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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Wizack Twizack Title: Behind the Trees Label: Stoneage Records Date: October, 2005 1. Soldier of the Dark 2. Satanic Piggy 3. Kiffen Bitte 4. Jenna Terror 5. Jack Acid 6. 2 Legged Hilazon 7. Kill Me Now 8. San Pedro 9. Smoke With Us "You're gonna kill me aren't you?" Almost 8 years to the day that this was released. The debut album from Swedish nutjob Tommy Axelsson is one of my favorite bits of psytrance. Everything screams psychedelia with a super dark atmosphere. He was one of those artists who wasn't afraid to inject a little melody into his nightmares thereby making it more accessible. Oh he still included the screams of women from horror movies (Kill Me Now) so please don't think this is a walk down the yellow brick road. The bass lines hammer away at your sanity while alien effects graze the temples. Bubbles threaten to boil over aggro guitar crunch and Prodigy breakbeats on tracks like Kiffen Bitte. I find one of his strengths are the complexities he weaves into his dark creations. Instead of being overwhelming (like a lot of darkpsy can be) his layers invite you to explore further. His synth phrases melt into each other for smooth transitions making the hallucination seem all the more real. And that's what this is...one long hallucination. At the same time he is able to stack layers upon one another to create a wall of sound. Another reason to like his work is the samples he uses and manipulates. Never cheesy and usually enhance the mood. All in all a nice piece of dark work without being to heavy. So something for those who love the night and people like me who like to visit. Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  2. Artist: Gataka Title: In Trance We Trust Label: Phonokol Date: October, 2005 1. Deeper Level 2. Blast From the Past 3. Night Becomes Day 4. Viva La Mexico 5. How To Create A Monster 6. Experience 7. Down To Earth 8. The Mind Twister 9. One Day Ticket 10. Israelizer No. Seriously, just...no. For the longest time I've been calling this label Oh No kol just to remind me of the crap they put out on a consistent basis. What was once a proud label has devolved into fluffy, full-on eye rolls. Every single trope is represented here and this confection is about as deep as a petri dish. Pretty sure this information is already known by this community, but just in case any newbie stumbles upon this review, do not put your trust in this.
  3. Artist: Various Title: Psionic Tales Label: Digital Psionics Date: October, 2005 1. Kluster - No Doubt (Rmx) 2. Fripic Bounce - Inflated Troll 3. Frequency Deluxe - Our DNA 4. Rastaliens - System Shock Rmx 5. Bon - Problem Child Rmx 6. Xatrik - Specific Procedure 7. Damage - Wicked 8. CPU & Skazi - Highest Party 9. Space Tribe Vs. Psywalker - Twitch 10. Scatterbrain - Hex 11. Dark Nebula - Firefighter "Welcome to the highest party in the world!" The label identified by the kissing door knocker was already 6 albums deep into their Psionic series by the time this came out in 2005. This compilation tries to have it all by combining lighter and darker tracks, some with identifiable melodies and some just good old fashioned pounding psychedelia. Inflated Troll by Fripic Bounce destroys while hanging onto its goa roots while Our DNA and System Shock Rmx blend together for some sick psychedelic madness. Specific Procedure is futuristic mayhem as is Damage's Wicked, but the bass is pitched too high for me and the lead is too screechy. Side note, I never realized Skazi was an actual person. Thought is was just a ghost story used to frighten children. His thumping and acid laden team-up with CPU wasn't half bad and then Twitch had its moments. The final two were just noisy nonsense and not very interesting. I was listening to this during my workout and it's partially mixed so oftentimes I didn't even notice when the track changed. But sometimes the mixing wasn't done that well and it was impossible to not notice. Minor quibble. Not a bad compilation considering when it was released. Psyshop
