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  1. Hahaha, Jay-Z signing in. I've been called a lot of things, but Jay-Z is a first. Brilliant, haha! Still retired though, but your positive reaction really warmed my heart. It's good to know, that I'm not completely forgotten around here. Thanks for putting a smile to an old man's face. That is weird. 13 years feels like such a long time. I keep getting more and more nostalgic the older I get (just turned 34, btw).
  2. Sometimes the old nutters come back! Haha. How old are you?
  3. I'm stuck in the past, so I have nothing listed released after 2006 Some of my all-time fave progressive albums, include: * Son Kite - Colours [Digital Structures / 2004] * Koxbox - The Great Unknown [Liquid Audio Sounds / 1999] * Vibrasphere - Lime Structures [Digital Structures / 2003] * Atmos - Headcleaner [spiral Trax / 2000] * Antix - Twin Coast Discovery [iboga Records / 2005] * 12 Moons - Solid State [Candy Flip / 2004] * Ticon - Aero [Digital Structures / 2003] * Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes [Tribal Vision Records / 2006] * FREq - Strange Attractors [iboga Records / 2004] * Perfect Stranger - Learning=Change [iboga Records / 2004] * Etnoscope - Drums From The Dawn Of Time [Digital Structures / 2003] * Beat Bizarre - Lewd [iboga Records / 2001] * Kooler - Open [Kamaflage / 2004] * Jaïa - Fiction [Digital Structures / 2005] Jokers with progressive undertones: * Spirallianz - Blast Food [spirit Zone / 2000] * Wizzy Noise - Cybermancy [Zillion Million Anarchy / 2000] * X-Dream - Radio [blue Room Released / 1998] * Mittelstandkinder Ohne Strom - Bug [Velvet Inc / 1999]
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJAphLjNVhA Nostalgia time! Will this ever get old? I doubt it. Amazing stuff.
  5. Found an older post of mine here. From 17 June, 2000. (Praising Yahel ) Yeah man, we've been here since the beginning. Good times, man
  6. This needs more LOVE! I've had this collection for a while, as one of the (many) Indigogo-funders... I'm loving it and encourage everyone to download this epic compilation! Good job Basilisk!
  7. Oh man, Creamcrop was THE THING for me back at the turn of the millenium. I was sad to see them go... Thanks for giving them some recognition in this thread.
  8. It's a shame the search function doesn't really work with older posts... I tried different things, but everything before 2007 is indexed poorly (because of all the hard times Psynews went through. Mars really did the best he could, no question about it). Anyway, I arrived @ goatrance.free.fr sometime in early 2000. One of the earliest posts I can find is this from July 23rd 2000. I am positive though, that it is not my first forum post.
  9. I used to have a small collection of goa/psychedelic related clothing... I remember I had - A TIP Records long-sleeve black shirt with flouro-print on the front + glowing TIP Records logo on the back - Infected Mushroom BP Empire-era t-shirt - Spirit Zone fluorescent shiva-print shirt - Shpongle hoodie - Club Nuclear hoodie All but the Club Nuclear-hoodie is long gone though...
  10. Koxbox, abandoned warehouse, Aalborg 1997. Most psychedelic experience ever.
  11. Reading this thread, made me remember some old reviewer-drama-circlejerk which I was a part off... I spread to both Isratrance and Psyforum.co.uk (obsolete now) and it was massive... This thread is very entertaining. So is this. Good times, indeed. Anyway, sorry for derailing this thread... Reading it, just made me nostalgic about when I was an active reviewer.
  12. Smelly sock-fetish too, eh? I wish I could say, I was surprised, but I'm not...
  13. Came to this thread for the stepp Rila mountain, stayed for the shiny crashbarriers and beautiful asphalt. Reading this thread and admiring the beautiful pictures was a 10/10 experience. Would click again.
  14. Thanks for sharing these mixed Tats, great stuff. I'm totally rocking your style here @ the office...
  15. That's good to hear, Rennis. Oh, and congrats on being featured so prominently on the new Ektoplazm Greatest Trips-compilation.
  16. Anybody out there? Small moves Ellie, small moves!
  17. There was a thread about this earlier. Check here and a thread on Discogs: here
  18. DeathPosture

    Your sex

    We used to have loads (well, not loads) of girls here: Tashira, Moni, Heva, Janet, Tatsu...
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