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  1. It's from the mp3.com era...ouch! As far as I know there is no archive of this site's mp3's (which were in 128kbps btw). The best, imo, is to ask the artist himself, if he agrees : https://www.facebook.com/evan.bartholomew
  2. I did Connection three times already. Wonderful experience. Last year the camping area was pretty crowded though, and not enough toilets. Apart from that the dancefloor experience was fantastic. There's another retro festival you should check: ZNA: http://www.znagathering.com/
  3. Just FYI the extracts that will be posted on Arabesque and some shops are not the "official" mastering.
  4. I have to say, I expected this album because Martian Arts seems to be an authentic music lover, his performances are cool and he's also a long time visitor of Psynews Well, this album is very enjoyable! It's not following full-power-banging recipe used by so many other artists. It's not knocking you off.... ...It is breathing That's no suprise TIP released it. Very intelligent psytrance. Very good collabs too. Good job Martian Arts !!!
  5. NICCEEEE !!! Thanks for all the work. Thanks for those talented artists for all this great music !
  6. I'd recommend a festival where there's a solid chill stage, so she can take a break from the kick-bass-kick-bass chaos.
  7. No, I was covered by my Belgian private health insurance (except the excess fees of course), but got the invoices nonetheless. I think they do it to give an idea of how much the insurance is "helping", so you feel grateful. I quickly checked the Dutch healthcare law (ZVW), there's a mix of public/private healthcare policies, pretty similar to Belgium's, and I think it's better for Dutch national to go and be cured in the Netherlands. There is another possibility: the treatments Bansi has to go through are very specific and I'm not sure there's the necessary hospital units in Ibiza. In Barecelona, certainly, but then, you have a to make a choice: be lonely in Barcelona, or be be near your family in the Netherlands... Seen the level of distress/suffering ahead, clearly, I'd do like Bansi!
  8. Hmmm. I had an acute leukemia, spend 6 months in a hospital and got a bone marrow transplant. I saw the invoices. I counted ~150K€, in Belgium where the standards are equal to those in the Netherlands. But every cancer/patient is different and different products/procedures are used... Plus, my health insurance my job was paying for, kept giving me a (fair) part of my salary for 2 years, so I could provide for my family. Maybe Bansi has a sickness that will require some research, specific treatments...also since he had an artist's life, he may not have a solid insurance, or no insurance at all, and he may need some money just to pay these treatments, and also have money to pay for a place to live, for food, etc, once he gets out of the hospital. Furthermore, do not believe he's gonna be punching his arms in the air on stage in 3 months from now. We're counting in years with that kind of sicknesses. e.g: it took me 2 years to feel solid and be able to work again, and every doctor I saw said it was exceptional. I'm no doctor, but I guess you should rather count 5 years, especially as the guy is probably around 40, and the older, the harder. I suppose a part of this money will also fund the long recovery period. Who knows, maybe he's got a family and needs to provide for them too... Clearly if everything has to be paid for, we're talking in hundreds of thousands. But 3 Million, and even 1.8 Million look excessive to me. Now that's only my 2 cents. That shouldn't prevent you from financially supporting the guy, and like everyone else, I'm sending him all my support.
  9. Like every year on January 11th, let's celebrate !!! This community is 17 years old now. The baby has never been closer to being an adult, and in 5 years from now, it'll be as old as we were when we started it (ouch)! I wish there were a few more reviews but, hey, social networks and discogs are here too. Over that time, some of our friends have gone, and we're remembering them. Most are still there thankfully, and the sole party we ever held is still memorable:) As for the guy who created Psynews in his student bedroom, he doesn't come often, but he's alive (oh and he's just turned 40 by the way). Let's wish ourselves the best for 2017, especially no trolls Ah, thanks to Manu Psysurfeur for hosting this site for the 10th year in a row! Give him a hug, and possibly a few bucks to help him finance the hosting. By the way, the mods have been talking about some crowdfunding for a new board license. As you may know we're still running an Invision v3.4 and, like many other boards, have been denied the upgrade to v4 despite the fact we're owners of a perpetual license. Reason is "v4 is a complete different product blahblahblah bs bs bs". One day or another, a serious security flaw will impact our board, or a php upgrade will prevent it from running properly. Either way, we'd rather be safe than sorry, and we shall either pay for that damn v4 license ($50/semester, definitely reachable); or we shall move to another board (XenForo, phpBB, etc...), and migrate all our existing data (sounds like some tedious work). WDYT ? Any suggestion to make this website/community evolve is welcome. Have a good year!
