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Found 12 results

  1. Artist: Tickets Title: Timelapse Label: Timecode Date: December, 2006 1. Power of Fear 2. Battery 3. Deficit Disorder 4. Existence 5. Showtime 6. The Funkus 7. Tinnitus 8. Back of Your Mind (Remix) 9. Phantom (Remix) "What's your f*cking problem?" Let's start with paying $6800 for a bed and not being able to sleep through the night. That'll make anyone a tad cranky don't you think? Sleep number? My sleep number is 4. As in 4 is the number of hours of uninterrupted sleep I seem to be able to string together. I could get that many on a Filipino transvestite hooker. Bah. Must have a lot on my mind. Money, getting adjusted to a new city and life. Isis. One thing thing that doesn't keep me up is Timecode (good God that is a terrible segue) and their commitment to quality psytrance. Tickets is Josef Summs and his debut album was a good one when it came out almost 8 years ago. It's since been surpassed in depth and chaos, but the powerful bass lines and strong kicks still sound good. True Timecode style with acid and dark atmospheres. While having lost a bit of it's luster it's still a strong release. Come get a digital punch in the face. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  2. Artist: Various Title: Firewall Label: Timecode Records Date: March, 2004 1. CPU - Keep The TimeCode 2. sHiFt - Dr. Silverman 3. Brethren - The Wolf 4. Twisted System - Artificial Intelligence 5. Artifakt - Right Foot 6. Rabdom L - Tantrum 7. Phyx - Contact 8. Triskell Vs. Audiobrains - Init 9. Broken Toy - The_Zine Family "Have you ever spent anytime with the zine family?" Ah...right about here is when South African psy superlabel Timecode was just getting into their stride. The Godfather of this type of psytrance they released album after album of crushing music for fans of the genre. It seemed that every release was better than the last, bursting with power and dark atmospheres. And this seemed to be where the momentum began. You got tracks from CPU and the triumvirate of sHifT, Phyx, and Twisted System that are just off the charts good. Artifakt brought his brand of tech-trance on a couple of tracks and the Brethren offering was another blaster. If you're a South African psytrance fan I believe this must be in your collection. Still sounds great today. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: New Blood II Label: Timecode Records Date: October, 2008 1. Principles of Flight - Oblivion 2. Artifakt Vs. Lost & Found - Checkmate 3. Rubix Qube - Enter the Dojo 4. Phyx - Freejack 5. Cybernetix - Root Complex 6. Tryambaka - Evil Mistress 7. EMP - Attack of the Moose 8. Tickets - Harpsicheek 9. Pitch Hikers - 40 Days Oh Timecode...why have you forsaken us? What is this new land we find ourselves in? It is in truth perplexing. Either we have been submerged into a cesspool of commercialism where the next buildup and drum fill is more epic than the last. Or we have descended into madness where once again melody is treated like the clap and atmosphere has all but evaporated. In truth I don't blame you Timecode, the once mighty label that forced imitators to their knees and rumbled the very Earth upon which they trod. I miss the post apocalyptic atmospheres, the rumbling bass, and the sinister melodies of what seems long ago. The label has now morphed into Sangoma Records and doesn't hold the same appeal. Shame. Rest assured that the window panes of my ample dwelling reverberate with furious anger from your releases. This is one such compilation. Oblivion- The mood is dark and eerie with a great POF track to open. Not a lot of melody, but power and fear can go a long way. Checkmate- Can a track be both funky and foreboding? *Alex Trebek enters* "A horse, sounds of torture, and a chess match play by play." What is the break room of my former employer on a Friday? This is a delectable groove and demands movement. Crazy dynamic collaboration between these two great artists. Enter the Dojo- more big beats and acid. This was more of a straight ahead beating rather than a track that attempts to tell a story. Use it accordingly. Freejack- This is another great, groovy track that will raise the blood pressure. Easy to get caught up in the swirl of acid. The only thing keeping it from legendary status was the buildup at the end. Root Complex- Machine humming sci-fi psychedelia that could've been more. Good, but left me wanting. Evil Mistress- Pounding soundtrack to a bad trip. Lovely. Attack of the Moose- is more high tempo, minor key madness. Quite the mover. Harpsicheek- This is Tickets taking psytrance to a place that it was won't to go. More involved full-on, but still heavy with the acid. Good stuff. 40 Days- I was getting ready to hit you with the meh shoulders, but then the 2nd half of the track happened. Man I miss the good old days of Timecode. Back when they and Nexus Media were at the forefront of dark melodic music. This is super stuff with power, acid, and moody atmospheres. Unfortunately they don't make 'em like this no more. Can't go wrong with this trip down memory lane. Timecode Bandcamp Beatspace Digital