  4. Artist: Various Title: Sonic Solutions Label: Timecode Records Date: October, 2005 1. Bringdanoise (Broken Toy rmx) DAMAGE 2. Far Side DIGITAL TALK 3. Mutant Rebellion XTRA UNIT 4. Alien Hunterz CHROMATONE AND RANDOM 5. Human Poison PHATMATIX 6. Terror Former SHIFT 7. Contraband PHYX 8. Asnamus AZAX SYNDROM 9. Dendron ARTIFAKT "I wanna see stars!" You need to see a doctor. There's a grapefruit stickin' out yo forehead! Ah this is one of the thoroughbreds in the Timecode stable. Run horsey run! Darkly melodic smashes tumble one after the other with well known artists doing the damage. Acid everywhere and grooves to keep the body moving. The trakcs are bursting with power and samples that add to the atmosphere. Only downside? Triskell and Phatmatix (Xtra Unit) only made one track together. But holy sh*t what a track. Timecode Bandcamp - Digital Download Psyshop Beatspace - Digital Download
  5. Artist: Various Title: United Nations of Trance Russia Label: Underground Sound of Tel Aviv Date: October, 2005 1. Dance of the morning sun (Bukara rmx vs G-Light) - G-LIGHT 2. Under Glass - Sulima 3. Story - Biolink 4. Solar System part2 - Zirrex 5. Fullomatic Motions - Hologram 6. Syndrom - Manifold 7. What's Inside Me - Ultratech 8. Neosphere - Neospherix Project 9. Funkadelic - Secret Trick Russia...home of the supreme emperor. And part time balloon animal enthusiast. Defender of the rich he rockets across Russia on a custom built cracker keeping the homeland safe from invasion foreign and domestic. "No commrade...f*ck you." But Russia is more than just Putin's plaything, oh no, it has a lot of good trance to offer. So is this compilation worth your time? Can they put down the vodka long enough to make some good tracks? Dance of the morning sun (Bukara rmx vs G-Light)- We begin with the full-on effort from G-light, who shows a talent for mixing the electronic and acoustic. There's plenty of lasers to go around, so no need to shove. High speed and lots of layers. I liked it, but there was no subtlety...it just kinda all came out at once. Under glass- Alexander used to part of Manifold but now he does his own thing. This was an awesome twilight track with deep rumbling bass and eerie pads. Bubbling and changes of direction are well received. Dare I call this a stormer? Story- This is the guys from Neospherix Project who were boring the crap outta me until around the 4 minute mark when they laid down a nice synth arpeggio. It's a little ravey though. Solar System Part 2- His album Lost In Time is one of the greatest moments in goa trance history. Yeah, I said it. It was recently re-released so I hope you got a chance to check it out. This isn't goa, but twilight. Pretty good too with a bunch of power, acid, and lasers. Another winner. Fullomatic Motions- Never heard of this project but I bet their last names en in ov. More twilight music with metallic leads and a rumbling bass line. It's not bad, but it does this stop thing and then gradually increases the speed. Not for me. Syndrom- "He's got one inside of him...I can smell it." Edward is now running this project solo and he combines horror movie samples with searing leads. He relies heavily on the "what's inside me" sample...maybe too much. Sounds like late 90's industrial EBM at times, but not bad. Dark. What's Inside Me- Shouldn't this have been the name of the last track? This guy hasn't released anything for a while and it's a shame because this is some powerful stuff. Nonstop and unrelenting twilight intensity. Loved it. I did not know you had it like that! Neosphere- What the f*ck are you hanging out on a farm in rural Mississippi? Pigs, chickens, southern black man talking. Then it breaks into a boogie woogie shuffle and I'm thinking this has to be a joke. I like jokes. But this is unlistenable. Funkadelic- Whoever this is could take a dump and record it and it would already be better than the last track. Luckily they didn't have to go that far and just made a track with rampaging synths and layers. Not bad. Some of these tracks are worth checking out. It's definitely in the twilight style. And they seem to hold up pretty well. Saikosounds Beatspace Psyshop P.S. I don't know what's going on with the tracklist at Psyshop. The one I got was from Discogs. Mdk
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