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  1. Just post whatever you feel like, I haven't been around for a while. I'm sure people can continue posting in the next few weeks until the year is over.
  2. I preordered the CD the 15th of June a couple months after that got a confirmation that the CD was dispatched but nothing arrived and Tal wouldn't answer my emails. Yesterday I got a full refund and a message from Tal that the CD will be reshipped with a small gift for free as a compensation for the unpleasant situation so I guess faith is restored although I think communication could have been better and I still wait to see if this is really happening.
  3. Hi guyz! I was happy too find such warm words of yours I haven't been able to do any new music lately. My life has taken some real changes both back in 2008 and now in 2010 both job wise and moving to different locations. Nowadays job consumes all my free time. My wishes is though to release an album in the future, this will happen I'm sure. In the meantime the website www.halosian.tk is up and running again. Good Goa still gives me the feelings nothing else does. Love and light!
  4. I totally agree. Nothings like using the old machines and some of us still do.
  5. Don't expect anything good from that album, watch their new material here: http://www.chaishop.com/realaudio/video/om...14/pttv14-2.mov A heavily destroyed/remixed Land of Freedom and lame Depeche Mode samples. Only their best of (Backfire) is worth waiting for.
  6. Just my thoughts after watching that clip. They lost it.. RIP.. Just as bad or even worse then new MFG..
  7. Is this new Transwave? I can hear a heavily remixed Land of Freedom and various Depeche Mode samples.... http://www.chaishop.com/realaudio/video/om...14/pttv14-2.mov
  8. I agree with you that FOL is more "new school" then most of the other Goa produced nowadays. As I said, I never understood the point in labeling it old school or new school since it's no remarkable difference in the music. Sure the soundquality might have improved somewhat but the most important thing in music is ofcourse the message and the Goa produced nowadays could easily have been done in the 90s aswell if thoose artists existed then. So yes, FOL is true new school for me too. But on the other hand it's just an evolution of the different bands sound (in this case Pleiadians). So one can not say that their evolution with FOL set new standards for Goa trance and therefor should be labeled as new school since there's nothing like that album. So conclusion must be, both new school and old school is pointless expressions since Goa trance never died and there's no remarkable changes distinguish them apart.
  9. I'm starting to dislike the words old school and new school... Why can't it just be named as plain Goa trance? Or Psychedelic Goa trance if it's more twisted just as it was. Goa trance never really died and I see no remarkable change in the oldschool and newschool music just new artists which might have sounded the same if they produced their music in the 90s...
  10. For example one good band and a good example of fair play is for instance the band I saw this weekend: Front Line Assembly. Everything they have done is in the line of their previous sound. Sure their sound has developed but still you can hear it's them. AND when they choose to do something else they do it under 12(!) different bandnames. There's absolutely not a single good point in reviving an old musicproject if it's not somehow related to the origin of the group. If the only excuse is because it's them then it's completely pointless. I mean, couldn't theese two guys done something completely different working together? Just because it's the originated bandmembers doesn't automatically mean it will sound like Transwave. I just hope it reminds someway of old Transwave. I could never had guessed the new MFG was MFG if I didn't already know.
  11. I have no expectations it will be oldschool Transwave but if it will be in the line of new MFG then it's totally meaningless. I can see nothing of MFG in their latest album. If I want to buy milk I buy the package that says letters "MILK" on it. If I want to buy a Transwave album I buy the CD that says that. If Transwave wants to make a comeback, then the music is hopefully more related to that project then MFG latest is related to their earlier stuff. If it sounds like Rezwalker described it ("dark technotrance... something between x-dream-synthetic. plus 2 tracks on absolum style.") then they could have made this music under a new name instead because it's like starting a project from square one again. Let's just hope it still has something of old Transwave to it. But if it is like new MFG or dark technotrance.. Pointless labelling it as a Transwave release..
  12. If a band wants to take a new direction in their music why don't they go for a new bandname aswell then? What's the point in keeping the old name when doing completely different music..
  13. Well, the Goabasslines are often more varied both in sound, intensity and keychanges and often more then the double in length (often 16th up to 32nd of notes) long. This gives a complete different condition of flow for the music (often resulting in more complex melodies). Which we like, yes? It's not hard to understand why it's hard to hear the difference between different Full on artists music when they deliberately are limiting themselves in both sound, intensity, keychanges and length of loops. It's not hard to understand why so many thinks it's boring music. Have you heard one you have heard them all, right?
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