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  1. For dark stuff I would check out Ka-Sol's latest album called Earth. The thing is pretty much a banger from beginning to end. Really impressive. If you only listen to one or two tracks, check out Centbridge and Rattlesnake, tracks 2 and 3. Yikes. https://ka-sol.bandcamp.com/album/earth
  2. I'm looking for recommendations of recent-ish music with an aggressive attitude. Have the South African labels continued to put out cool stuff? How about the Tech-Trance scene? I like to stick in the 140s BPM-wise.
  3. Fun question. Here would be my list of tracks for Etnica to remix for a compilation: Psygone - Camaro Kanitou Juno Reactor - 10,000 Miles Total Eclipse - Space Clinic Battle of the Future Buddhas - Tigerhill MWNN - Big Troubles in Outer Space (see if they can do it better than Ofer did) Astral Projection - Zero Something like that.
  4. I'm going to check that out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. That's it! Thank you! If I'm remembering correctly, on that release, the second track, BMV - Rotating Fields was ascribed to Pleiadians, not Etnica.
  6. My fave Shpongle track. Still listen to it regularly. If I recall, the singer was just sort of jamming the words. You're a legend, AV.
  7. I think the genre in general has had its head up its ass for a while. Too much technology and too little creativity. Just because you can emulate the sound of a thousand dreams doesn't mean it's going to sound better than one dream. It's the whole lesson we all learned from Jurassic Park. Just because we could doesn't mean we should. Music is fundamental. It's not about how crystalline our production is. Be angry. Be sad. Be punk. Be something. Don't make it about the technology. Make it about the music. Here's a great example of a near-perfect track from way back with less-than-perfect production but loads of feeling:
  8. So, back in the late '00s, I think, Etnica . Net released an album of sorts on this old-ass CD-something startup website. I forget what the site was called (CDNow?), and I forget its purpose, but I think one was able to order CDs straight from the site. This particular set of music, which I remember as having maybe 4-6 tracks, had one Pleiadians track that was a total banger, and I can't find it. The site didn't last long at all. Maybe a couple of years at most. I wish I could remember the name of the track. I can't find it on Discogs or anywhere else. I remember the release having some zeros in it. Like Etnica 001 or something. Can anyone help?
  9. I really like that "thing" of yours. It's a gentle release from the experience, like a big mattress of feathers to fall on when the track is closing.
  10. Me too. The greatest "thing" in the entire genre, and it lasts for such a short time. Maybe that's why it's so special. Another of my favorite "things" is in Astral Projection's Enlightened Evolution, starting at about 4:05:
  11. I never saw black people at festivals, despite all the hair locks. This music seems to be more of a white thing with some Japanese mixed in. Ironically, some very cool music comes from South Africa, by white people. I'd say at first that the racial disparity is due to the music generally lacking swing, but black people basically invented this music in Chicago and Detroit in the '70s. So I don't really know why they don't get involved. Any black people here to give an opinion?
  12. First time back in a very long while. I've been listening to Goa/Psy the whole time, but I haven't been keeping up with newer stuff. I think it just got to a point that I had enough music to listen to for a lifetime. Was going down a rabbit hole tonight on YouTube and Discogs and thought I'd drop back in. I kind of fell out of the social scene after the music seemed to be splintering. It was getting too fast and weird. And even the traditional stuff from the likes of Suntrip and others couldn't match the old stuff. So I dropped out. RTP linked a Koxbox/Sandman track in another thread that makes me think things are still okay. So cool to be back. Hello.
  13. That's a great track. First time I've heard it. It's weird, when I think of all my favorite tracks, every one of them has something in it that annoys me. None of them are perfect. Like people, I guess. Here would be my #1 of all-time, although many tracks come close:
  14. Some of the music is very interesting, but the vocals kill it.
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