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  1. On a side note: What happened to the Suntrip Store on your homepage? I always used to buy Suntrip releases there.
  2. Wait, there's a new Afgin album coming up? I'm hyped!
  3. So excited for the upcoming Triquetra album!
  4. Thank god, I checked everyday if the site would be online again or not.
  5. I second this question. Where is the next Agneton release?
  6. The only thing, I can say regarding this album, is: It's my guilty pleasure.
  7. Oh man, that's sad to hear. Even though I should have guessed when he released something wearing a suit and having a arsim hair cut.
  8. So I got some Trance abums for christmas, with his second album Astral Experience being one of them, and I just fell in love with his music. Sadly, it is his last album, which was released 10 years ago. I just saw him occasionally playing some sets, but no new releases, not even a single! Does anybody know if he's up to anything new in general?
  9. What I would wish for. Imba Ohm Mind Agneton Asia 2001 (although almost impossibe)
  10. Good to know. PS: I love that you share the same admiration for 'Omega Centaurus' as I do.
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