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  1. What, what, what?! That hit me out of nowhere. Instant buy for me, but give me the samples already!
  2. Any updates on the upcoming Sykespico album?
  3. Ok, just listened to it. Even though, there is like a little part of potential (I don't know why I said that), the mastering is just pure garbage. The Soundcloud wave says it all.
  4. I see now Triple Limited Editions on CD, Vinyl, VHS, and Cassettes arriving!
  5. So is there some kind of pattern that they play mass-friendly sets on Festivals?
  6. Just listened through it. The second and third track are great, but the sample of the first track is really awful, that is why I sadly couldn't enjoy the track.
  7. Guys, your whole money already went into the 'creative process', or Hookers and Coke.
  8. IPI would love to see digital releases of the Green Nuns of the Revolution albums. Also Bell Size Park - The Truth is Out There would be nice.
  9. Totally can relate to this. The bigger cities are full of bad parties, while the country side (especially Mecklenburg-West-Pommerania) have a really nice Trance party culture for German standards.
  10. Was diese ganzen aufgepumpten Aggroprolls da suchen, habe ich nie verstanen. Most of the people in the German Trance scene don't even know old school classics like Astral Projection or Cosmosis.
  11. Hey guys, I just have to rent a little bit here. For someone not familiar to the German Trance scene, at first you have to know that everything Trance related is called 'Goa', no matter if Psytrance, Forest Trance and so on. My biggest issue is, that in German, for some unknown reason, Progressive Trance and Dark Trance are the main Trance genres, while (Melodic) Goa Trance and to some extent Psychedelic Trance remain underrepresented. I have absoloutely no idea, how the main genres got lost in Germany, but for me, who got in contact with this music in Israel, it is hard to enjoy Trance parties in Germany. Anyone else can relate?
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