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  1. Gutty

    Artifakt - The Magus

    Different strokes :drama: I like them by themselves I just think it doesn't really fit well with the rest of the album, kinda like it branches off into something else. Woulda been better suited on compilations i reckon
  2. Gutty

    Artifakt - The Magus

    Yeah for sure. But it's old infected-style melodies thankfully, and they kick ass. Did you guys notice how many claps he has instead of snares hehe That could maybe be considered a bit cheesy but its all about how you use it. It works really well for the most part (esp. the magus) Only tunes I don't like much are the last two and thats cuz theyre very dancefloor orientated and not as interesting as the rest Awesome album overall though
  3. Gutty

    Artifakt - The Magus

    hehe its cool payam. 'cheesy' is like yahel, new infected, dali, and stuff like that. but yeah some of it is hard to digest, have you heard his other albums? also 7 rulz
  4. Gutty

    Artifakt - The Magus

    Cheesy? Never thought I'd hear his tunes being described like that. Can you be more specific?
  5. Gutty

    Artifakt - The Magus

    your asstrap collates cock
  6. are they defunct now? haven't released anything in ages
  7. Great ideas, awesome execution. The people who moaned about the production quality are lame. Epic electroshit
  8. Sweet cover, looks like something out of Grim Fandango
  9. Interesting concept and good music, but I also don't like the over-use of politics in trance. Especially talk about finance and shit like profit motives I mean that's the last thing you really wanna hear at a party. But then again some of it sounds pretty sweet, like track 3. And it's better than cliched drug samples. I think it would have been better if he went more into subliminal messaging (and more 1984 samples (and no singing)) Good album though, he's got a unique style and it's recommended to anyone into gothic-darkish kinda trance.
  10. Not sure what Damien was on when he wrote that review, but this isn't nearly as good as he described it. It's quite better than most fullon, but it's definitely nothing groundbreaking or special. Well thought out and conceived, but really, I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
  11. Nice review abasio. I've only heard the samples so far, so I won't comment on the music, but what a crappy cover I know it doesn't really matter, but that looks terrible. He should've made the top half black and the bottom half white with just 'electrypnose' in the white part written in virgin's blood. Or some red font that looks like it was smeared. Awesome producer though.
  12. Resitst from so harsh english, k
  13. Gutty

    SynSUN - Unstoppable

  14. Sounds like it was generated by a badly programmed computer script.
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