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  1. Hallucinogen - LSD Artist: Hallucinogen Title: LSD Label: Dragonfly Date: 1995 Track listing: 01. 03'44" LSD (Radio Edit) 02. 09'10" LSD (Live Mix) Review: This is one of the alltime classics... LSD. is without doubt one of S. Posford's masterpieces and everyone HAVE TO KNOW this track... This EP features the track in a short radio-version and a longer live-mix... Nothing really new here... All that's noticely different is the length of the loops and build-ups and breaks! Well.. What else can I say... this is a classic and everyone should have this in their collection! Rating: 9,2/10 Bom shankar!
  2. Yeah... This was my first Infected Experience... Intelligate is brilliant and features the classic Jodie Foster sample from Contact: "This is a unique time in our history, in the history of any civilization, it's the moment of the acquisition of technology, that's the moment when contact becomes possible" ... Groovy, energetic track! Small Moves is not quite as good, but still it has nice qualities... Like the breaks and the melody... Yeah... Overall score 8.9/10 Bom shankar!
  3. Transwave really DID/DO IT for me, and this solo-project from Frédéric Holyszewski is fairly good, but in no sense a masterpiece... I like the variation in this album, and I'll give it 6/10 Bom shankar!
  4. One year ago this album and in particular song nr. 5 Shiva Devotional was my ABSOLUTE FAV'E piece of psytrance.... Man, I must have listened to that track a 1000 times, and it's still incredible... "GONAM!" It's so brilliant and intelligent, and SMASHING hard with the killer build-ups and the FANTASTIC breaks... Good shit! But the rest of the album also deserves alot of attention: The Power Of The Darkside, Egokiller (Rmx) and The Power Of Celtic (Rmx) are all great tracks! Luuuv that sound after approx. 5 minutes in Egokiller!... That ALWAYS blows the dancefloor... Yeah! This is the shit, and is among my alltime fav'e psytrance-albums... Get it!! Rating: 9,2/10 Bom shankar!... And "GONAM!"
  5. Yeah... Erez is the man... Gotta respect all the projects that he's involved in/has been involved in... And considering his age, it's really quite fantastic! This album is really hard and extremly dancefloor-friendly... But still with the important psy-influence... This is a really cool album, and my personal favorites are "Walk To Light", "Diffusion" and "Virtual Voage"... A real classic in the Israeli genre! Rating: 8,8/10 Bom shankar!
  6. I can't really say anything that hasn't already be said... But what the hell, I'll say it again!! This compilation from SST really rocks, with dark, stomping, intelligent Israeli psytrance... Both the Mushies trax are killers and other standouts are DarkSoho and Luminus... Good stuff! 8,7/10 Bom shankar!
  7. This is superb! Perfection! Simon Posford is truly the godfather of psytrance, and this album was soooo ahead of its time, that it's almost scary!.. With 'Twisted' S. Posford wrote an important chapter in the ever-growing history-book of psychedelia... Shamanix and LSD are my personal highlights, but the rest of the album is pretty fucking fantastic as well!.. All in all, this is some GOOD SHIT! 'The way I feel I don't expect to go to sleep for a year. I'm on fucking fire!' 10/10
  8. V/A - Destination Goa 8 Artist: Various Title: Destination Goa 8 Label: Goldhead Date: 1999 Track listing: CD 1 01. 07'27" Talamasca : Sinaï 02. 07'20" Electric Universe : Fly 03. 07'59" Cosmosis : Doors Of Perception 04. 08'20" Infected Mushroom : Montoya (Rmx) 05. 06'18" Fancy Vision : Supergirls Wedding 06. 09'09" Human Blue : Breaking Limits 07. 08'25" Blue Planet Corporation : Micromega (Bumbling Loons Rmx) 08. 08'14" Tufaan : Tufaan (Green Nuns 99 Rmx) CD 2 01. 07'23" The Delta : Travelling At The Speed Of Thought 02. 07'04" GMS : Flem 03. 05'37" Phoenix : Jungle By Night 04. 07'38" Space Cat : New Horizon 05. 10'37" Chi-ad : 12 Ohm 06. 08'25" Vibrasphere : The Open Sphere 07. 07'08" Photeus : Sparkling Soup (Tarsis Rmx) Review: I like this compilation quite a lot! When it first came out it was packed with previously unreleased tracks. Kinda like the first 3 FULL ON series. Anyway, it's packed with well-know names, and pretty much, all of them lives up to expectations. The first CD starts out with a nicely made track by Talamasca. A kinda Muslim feeling there with the chanting! Boris Blenn of E.L. continues, with a relatively typical track from him. Almost sounds like techno, with a few psy-elements thrown in.I guess that's okay, if that's you thing! 3. track from Cosmosis is quite good! Infected Mushroom's track needs no further introduction! Fantastic!. And we head on to Fancy Visions which starts of very boring, but turns out to be quite a jewel! Next track from Human Blue gets interesting after about 6½ minutes. Seventh track by BPC is also great and the disc end with a little master piece by Green Nuns in a remix of Tufaan. Great work there! The second CD kicks of with the now classic Delta track "Travelling At The Speed Of Thought".. Brilliant, dark, in-ya-face-notorious Delta sound! GMS and Pheonix both delivers good tracks. GMS with a strange coughing-noise in the end of the track and Phoenix gives me a nice jungle-like feeling! I don't really care much for tracks 4, 5 and 6. What's with the sample sayin' "Lift Of" all the time in Vibrasphere's track?. The final track remixed by Tarsis is ok. Kinda repetitive, but in a good way!? :0) All in all, you get good value for your money, and this CD is simply good! Even the fillers aren't all that bad! 8,5/10 Bom shankar!
