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  1. you already posted every one i know so i'll leave this 1991's sega game soundtrack
  2. i started travelling and my final goal is to be in Goa, India. Anyone here has been there and could recommend places and stuff to do. I have no idea what can be found there nowadays, i hope i won't be disappointed even though i have no big expectations :/
  3. hi, i created this post because i need musical advice and also to read what other people think. this last 2 years i've been throwing parties with 2 friends of mine who also dj. they play progressive house so parties usually go from 120 to 123 in the first 5 hours to 140+ the last 2. at first it was mostly for our friends, and they are well aware that i play psy, so i don't feel pressured about mistakes or playing something too aggressive or complex for nonpsy listeners. the parties were totally free and they went from 10 people to 80 with almost no advertisement. this las time i did
  4. nice it is difficult to pick just one. it depends. when someone is interested i give them some tracks that show how little are psy limitations and how wide its spectrum. for example, i wouldn't say that highlight tribe - free tibet (vini vici remix) (ORIGINAL MIX) is psytrance, though it shows my point very well. same as etnoscope - odin's kraft. if i think in of a more agressive psy the pick would be talpa - letter from vienna. it is simple, it screams for attention and, incredibly, it is easy to follow. so far we have full on, tribal trance/psy. some goa is needed of cou
  5. as both of you said, sometimes i find perfect production for a completely formulaic artist. it makes me revalue the track because so much effort and knowledge can't be 'wasted' in such tracks, but most of the times is just that: unmemorable music. i found many excellent old goa tracks despite the lousy production. but i can recognize a good idea even if its underproduced. it stands out by itself. almost 400 tracks is a good number. the thing is that, in order to understand goa and psy, i did some kind of extensive listening (ignoring almost anything between 2005-2018) and
  6. i've been steadily listening psy for 3 years more or less and my music folder isn't really long. i have 394 "playable" tracks + 54 that i wont ever play but wanna have. it wouldn't be a problem if it was just for my amusent but i'm thinking of making this mroe seriously and the growing ratio of my folder is low. i don't know if my standards are too high after having my mind blown away so many times or if this is a common thing. sometimes happens that the track is a solid GOOD but something is missing there for me to download it. i listened to this some minutes ago and really couldn't dec
  7. i'm from argentina and never heard of him. i'm listening to his "new universo" EP and it's really good. this thread shouln't die, what happened to this guy? progressive, groovy, always changing and still fresh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT6J5YgbFlw
  8. Also, i found this, its not old and the guy have just this release. how the hell that happens?
  9. i can't find it online but john 00 fleming - frisson (original mix). i heard it live for the first time and it melted my brain. so unnexpected.
  10. nice recommendation, i knew that album but forget about it. will relisten. Jaia produced mai mai which is one of my favourites goa tracks, and i think it also have that housey feeling with a psy touch though are you THE technossomy by any chance? good track, it filled the description smoothly. didn't know the artist so will be listening to it in the future. thanks
  11. i'm not looking specifically for old tracks, im looking for those which have that housey feeling. of course it is easier to find it in oldskool because the boundaries where not so marked then so it is easier to grasp the direct influences. i will post more as i remind said tracks.
  12. so i have a few oldskool tracks which give me a housey feeling, and an automatic dancing mood. i found some excellent tracks on platipus and i'm currently checking seismic records for some progressive trance with house sounds but this tracks seem rather hard to find. even more those which aged well and aren't the typicall 90's progressive trance. so i was hoping if you guys could recommend me some producers or labels related to this kind of sound. bonus points for psy influences but its not the priority. thanks in advance.
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