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  1. Almost forgot Martina Topley-Bird's Some Place Simple
  2. A big bunch of different stuff Eraldo Bernocchi / Blackfilm - Along The Corridors Geomatic - 64 Light Years Away 16Pad Noise Terrorist - Utopia Fractional - Blood Nullgrad - The Shepherds Satellite Zeller - Turbulences Various - Low Life EP Niveau Zero - In_Sect Funckarma - Dubstoned EP4 Hecq - Sura Totakeke - On The First Of November Lorn - Nothing Else Apparent Symmetry - Void (EP) Anklebiter - I Will Wait Psyfactor - Futurised Various - Vital Signs 36 - Hollow & Tape Series: Blue Nest - Retold
  3. The Niveau Zero album on Ad Noiseam is great
  4. I guess those various Simon P. projects, TIP and Twisted Records comps. etc. but I guess everybody already knows them all...
  5. Don't expect. If you don't like something, then don't listen to it. I like the new direction, it was time for something a bit different
  6. The Flasbulb's new album is donkeyrapin' delicious
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