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  1. I totally forgot to mention the new Emancipator album is just as lovely as the debut
  2. I like the more experimental approach
  3. Yeah, quite experimental stuff and surely gonna be one of my favs this year (along with already too many albums)
  4. Various - Low Life EP edit. ...And also Roel Funcken's marvelous solo album
  5. I bought it when it came out and I didn't really care for it, but it's a good thing I didn't sell it or anything because it's one of my favourites from them now
  6. Vell Vagranz Bion Glent Refurbished One and Two Get Elaztiq Bourbon 5 and Solid State too, those are my favourites
  7. Ginormous' The Sound Of Love Impermanent is what I expected (although I didn't enjoy his second album as much as his debut) and wow, what a journey And for my amazement The Prayer Tree album didn't have Ab Ovo written all over it The vocals are going to need some getting use to, but it's a great album all the same.
  8. Dubstep/IDM and it sounds superb! Sample here
  9. I have a very extensive taste when it comes to IDM, I pretty much enjoy all kinds What Funckarma albums did you get? Haven't heard Zainetica... Any recommendations?
  10. I kinda liked Lowness - Undertow pretty much when I listened to it today for the first time. Bitcrush - Of Embers was nice also, but I think he's kinda losing his touch .___. Higuma - Den of the Spirits is pretty friggin' great The new Vex'd album Cloud Seed is fukkin huge! Try XI's EP Atmospheric Pressure for some great dubstep. ...and Access To Arasaka - ==null is good... naturally
  11. Winamp for Windows and iTunes for Mac (I can't stand it though ).. edit. and occasionally foobar2000 also
  12. ...and the new Shiwa 2000 kicks ass
  13. Is till think that Triple Drop is one of the best dubstep I've ever heard
  14. I do enjoy modern classical, but kinda despise classical music. Bleh.
  15. Well I thought of adding it too but left it out, dunno why ;D
  16. Indeed. 8/10 worth to be exact
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