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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Firewall Label: Timecode Records Date: March, 2004 1. CPU - Keep The TimeCode 2. sHiFt - Dr. Silverman 3. Brethren - The Wolf 4. Twisted System - Artificial Intelligence 5. Artifakt - Right Foot 6. Rabdom L - Tantrum 7. Phyx - Contact 8. Triskell Vs. Audiobrains - Init 9. Broken Toy - The_Zine Family "Have you ever spent anytime with the zine family?" Ah...right about here is when South African psy superlabel Timecode was just getting into their stride. The Godfather of this type of psytrance they released album after album of crushing music for fans of the genre. It seemed that every release was better than the last, bursting with power and dark atmospheres. And this seemed to be where the momentum began. You got tracks from CPU and the triumvirate of sHifT, Phyx, and Twisted System that are just off the charts good. Artifakt brought his brand of tech-trance on a couple of tracks and the Brethren offering was another blaster. If you're a South African psytrance fan I believe this must be in your collection. Still sounds great today. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  2. Artist: Various Title: Moonkeys Label: Moon Spirits Records Date: March, 2004 1. GMS Vs. Sonic Surfers - Hyperspaced 2. Talamasca Vs. Dmitri DKN - Abstract Energy 3. Nomad - The Magic Sofa's Show 4. Omi Vs. Exaile - Going Commercial 5. CPU - Simulation 6. Sirius Isness - Psychedelic Love Stories 7. Silicon Sound - Voyager 8. Signs - The World Has Changed 9. Cell - Father What does it tell you when the GMS track is one of the most engaging? F*cking apocalypse that's what it means. Even the still clinging to his soul CPU track was underwhelming. I can remember listening to this a decade ago and really liking it. I've either grown up and matured or I was higher than a motherf*cker. Like Signs says The World Has Changed. Only, I wish they would've just said it instead of making a track out of it. I ain't that young anymore that I need to be wasting 8 minutes of time on annoying sounds. I have kids so I get that all the time. I would say the one track keeping this off life support was the closing Cell effort. It was smooth and relaxing making me forget the previous 8 tracks on the compilation. Didn't. Age. Well. Psyshop Mdk
  3. ZEN 2-Out Of Time Déjà Vu 2004 TRACKLIST: 1.Krumelur-Kicks 2.KinDzaDza-May Day 3.Fungus Funk-High Feelings 4.N3xu5-Genki 5.OSOM-Over Game 6.Psykovsky-Wooden Child 7.Penta-Gone With The Wind 8.Psychotic Micro vs Toxic-Crucifiction 9.Damage-Can’t Stop 10.Suria-Earth In Trance Set Chapter two of the succesful release “Zen” and one of the big hits of 2004, this is a hard & dark compilation with some completely freaky tracks, including the instant classic dark anthem Over Game. Track 1 from Krumelur.Minimal but hard Psy,lot of farts, and darkness all the way.Not my cup of tea (I prefer more maximal style) but one of the best minimalistic stuff around IMO, especially for the Dark forest feeling in it. Nice one. Track 2 from the well known Russian producer KinDzaDza with a track called May Day. You can hear the KinDzaDza style from the beginning-evil bass,typical Russian mindkilling effects- but this track is a bit different from the most Lev’s tracks, especially the second half with an interesting insane and spooky melody.One of my favorites here. Russia again.This time for the other freak-Serghei Funk.Do you like his style? Then you gonna love this too.You don’t? Then this is not for you.Typical FF sounds but you never get bored of them, violent and dark of course with an industrial touch.Great. N3xu5(Nexus) is well known for some very interesting hard killers, but Genki ain’t something awesome.Nice bassline and perfect production, but this track is too simple for me.Good but nothing outstanding. Over Game.What can I say fot this one? I guess everybody knows that,right? This is maybe the hardest track ever made.The last two minutes are so intense…sorry but it’s impossible to describe it. SICK!!! Asilisa (or should I say Lev and Vasily?) thank you!!! And when you think it can’t be any weirder, Psykovsky throws you a Wooden Child and he’s driving you crazy.This is certainly the most weird stuff ever. The bass is sick, the bpm changes all the time,the sounds can bleed your ears and the atmosphere make this track slightly melancholic. Warning this track will make you look like the guy in my signature. Penta is next.Rolling bassline all the way,this is the trademark of this track (just like in every Penta track).Some simple but cool melodies and enough insanity but not something extraordinary.Nice one. Next are two big Israeli acts of the dark scene, Psychotic Micro and Toxic.I guess this is more PM style than Toxic.Anyway.Although this track fits perfectly in this comp, I expected something better.It’s not bad and it has a really spooky melody in the middle of the track but I was hoping for something even harder.Nice one again but certainly nothing groundbreaking. And time for some techno-groovy stuff.South African act Damage is here with their best track IMO.More Chemical Crew style but not cheesy at all.Nice percussion, raw beats and the most important-a bouncing melody from 5.22 till 6.30.Very good! Last but not least another Portuguese artist after N3xu5, Suria. I know what you’re thinking, what Suria do in this compilation? Well, Earth in trance set is a dark full on track with (Thank God!) no cheesy melodies here.Instead of cheese we have three great first minutes of pure psychedelia just before the melodies start.The last minutes really remind me Fractal Glider but in a darker way.More like this mister! Overall a must buy for the Dark lovers especially for the track Over Gamea must have! But there are more great moments in here! 8/10 Best:2,3,5( ),6( ),9,10 (plus great cover)
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