  9. Creamcrop - Liquid Levels Artist: Creamcrop Title: Liquid Levels Label: Creamcrop Date: 2000 Track listing: 01. 07'48" Snug As A Bug : Tuned 02. 06'14" Yumade : Free Tom 03. 06'32" Three Point Turn : Carnaval Tribe 04. 08'42" Magus : Digital Silence 05. 07'03" Tripiatrik : Ess Muss Sein 06. 07'36" Soundscape And Yumade : Baikal Superstar 07. 07'00" Yumade : Techno Sapiens 08. 08'28" Paps : Pelf The Little Elf 09. 07'22" Snug As A Bug : That Means Human Review: First compilation by Danish-based label CreamCrop. And they really kick some ass on this one with hard-hitting, mostly tribal-inspired psychedelic trance. The CD is compiled by Pierre " DJ Péa" Busson and it shows: He's involved in no less than 6 tracks. I didn't like this compilation immediately, so as in many cases you have to "grow to like it", and now I loooooove it. It's very psychedelic and filled with all kinds of twisted sounds and the occasional sample here and there... Great for outdoor-parties and really powerfull PA-systems. So if you're into tribal/TIP-world stuff, GET THIS ONE!! You won't regret it! Best tracks are 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 Overall score 8,5/10 Bom shankar!
  10. Well... This was one of my very first encounters with psychedelic trance, and much of this stuff is still great... Too bad CD2 is mixed though! All time psy-fav'es include: Astral Projection "People Can Fly" and The Infinity Project "The World Of The Acid Dealer"... Good stuff... 7/10! Bom shankar!! [btw... The (Rmx) of Transwave's "Land Of Freedom" Feat on Distance To Goa VOL. 5 is MUUUUUUCH better than the original... Check it out! :0) ]
  11. Now it's my turn to announce to the world what I think of this album!! I've had this album for quite some time now.Since ultimo February I think, and must have listened to it well over 100 times, and I still can't help to completely loose my mind when I listen to it. Even in small dozes. I can't really describe it, but every time I put this album on, I transmogrify myself to another dimension. And a quite weird one as well. All of a sudden I see myself floating around in this mighty, medieval castle surrounded by all kinds of weird creatures from all periods of history. Jesters, Pokémon-figurines, Spacemen, Flying rhinos [No comparison there.], Birds, Cliché-looking aliens, Dinosaurs, Ordinary people. And many more! I even think I've seen Zorro and Jerry Seinfeld there a couple of times! :0) It's all very strange and may sound like a bad trip, but it isn't. It's marvellous, and I've become completely addicted to it. As you might have guessed, I like this album a lot, and believe that Erez and Amit with Classical Mushroom have created - a magical, fantastic, superb, incredible, mind-blowing, ecstatic album. . It messes with your senses, and in 73 minutes and 48 seconds it takes you on a very emotional journey. I takes you by the hand, and makes you both happy, sad, melancholy, scared and . ehh. confused! :0) And I definitely don't follow those who say, that this isn't innovative and too cheesy. To me, this is the album I'll one day pass on to my oldest son and tell him how well it has treated me, and hope it'll do the same for him. All tracks are amazing and should be listened to from start to end, but of course there are highlights, and for me they are "Bust A Move", "Dracul", "Nothing Comes Easy" And "Mush Mushi". I don't believe in giving 10 out of 10. Because maybe they'll top this one day, so I'll give it 9.98/10 . Thanks guys, you've enriched my life in ways, that I never thought possible in music! You have my deepest and most heartfelt respect!
  12. I bought this CD for one reason: The beautiful build-up and the amazing break in track 2 [spectral Blue]... That fucking rocks, but I hafta agree with Anoebis, that the albums isn't that great!! Jungle Spirit is OK, but kinda repetitive... Smart ass artwork! 4/10 (Spectral Blue build-up And break 9/10) Bom Shankar
  13. This album ROCKS!... 3,4,5 & 7 are my favorites and if you're into melodic trance with a SMASHING edge, I highly recommend this album... Very danceable and upifting with nice build-ups and killer breaks... Yeah! Yahel made this FOR THE PEOPLE... And we thank him! 8.5/10 Looking forward to "Waves Of Sound"... Bom Shankar!
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