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  1. Yes, I also want to learn hard india language!
  2. Great pics man! Sjovt med Koxbox-kondomer, den havde jeg ikke set komme!
  3. Tekkonkinkreet [2006] Solid masterpiece. 6/6
  4. Yeah well, better late than never, right?
  5. That was a fun couple of days of manual review migration. Remember it vividly! But I'm glad we did it as we still have all those old review online now
  6. Looks good. How much does a car like that set you back all included?
  7. He also used the nick DIAMONDE7 or something similar years ago. I remember the inflated prices and the fact that he was based in Hong Kong/Austria
  8. Damn, this was hard work... But I simply love reading the old reviews in this modern day-context. I'm glad we did it. Kudos to Mars for pulling the strings
  9. I liked it. Best use of 3D in a movie - ever! The plot was pretty simple though Still, 5/6
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