. When will the next newsletter come? Waiting on updates for the new Afgin album (and maybe even an announcement of a new Nebula Meltdown album). EDIT: OMG, you guys released a remaster of Bell Size Park - The Truth is out There! I was waiting so long for a digital release. Bought it immediately. Thank you so much!
  5. As a young Goa head I got in touch with his music through the re-release of Psykadelia and still love to listen to his music, especially his best track Flirt Filter RIP Asia 2001, your music transcended generations.
  6. Take a look into Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles
  7. On a side note: What happened to the Suntrip Store on your homepage? I always used to buy Suntrip releases there.
  8. Wait, there's a new Afgin album coming up? I'm hyped!
  9. So excited for the upcoming Triquetra album!
  10. Thank god, I checked everyday if the site would be online again or not.
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