  10. Please read and respect these rules/guidelines before posting new reviews. 1. Please use the appropriate release year before posting . If you're posting in a "multiple year" thread (ie. 1990-1994) then specify the release year in the thread title. 2. If youre an artist / label that wants to promote a new release please use the Promos group and not this one! ANY promos found in the reviews section will be moved and the one responsible for it warned. 3. This section is for psytrance reviews and psytrance related genres reviews. If you want to discuss the best releases this year, what albums should be considered classics, the reviews section layout, the quality of reviews, the latest Tool release, want to request a review, etc. etc., then please use the General or Off-Topic sections of the forum! This is intended for psytrance music and subgenres so no reviews of parties or other music genres. A bigger tolerance will be allowed for old stuff (stuff released before 96) since back then there wasn't an "official definition" of psytrance. Also chillout/ambient genres are allowed as per usual. 4. Before posting a new review, check if a review of the album hasnt already been written. If its the case then write your review in the already existing thread and do NOT open a new one! Finding older topics should be easy, use the Search function: type part or the whole album title and dont forget to limit the search to the subforum of the year you want to post in. If you're starting a new thread for a compilation then you should ALWAYS write the title under the format : "V/A - Name of comp". So that all the compilations will be easier to find. So do NOT start a topic with "VA" (no "/" between the V and the A) or "V/A :" (":" instead of "-"), "VA Name of Comp" (no "-" between the V/A and the name) etc. 5. When opening a new thread put the name of the album and artist in the topic title and make sure it doesnt have any typos (or else the search function wont work). If you made a mistake, you can easily re-edit the title by using the Edit button at the end of your post, if that function is not working, then use the report function and report your topic to moderators asking to correct the typos. 6. The new psynews staff has decided that first review, or first post, should always be longer than normal. This doesn't mean an essay by any means. A nice example of a short but still informative review would be this which is around 400 words long without release details. People come here to read about the release, to get some information how it is and stuff like "this release is killagrgrhrhrg" won't tell them anything. After the first post you can post mini-reviews and discussion if you so wish, but no derailing of a thread is allowed. If you feel so strongly about something that does not generally have much to do with the release, please make a thread in an appropriate section and stop posting in the review thread. 7. Personal grudges against artists or reviewers are not welcomed and will be deleted and might lead to moderation so try to use your brain before posting. If you have anything to say to the artist or another reviewer you can always PM (Private Message) or e-mail them. 8. When you open a thread please include Cover Art, Tracklist(preferably with track lengths), release date, label etc. relevant information regarding the album you are reviewing. Also it might be a good idea to include links to shops that are selling the release. 9. For color or size codes please do not over-do with them and remember this forum has 2 skins so the color white won't show up on another and color black won't on the other. Also remember to clean up font formatting that may be carried over when copying your review from one site to another. For Image usage, it is allowed to post images or gifs in reviews but for images try to keep them relatively small so it won't make the review look cluttered and cause problems for readers. Here is a few well made reviews that should give the general idea on how a review should look. X X X X Happy reviewing!