  4. Artist: Various Title: Future Cuts Label: Timecode Date: October, 2007 1. Twisted System - Psychopath 2. Concept & Scorb - Dissident Factions 3. Phyx - Kansas City Shuffle 4. Multistate - HQ Part 2 5. Mantis - Blood Red 6. Xatrik Vs. Kid X - Wild Card 7. Lost & Found - ScannerV2.0 8. Outer Signal Vs. B-55 - Unstoppable 9. Hydraglyph - Cigarettes & Silver Bullets (Multistate Remix) 10. Artifakt - The Pole To say that Timecode was the king of South African psytrance during the last decade is like taking swim lessons in Mississippi. 26 people drowned last year which is down from 45 the year before the sign was posted. Timecode delivered the whole package with dark melodies and booming power. But it was more than the king. King doesn't adequately describe them here. Let's see... Ah, got it. Timecode was like the Godzilla of South African psytrance. Brutal force and acidic fire he doesn't care about your city your house whatever this thing is and well... Your car is a bucket anyway. It's one of their best and captures the label at the height of their game. I highly recommend it. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  5. Artist: Sulima Title: Mechanoid Label: Timecode Records Date: August, 2015 1. In 2. R2D9 3. Vs117sv 4. Interlock 5. Mechanoid 6. Voksillator 7. Kriotron 8. Polar 9. Astra 10. Out I always like to check in on Timecode Records and see what they're up to. There was a time when I was completely enamored with this label. The glory days when it seemed that every single release they threw out there was better than the next. Originators of that South African sound that skillfully melded dark atmosphere with melody and power. Times change and artists move on yet this label still has designs to be a force in psytrance. Sulima is a Russian artist who I have limited experience with and I suppose his style could be a cross between darkpsy and night time psytrance music if that makes it any less clear. Never heard his album Time Shift, but I was eager to see what he was cooking up. This is a fairly solid album (digital only), dark and thumping. He uses a lot of similar sounds so it can be a little difficult to avoid sounding samey. That said he's also pretty good at layering and creating a futuristic atmosphere. There are 8 full tracks as well as an intro and an outro providing that aforementioned eerie future feel. There are a few standouts like Interlock and Astra which seem to hit that sweet spot between rich darkness and attainable melody, but the album as a whole falls a little short of greatness. However if you like your night time psytrance a little on the dark side without being mindless, then this is for you. Good job Timecode. Timecode Bandcamp Psyshop
  6. Artist: Android Spirit Title: Synthetic Organism Label: Timecode Records Date: January 2014 1. Omdma 2. Kirobo The Robot 3. Swirl In Unity 4. Born In The Desert (feat. Distant Touch) 5. Targaryen Blood 6. High As A Kite 7. Freedom South Africa 8. Tokolojoe 9. Remember (Android Spirit edit) - Tickets Timecode. "B*itch get down here! Sh*t! This motherf*cker is heavy! Do you know how many D batteries I had to buy!?!" Really think Apple missed the boat not using that as their slogan. Anyway, Timecode. The very name makes my windows rattle with anticipation. This label has been releasing albums true to the night time South African sound for over a decade. Trojan, The Turning, New Blood, both Retrospectives...and that's just some of the compilations. They're the Suntrip of the dark continent where each album is an almost instabuy. Having spoken at length with the guy who runs Timecode these days I can tell you that he is exceedingly nice and seems to have a direction for the label. And that's good. But in the world of psytrance where you're only as good as your last release what is in store for us the listening public? Android Spirit is the teamup of Timecode mainstay Tickets (Josef Summs) and that very polite label manager Till Daksinamurti. If I'm being honest I would tell you that I'm unfamiliar with this project. Can't catch all the releases now can I? Do they bring back the