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  1. No track by Imba? I will listen to the samples later today.
  2. Mallenaut

    What releases did I miss in 2018?

    Thank you all for your replies. I will definitely check some of these recommendations out.
  3. Hey Guys, Since I have had a hard time this year, I couldn't Listen to new releases. I'm looking Forward to the new Release of Denshi Danshi, Despite that, the Last Albums that I got was the second Album of JaraLuca - Fata Morgana and the Median Project EP, so I'm Not Up to date anymore. So I wanted to ask you Guys, which 2018's releases should I get, which one should I Check Out? Thank you for your recommendations and Help.
  4. You just need to see Agneton's Profile pic to know new Nitzhogoa is about to come in.
  5. Love it, hope you can also put some farsi samples in one of your tracks, maybe some poems or something philosophical
  6. Hey Qiu Jaan, just wanted to know, doesn't Jahaan means more something like world?
  7. Mallenaut

    Trance in Iran

    Nice to hear your story, the underground music scene is so vibrant in Iran, it's awesome. Hope to see a free Iran soon so the world can see a second Tel Aviv growing in Tehran.
  8. Mallenaut

    Trance in Iran

    Hey guys, need some help of you. I read several times on YouTube and other places that Trance is quite popular over there and even in Iranian television they play this music in some reports, without knowing that they're playing music created by Israeli DJs and producers. I would like to know if somebody has any further information and sources for this statements. Was over there but haven't really seen anything like this.
  9. Dude, what kind of name ist that? Bratenschneider for psychill? Hope to see a feature with Gulaschkanone soon.
  10. I'm so excited for this release. Just ran into his track 'At Speed' the other day and really got hooked to his style and decided to buy his EP 'On Saturn', which I can say is the only EP of a new artist this year that really blew ny mind. Now to see a whole Album and this really beautiful artwork, I will save my money and give to myself the Album + big UV Backdrop as a delayed christmas present.
  11. Mallenaut

    How would you rate 2017 when it comes to psytrance?

    Another thing is, that reddit consumes all other forums on the internet, so maybe you can find a more active scene.
  12. Mallenaut

    Psy people / culture

    From my point of view, it differs from place to place. Like in Israel, Trance people are pretty chill and are tend to be more diverse than the people in Western Europe. And, as someone stated before, conservatism and Trance don't really fit together. This loud dance music with weird noises, which works pretty well with psychoactive drugs, and parties all night long, especially in the early morning doesn't fit the 9-5 working reality, the life with a wife, a house and a 25-year loan, together in a world driven by consume. Also, the backwarded thinking 'What used to work in the past also works today' and 'Always listen to the authorities, with the highest of all being God' doesn't go together.
  13. Mallenaut

    How would you rate 2017 when it comes to psytrance?

    Thanks for mentioning the reissue of Asia 2001 - Live. Was waiting for this for a long time, will get it today for sure.
  14. Mallenaut

    How would you rate 2017 when it comes to psytrance?

    Thanks, but KOB - Identity Mash was one of those releases, that didn't do anything inside me.