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  1. I know!!! .......what's it been like 4 years??? I heard this rumor that offtopic was back
  2. They will be available at the release party in NYC in May....details to come
  3. LineUp: GAIAN MIND PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia’s Premier Psy-Trance Party! Special Guest: BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher - NYC) Once New Jersey’s best-kept secret, Brandon has quickly become a fixture in the New York psy scene and beyond. With a wealth of experience and appreciation for all forms of music, especially psychedelic, he is easily one of the most versatile and dedicated DJs around. His night and morning sets have stood up against some of the world’s best and have left a lasting imprint on dancefloors. Plus Resident DJ’s: LAURYN (Peak Records/28th Day - Philadelphia
  4. I'm so glad to see someone posted this here. This is a cause definitely worth supporting, we threw a benefit party for Ananda here in Philadelphia back in December and had Andrew Humphries (Voice of Cod/Zuloop) play. Here is the full track listing for the CD: V/A – Healing Ananda Trance: 01. Earth Simulator – BLUE PLANET CORPORATION written & produced by Gabriel Masurel copyright control 02. Rumble in the Cave – BEHIND BLUE EYES written & produced by Michael Banel copyright control 03. Emerged – D-SPACE written & produced by Jay Indigom & Steve Equisol @ D-S
  5. yeaaaahhhhhh California! Can't wait! :posford:
  6. hrm. so you didn't like the philip glass soundtrack? agreed. I was just watching Matrix reloaded the other night and thinking how much the music adds to that movie.
  7. Awwwww.....are you still djing at the club on weekends?
  8. what you are describing sounds a bit like the style i dj.....take a listen to this mix or just check the tracklisting here - http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=41537 you might find a few tracks that are what you are looking for.
  9. Agreed! This album is great! An enjoyable listening experience- every track is different. highly recommended :clapping:
  10. yeeeeaaaahhh!!! just played wicked hayo in a set of mine last weekend...and got a really good crowd response as always.... very much looking forward to hearing this album! hope all is well in belgium with the hayo & hope all is well with you in greece stefano!
  11. Carbon Based Lifeforms- Set Theory & Carbon Based Lifeforms- Vortex ....reminds me of when I first moved to NYC.
  12. yes...I too miss DP's reviews. I used to write reviews as well, so I can say this- to write a good review is very time consuming. It would usually take me about 6 hours start to finish. to listen, think about what i wanted to say, and then write. I can imagine it might take even more focus if english was not my first language. All this being said, it would still be nice to hear from DP once in a while....we miss you
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