glory days of Timecode or are they forging a new path? Omdma- Chants. lasers, and eerie piano? Pretty cool and that's just the first track. Kirobo the Robot- "Kirobo the Robot was exposed to zero gravity before being blasted into space." And wouldn't you know it the f*cker left before paying the cable bill. This is dark with a chip on its shoulder that undergoes several twists. It has that massive Tickets sound all over it. Now we're talking. Swirl in Unity- "No barrier, no boundaries...nothing to hold us down." The acid is here so a good track, but not as engaging as some of the others. Perhaps a little too generic. Born in the Desert- "If we ride together, we ride for justice!" Apparently the sample was better than the Lone Ranger movie. With a Principles of Flight symphonic quality it's another dark and powerful track. Targaryen Blood- "..." Yeah, I have no f*cking idea what he was saying. Probably something about porn cause it's always about porn. Thumping like a migraine the leads echo with aggressive attitude. There is mucho adrenaline to be found here. This is what it would sound like if Leonidas was behind the decks. High As a Kite- "You're high as a f*cking kite!" "Oh man...I have no idea what's going on. So f*cking high right now. Are you going to the beach? Don't forget to...oh man...I don't remember how that goes." *Brushes self off* "Do I still look high?" This one goes out to fans of Pineapple Express. The samples make it as it builds momentum and becomes a good rumbler. Freedom South Africa- "It's easy to love people that's a long ways away from us. But can you love yourself?" More rolling leads, lasers and thumping beats. This is what Timecode does and they do it well. Tokolojoe- Ah the wild and unrestrained chaos is front and center with this juicy blaster. The layers coalesce into a nice yummy powerful track. Remember (Android Spirit Edit)- "Time erases everything." There are not enough f*cking erasers in the public school system to...Look, I'm no vet, but I think you're gonna need a lot more Conan. The closer had rapid leads that were squeezed for all they were worth. As usual the bass was punchy and the acid splashed in nicely. I was wondering if they still had it. Had some of the luster come off this diamond? The last few albums from Timecode weren't the bombastic breath stealers that were their trademark years ago. But times change and if you don't change with it your risk becoming a fossil and a relic. This release holds on to a lot of the stuff we love about the label. Great samples, hard beats, and acidic energy. Tracks were full and there wasn't much dead space to endure. The middle of the album flirted with some melodies that had me thinking about the beaches of goa. Don't know if that was intentional but perhaps that is a wrinkle to explore further. As a Goa lover I would appreciate that of course, but what this album did was to solidify their position. It's a quality release that hits hard and isn't mindless. While not perfect it still keeps them near the top of the game. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  7. Artist: Various Title: The Encroachment Label: Timecode Records Date: November, 2003 1. Artifakt - Drugged and Base 2. Phyx - Cro-Magnon 3. Stralia - Airlock 4. Shift Vs. The Slug - Apocalypse Cow 5. Twisted System - Vile Substance 6. Rabdom L - The Decoy 7. Tickets - Terminal Personalities 8. Rastaliens - Troll 9. Ghreg On Earth - Output Device "Fantasies...have to be unrealistic. Because the moment, the second that you get what you seek...you don't, you can't want it anymore." This one. This was the one that saw Timecode begin to emerge from solely being just a label of screeching leads and dark overtones to something that forced people to take notice. Their sound was blossoming, becoming more substantial. The melodies began to appear and they were far from cheesy. The big beat and deep throbbing bass line remained as they found their calling. A new subgenre of psytrance began to scream from the dark and this label perfected it. From the classic Apocalypse Cow and impending explosion of Vile Substance Timecode became a force to be reckoned with. They weren't at the pinnacle of their success yet...but it was coming. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  8. Artist: Various Title: Timecode Anestetic Label: Timecode Records Date: December, 2013 1. Rinkadink - Elements of Water 2. Deeper In Zen Vs. Mad Maxx - Rainbow Body State (Mekkanikka Mix) 3. Android Spirit - Scarface 4. Iliuchina - No Turning Back 5. D_Maniac - (Es)Cape Town 6. Orca & Shameless - Step Back 7. D_Maniac & A-Mush - Music & Fire 8. Phyx & Tryambaka - Item 9 9. Tickets - Deep Blue Ocean 10 Sick Addiction - Masked Addiction 11. Deedrah - Reload (Tickets Remix) "All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break 'em for no one, you understand?" This explains a lot. I like visiting old friends. You get to see how they're doing, relive past experiences, and see what's going on in their lives in the now. Timecode is just such a friend to whom I've been listening for about a decade. This label burst onto the scene with what we now know as the South African sound. Darkly atmospheric, laden with acid and bursting at the seams with bruising power. Revolutionary psytrance that continues to be copied today. Their latest is a digital release and we see some old friends as well as some new ones. What you get is a mixed bag with equal parts fingernails on a chalkboard along with flashes of what made this label so iconic. Rinkadink combines a house gro ove with Artifakt techno t hat grew on me with repeated listens Mekkanikka continues to offer his brand of sanitized ultra shiny f ull-on, but this one wasn't bad and actually grew on me as well. Scarface of course samples the movie and is one of those flashes. No Turning Back is also a powerful standout along with the too short Deep Blue Ocean by Tickets. What was once the high school quarterback banging all the cheerleaders is now the balding middle aged guy selling insurance in the town he never left. There were some good tracks here that began to approach the label's heyday, , but they were offset by equally bad tracks that slammed that window shut. Some of the tracks were more of the commercial Nutek variety with incessant buildups and that whole increased bpm wind up thingy. The bombastic take no prisoners twilight insanity that they created is lacking on this compilation. Other labels seem to have surpassed them in delivering that night time craziness. Far from bad and being on life support, you might still want to look into some life insurance. I know a guy. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  9. Artist: Various Title: Sonic Solutions Label: Timecode Records Date: October, 2005 1. Bringdanoise (Broken Toy rmx) DAMAGE 2. Far Side DIGITAL TALK 3. Mutant Rebellion XTRA UNIT 4. Alien Hunterz CHROMATONE AND RANDOM 5. Human Poison PHATMATIX 6. Terror Former SHIFT 7. Contraband PHYX 8. Asnamus AZAX SYNDROM 9. Dendron ARTIFAKT "I wanna see stars!" You need to see a doctor. There's a grapefruit stickin' out yo forehead! Ah this is one of the thoroughbreds in the Timecode stable. Run horsey run! Darkly melodic smashes tumble one after the other with well known artists doing the damage. Acid everywhere and grooves to keep the body moving. The trakcs are bursting with power and samples that add to the atmosphere. Only downside? Triskell and Phatmatix (Xtra Unit) only made one track together. But holy sh*t what a track. Timecode Bandcamp - Digital Download Psyshop Beatspace - Digital Download
  10. Artist: sHiFt Title: Red Line Label: Timecode Records Date: December, 2003 1. No more humans 2. White widow rmx 3. X-Trasensory 4. Centrifuge 5. Dont you know ? 6. Reflex 7. Digita D.N.A 8. Animated Logic 9. Infrared "First Trip? Well, don't worry things hardly ever f*ck up around here." You couldn't ask for a bigger kiss of death if you had a make out session under the bleachers with the grim reaper before 6th period history. How did that work out for you technician from Total Recall? Chis Hoy is a very important figure in psytrance as far as I'm concerned. When things were quiet he did it harder and louder. His first album provided an inkling as to where he was taking this music. It's a loud and abrasive look into a futuristic world. Full of mechanical scrapings and deep rumbling bass lines and loads of sci-fi samples. Infrared with its funky rhythmic sway and acid explosion is especially sweet. He hadn't put it all together just yet as it sounds fairly samey, but he was on his way. Timecode Bandcamp Mdk