  11. Damn, I forgot about the compilations! I will have to edit my vote.
  12. Uptempo: 1: Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality (Suntrip Records) 2: Morphic Resonance - The City of Moons (Suntrip Records) 3: Mindsphere - Mental Triplex: Presence (Suntrip Records) 4: RA - Earthcall (Suntrip Records) 5: Imba - First Encounter (Suntrip Records) 6: Norma Project - Creative Minds (Ovnimoon Records) 7: Artha - Dream Telepathy (Cronomi Records) 8: VA - Mind Rewind³ (DAT MAfia Recordings) 9: VA - Goa Trance Revolution 2 - Retrofuturism (Goa Trance Music) 10: Virtuart - Virtuart and Friends (DAT Records) Downtempo: 1: Aes Dana feat. Miktek - Far & Off (Ultimae Records) 2: James Murray - Eyes To The Height (Ultimae Records) 3: Suduaya - Venus (Altar Records) 4: Max Million - Monogramma (Audiomodern) 5: Profindita - Ciel (Altar) 6: Scann-Tec - Unyt (Ultimae Records) 7: The Bhaktas - Manipulated (Altar) 8: Globular - Holobiont (Self Released) 9: Perfect Blind - Wanderers (Ae Records / Neogoa Records) 10: ELEA - Oniros
  13. Still AKG MKII 240 for me. Great and totally affordable. A few other topics already discuss this: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/72108-how-do-you-listencurate-your-music/ https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/67989-please-suggest-headphones/
  14. Your post is likely to raise 2 or 3 fights alone! First, I assume you're unwilling to play in CDR, which, IMO is a good idea nowadays. Most CDJ's have USB sockets and you create much less waste like that. IMO practically noone is able to make a difference between a wav and a mp3 encoded with Lame -V 0 or in 320 kbps. Many people here won't agree despite very serious studies, and I accept that, and I will let them argue over who has the most perfect ears... I will agree though it's a destructive encoding (removes some frequencies that don't fall into the human's psychoacoustic model). In any case please don't play mp3s that aren't encoded with Lame, or that are <= 192kbps. Another solution is to encode in FLAC. You save 1/3 of the space. Now your CDJ's might not be able to play them. Yet, the best solution is just to keep Wavs on a couple of 128 or 256GB USB drives. One minute of music in wav takes 44100*2*2*60 = 10.584.000 bytes = 10 MB. You can fit 12.094 minutes of wav music on a 128GB drive. ~160+ albums, or ~1450 tracks. Anoebis on this very forum still plays CDs, and he wanders from party to party with a suitcase full of them. That must be close to 100 CDs. And he plays three different styles. So, can't you make your choice for a DJ set over 1450 tracks, or can't you afford two times $30 ? https://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_hi_5?rh=n%3A172282%2Cn%3A541966%2Cn%3A1292110011%2Cn%3A3151491%2Cp_n_size_browse-bin%3A10285018011%2Ck%3A128gb+usb+3.0+flash+drive&keywords=128gb+usb+3.0+flash+drive&ie=UTF8&qid=1481903757 The only thing you can complement your CDJs with right now is a very good set of headphones. Apart from that what's important at your stage is to focus on your technique. So the best piece of advice I can give is: practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice... ...and be patient! The reward will come.
  15. Good points Antic604. To me Bandcamp is the best trade-off for customers, artists and labels.
  16. You're welcome to come and help us. When shall we start? No. The decision was taken 1 week ago.
  17. It's not the first time for A.Van Buuren I think Psytrance is professionalizing a lot and getting a lot of traction, There is probably a mutual interest in that and to be honnest trance and psytrance have almost reached convergence Vini Vici vs Sesto Sento to me is due to: - One member less - Teenager project vs Adult project - Need to get into the Israeli pseudo-progressive train
  18. Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality but I could give 9 more when the usual poll comes up as Paul said.
  19. As promised The crowd Serge / Total Eclipse & Antidote Hallucinogen Live Colin OOOD Creepy Crowd Anoebis/Suntrip and Draeke/DAT Mars/Suntrip & Draeke/DAT Hallucinogen Live The crowd Shpongle mask Hallucinogen Live A pirate girl Process amazing DJ set The girl with a broken leg! Shpongle Total Eclipse Live Butterfly Deathposture / Psynews Total Eclipse & Antidote Tristan Live Green Nuns Of The Revolution Spanish Green Nuns groupies Green Nuns Of The Revolution Draeke/DAT dancing Anoebis & Super G after a whole night dancing Mars after a whole night dancing Wait wait wait, I also found some videos that I managed to upload on my YT channel !!
  20. Present! Good memories. There was a goadancefloor, it was really unnusual at the time. I remember the spanish guys who'd come dressed as Green Nuns and who'd painted their faces in green The Green Nuns set was excellent, Process was amazing, Tristan played with a skeleton outfit, lots of other lives and DJs kicked ass... I'll try to fetch some pictures to post here.
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