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  1. It's your fault, you did this to us with superb record label and addictive releases. Not to mention the way you release stuff in a timely and regular fashion! FREAKS UNITE!
  2. They are both astounding in their own ways. But FSOL did it all, and did it best before anyone else even knew what happened. Shpongle wouldn't exist without them.
  3. If it's half as good as OIG promo, it will be awesome. Can't wait for this one. One of my favorite new-school goa acts.
  4. www.antiscarp.com I recommend: U.D.D. - Natural Rebellion
  5. +1 Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam Aphex Twin - SAWII (many tracks) FSOL - Glass ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oDJmolBy2g
  6. Well, I didn't get a chance to vote this year, but it didn't seem to matter because all my top choices are in there somewhere. Nice picks psynewsers! Looks like The Goa is back! Congrats to Suntrip and all the artists in the top, keep up the hard work. Love and respect forever! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: Peace, JP PS. The results were cool and easy to read, and VERY TIMELY! Job well done!
  7. Here's my setlist from my first ever progressive set: Vibrasphere - Follow Me Electrypnose - Fractalisation de Lego Electrypnose - Back to something Vibrasphere - Dewdrops Kino Oko - Messiah Formula Younger Brother - All I Want Cicada Kino Oko - Made In Satisfaction Kino Oko - Day 2 Die Vishnudata - Kombucha Ticon - 1987 Arara & Kosmas Epsilon - Soulsick Liquid Soul - Global Illumination Tegma - Who Stole My Oscillator Vibrasphere - Ensueno Behind Blue Eyes - Excerpts from dreams (Sun Control Mix) Cheers!
  8. Posford himself talked breifly about this topic in several interviews. To sum it up, he said he, and other psy producers he associated with, felt embarrassed being called gods and worshipped and such. He said he didn't intentionally put anything spirtitual into the music, but agreed that many people do seem to find something "mind-expanding" in the music. Obviously he's a person who's had quite a few psychedelic experiences himself, and he's discovered ways to "write" certain "common hallucinations" into musical phrases. But as others pointed out here, many other artists have achieved similar results. Posford does seem to be one of the best, however, as many people report having mystical experiences to his music. I can testify to having my mind blown equally by: Plastikman, FSOL, Jimi Hendrix, Aphex Twin, and Shpongle, of course. FSOL seemed to be the most psychedelic to me because of the emotions they weaved into their stuff so well. But Posford's stuff does take on new form when under the influence of psychedelics, and it's quite astounding. This is all subjective, though. A lot of people probably trip to Hallucingen's stuff because of his moniker title. And people listen to the music expecting something psychedlic, and this opens them to the experience. But these producers aren't gods, they're just people, albiet very talented. I think the whole Psytrance culture is just a resonance of psychedelic cultures throughout history. Our shamans wear different clothes, and the kick drum is made with magnets and electricity instead of deer skin and hollow logs; but the destination is the same place. Somewhere so far into the clouds and then deeper, into hyper-space just far enough to see what's really inside YOU!
  9. I have to add these: Entheogenic (any album, but especially Dialouge of the Speakers, Fight of the Urubus) Kick Bong Abakus The Orb
  10. BEHIND BLUE EYES - BEHIND BLUE EYES kicks major ass! Thanks for that suggestion! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  11. Thank you for all the replies! :clapping: Everyone is right on with their suggestions so far. Of what people mentioned I've heard: GAUDIUM TEGMA LISH JAIA TICON HALTYA ZEN MECHANICS AKD SENSIENT OVNIMOON I really liked AKD,Gaudium and Sensient! I like the stuff with the really phat, funky basslines like Vibrashere - "Follow Me". Also really like Kino Oko ecclectic sounding stuff. Please reccommend more along these lines. I'll keep digging and tell you what I come up with. *sparks bowl*
  12. Will you please share your favorite Progressive Trance artists with me. I've listened to Psy for years, but am just now getting into some prog! Finally in '09, lol. Here are some examples of what I like so far: Vibrasphere-(Lungs of Life) Kino Oko Electrypnose MEEO Ace Ventura Bigwigs Flowjob Sun Control Species Decoy Thanks for your help! :clapping:
  13. AFGIN album??? Sounds fantastic!!! The demo album is still one of the most stellar things I've heard in some time....
  14. The promo track "Sarcophagus" is outstanding! Keep up the good work! This is the real new GOA sound!!!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
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