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    i'm not looking specifically for old tracks, im looking for those which have that housey feeling. of course it is easier to find it in oldskool because the boundaries where not so marked then so it is easier to grasp the direct influences. i will post more as i remind said tracks.

    so i have a few oldskool tracks which give me a housey feeling, and an automatic dancing mood. i found some excellent tracks on platipus and i'm currently checking seismic records for some progressive trance with house sounds but this tracks seem rather hard to find. even more those which aged well and aren't the typicall 90's progressive trance. so i was hoping if you guys could recommend me some producers or labels related to this kind of sound. bonus points for psy influences but its not the priority. thanks in advance.

    thanks guys, the tracks were helpful and the gig came out perfect

    hey guys, i've got my first "gig" this saturday and i was looking for some good intro to set the proper mood. im looking for intros that are not too goa nor darkpsy. what would you recommend?
  5. Gear question

    that seems nice and quite usefull to give a personal touch. ya but for that to work shoulnd't my entire set up be pioneer? my mixer is allen&heath
  6. Your signature track

    the big elders say that you become unstoppable when playing this track. if anyone know related artists please let me know
  7. Gear question

    hey man, thanks for replying. i have 2 cdjs and a 2 channel mixer. so, guy above is right, i was looking for some dj tools but im gonna do some research on this acces virus anyways.
  8. Gear question

    in a few days i'm going to the country next to mine, where tech stuff are a lot cheaper and i've been thinking of buying something that allowed me to give a more personal touch to my sets. what would you recommend? thanks in advance
  9. Ethnic music

  10. well, there is not much more to say. coould you guys recommend some quality books about trance in general? would very much like to read about the evolution of the different styles before reaching some sort of proto-trance/proto-goa is there any book like that?

    why no full on? there are some excellent full on tracks.

    the question about sound quality was just something that occurred to me but i dont want to start a hearing-war (?) i am more interested in what experienced dj's can advise me about mixing, though practice a lot seems to be the only important advice. thanks man, i'm feeling quite discouraged after my first mixing sessions. but i will endure the quest for my very own psysound

    finally, after a long wait, my brand new cdjs arrived and i spent the whole day mixing and having fun and some questions arised. i've been listening and downloading goa and psy and have my little and evergrowing collection. the only problem is that all the files i own are .mp3, whichh is not a problem in itself, but i know that mp3 have a much lower quality than .wav. so my question is, which is the most used method to carry music, because, even with a 32gb pen drive, you dont have much space if you use .wavs (and carrying two 1tb hard drive seems unpractical and expensive) another question: can the regular raver really differenciate quality sound btw mp3 and wav? does it really matter? another question: which is in your opinion the best way to complement a 2 cdjs + mixer eg: launchpad, effect machine (not english speaker and dk how it is called), etc. any mixingwise recommendation for someone whose first real encounter with mixing was yesterday? people here seems to be really experienced both in mixing and in psyknowledge so im all ears:D
  14. Psy/Goa Trance and Politics

    i think OP talks about timeless political references. more like a philosophical kind of thought rather than, for example, anti-thatcher speach. i think it can be interesting. something like this but political psytrance is not related to hedonism. not IMO at least.

    hey guys, the mix is ready. i used some of the suggested tracks here. you've been realy helpfull and it was a good opportunity to make my folder bigger and better. the fasion show is tomorrow and even though i made some mistakes while mixing i'm very confident about the result. THANK YOU PSYNEWS:D