  11. Artist: Various Title: Android Wave Label: Timecode Records Date: March, 2013 1. Open Water HUJABOY AND TICKETS 2. Power Of Six DISTANT TOUCH 3. Welcome To The Zoo TICKETS AND TERRAFRACTYL 4. The Doctor AUDIALIZE 5. April 2nd 1968 ANDROID SPIRIT FEAT. DILLAN M 6. Expect The Unexpected LEMURIANS 7. Plastik EARWORM AND TICKETS 8. Kiffen ABOMINATION, ANDROID SPIRIT, CONSTRUCTOR 9. Drop Of Water MENOG 10. Object 008 SULIMA What's this? A new Timecode compilation? Interesting. Excuse me a sec... Hell. Yes. The grandfathers of South African psytrance are back with their latest offering for all the twilight acid heads out there. For years they had set the standard for nighttime melodic darkness and catapulted their distinct sound into the ears of eager listeners. With their 30th release the track list is impressive put together by Tickets himself. And by the way he is on half the tracks on this thing be it as Tickets or Android Spirit. Open Water- "Just relax and let it go. Don't f*ck around. Just do it." Mr. Summs comes right out swinging with Hujaboy on the first track with that uneasy feeling the label has worked so hard to perfect. The whole "you done stepped in it now" vibe is ever present and hints at the wrong turn you may have just made. Good opener. Power of Six- This is a relatively new artist to the Timecode fold, but it seems like he's gonna fit right in. Lasers, acid, and atmosphere. Would've liked a little more power and chaos, but not bad. Welcome To The Zoo- Tickets has been getting away from the strict 4 on the floor stuff of his Timelapse album and becoming more theatrical and dare I say complex. Oh he'll still bring the heat and all his laser goodies, but even though he's getting more detailed it's missing its power. Good, but I find myself missing his chaotic monkey poo flinging acid ways. The Doctor- "At the end of the day I would feel like I was a legal drug pusher." Holy sh*t where the hell have you been? Probably having a great life gettin' high and banging multiple hot chicks at the same time you lucky bastard. Sounds like my life...you know minus the uh, drugs and multiple hot chicks. Oh, and you probably make way less trips to Wal-Mart. Nice to see you still use two scoops of acid in your psytrance. Good track. April 2nd 1968- I like the bass line in this one, its got oomph. Synth lines roll out amidst the firing of many lasers and it's just gathers momentum as it progresses. Expect The Unexpected- Nah I expected this track to blow and sure enough...It's more techy with a lot of percussive sounds as well as an extended break that is on par with wisdom teeth removal. By a Wal-Mart greeter. How the f*ck did this make it on here? Plastik- My main man Earworm from the US! Never, and I repeat, I have never heard a bad track from this guy. Lasers and acid rips erupt like you're in the middle of a firefight. The basses are warm and there are plenty of sounds to keep you busy. Great track. Kiffen- Lasers and a good groove keep this one hopping. At times floaty but more often than not bruising. Keep coming back to this one makes me want to dance. Hmmm...the wife's on call so... Worst. Harlem shake. Ever. Drop of Water- "As men busied themselves about their various concerns they observed. They observed and studied." Not one of Morgan's more stellar samples, but let's face it he could narrate what you had for breakfast and it would attract an audience. Daniel Bernardo needs no introduction as he's been doing the acid thing for quite some time. There was some dead space in the track early on, but he more than makes up for it with a blistering acid explosion. Good track. Object 008- Closing things out is Sulima whom I thought was a dakpsy guy. And he may be, but he ends this compilation rightly with pumping rhythms and several twists and turns down a creepy hallway. Good stuff. While this doesn't come close to their heyday back in the 2000's it's still pretty good. They represent the twilight sound with some very good tracks that will surely get you moving. Still scratching my head about that Lemurians track as it just didn't fit with any of the other tracks on the album. Oh well, like I said there's plenty of other acid laden goodness to consume. So congratulations Timecode, you've still got it. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  12. Artist: Concept Vs. Smashed Title: Dead Star EP Label: Timecode Records Date: February, 2012 1. Shut the Fuck Up 2. Dead Star "It's my job to get your sh*t in order...it's your job to shut the f*ck up." What do you get when you mix an iconic South African psytrance label and two twilight warriors? And....boom goes the dynamite. Arnaud Levasseur (Concept) has put out three albums of the good stuff and Smashed is an up and coming 3D artist that is gaining some serious momentum. This is exactly what you think it is. Acidic insanity that keeps coming after you like Joe Pesci in Casino. High-tech hyper trance that levels all standing and washes over you in waves of fluorescent energy. Timecode of course has a pedigree that is unmatched, but even I was beginning to question whether they still had the boom stick. Well wonder no longer. These two just put your lights out. Beatport Mdk
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