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  1. Because of copyright issues I don't think I ll ever release this track.. so I decided to give it away for free. Could still cause problems.. But I ll take my chances You can download it on soundcloud. Enjoy! And spread it if you like it. https://soundcloud.com/supergroover/supergroover-make-it-bun-dem-unreleased
  2. It is more the mixing that needs work, not the mastering. Mastering is a whole different job, that comes after the mix is finished. Did you master the track yourself before you put it on soundcloud? If so it might be better in the future not to master it because you want feedback on the mix. Not on the mix and master. Mastering should be done by people that know how to master, not by the artist himself.
  3. First of all I'd say you have to be sure and happy about releasing your music. If you still doubt it is good enough, then just wait until you are good enough.
  4. Sounds pretty good. But you still need some work on the levels imho. I can hardly hear the percussion. Don't really hear the hats and the snare. It might also be good to work a bit more on the structure of the track. Often little sounds like reversed crashes or risers can introduce new parts. Those little additions make it clear to the listener where in the track/structure you are.
  5. Supergroover - 42 (BooM! Records: boomdr030) Artist: Supergroover Title: 42 Label: BooM! Records Format: EP digital Release date: 30-06-2014 Catalog: boomdr030 Tracklist: 01 Bad Robot 137 bpm 02 Marshmallows 137 bpm 03 The Infaders 138 bpm 04 Triplets Are Hip Now 137 bpm Supergroover started in 2002 with some local underground parties but soon expanded to other sides of the world. His dj sets are dynamic, not preplanned and with a funky progressive touch. For a few years he has been producing progressive psytrance as well. Making up a nice mixture of atmospheric sounds with an active underlayer of kick & bass, topped with acid influenced sounds and melodies. With this EP BooM! Records bring you four tracks by Supergroover. These tracks are not the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Indeed, they are the key to rock the dancefloors and kick up some dust! Atmospheric tracks with full basslines, trippy effects and a little pinch of salt. Psychedelic sounds, infaded by dubby delays and lush soundeffects. All this and more to speed up your dancing moves and make all 8 bit boys and girls smile! http://www.beatport.com/release/42/1328590 https://soundcloud.com/boom-records/sets/supergroover-42
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ4MP6yAqNc
  7. Support Bluetech's kickstarter project! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/815591074/bluetech-spacehop-chronicles-vol-1
  8. Wow this thread is old But I am reviving it to gain some insights from your huge pool of knowledge. I am specifically looking for some idm that is on the friendly side. A lot I find sounds rather cold, experimental and inaccesible. Any recommendations for some more funky friendly sounding IDM?
  9. It is a fast kick with fast percussion.
  10. Can you give a price indication?
  11. Go for it! It would be quite useful for some.
  12. haha Radi, am I a racist because I don't like your mountains? You might think they are brilliant. But I don't. I can't be wrong about my own opinion.. There are loads and loads of mountains that are nice. Also in Bulgaria I am sure.
  13. If you want people to come to Bulgaria, then post some pictures of beautiful landscape. These are just random normal hills. Nothing special about them...
  14. Try this Radi, it ll make you feel more relaxed without making you very stoned. http://azarius.nl/smartshop/herbs/dried_herbs/wild_lettuce_herb/
  15. Well you are not allowed to put it online really.. but it is a bit sad that they are gonig after it because it only really helps the sales..
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