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RIP Neogoa Records (2010-2021)

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Gosh, this is really hard.

Honestly it's just hard to start this post, after all these years. But, I have to do this.

First of all, thank you ALL. Human love, creativity, support and passion is what makes difference in life. Without these 'ingredients' this label and it's family itself wouldn't exist (trust me, I don't want to sound like cheap-version of Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious saga) but indeed I've felt during the last decade that it was some kind of family-thing happening during the hard times and it was indeed an intact sanctuary, at least in virutal realms, to some of us.

Also, I was critical about many things related to the Goa scene in general, sometimes with, but also many times without any given reason. That's what you do when you love something. You want to make it better, but sometimes you can't do it just by pointing out the finger at something without looking at yourself.

There is like over 300 people that I should thank for making Neogoa Records happen and become what it is/was. I don't plan to do that, you know who you are and you know that I love you all! I want to take time and thank all the people who decide to give their time (and time it self is the most valuable resource) to hear/feel/dance/make love by listening to the music of our label house and artists. That's what matters the most, at least to me.

My time on this scene has come to it's end. There are many reasons why I made this decision - most of them are related to the private (or, as some call it real-life) matters/reasons. But in the end I feel obligated to be honest and say that I've lost the same drive and energy like I had it back in the early days of the label. Not sure why and honestly, I really don't care to explain it. It just happened.

I will also continue to support and enrich the DIY, underground scene, no matter in what form, shape, type or format it comes out in the end. Without healthy underground scene, you can't have the mainstream.

All social network profiles of the label will be active, the official website/e-mail host will be active till August 2021.

At the end I just want to say what great ride it was! I was blessed to be a small fragment of it.

Thank you for that! Stay cool, love you all!

Ivan / Richpa (in the behalf of Neogoa Records)




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I kind of feel the overall vibe has changed, while i loved Goatrance ~2010 the music did not progress, but everything else did. I still love the classic tracks of the newschool goa vibe but it seems new tracks cannot reach up anymore, it almost feels like holding on to something that does not really exist anymore.

During the peak of the second goa wave we kind of had tailwind and everything came together in a great way, but now it feels like walking upwards.

The best chance for this music i see in newer techno tracks, slower and more acceptable for normal listeners.

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Well that's a bit sad to read, hope else you are good and dandy. Will you continue to do i.e. Graphic works? A1ON is about to release his debut EP, and he said he really wants you to do the job, with a respectful payment.

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Can't expect this to have been an easy decision. But sometimes decisions have to be made.

Thanks Richpa for everything your label gave us. Many of my DJ sets would have sounded quite different without you around. And also, I discovered 2 of my absolute favourite goa trance artists through their first releases on your label. Those artists being Proxeeus and Morphic Resonance.


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They did a lot of good things for this scene, so its a pitty they stop. It was the perfect label to introduce new, talentful artists... Which resulted in famous guys like Morphic Resonance and Proxeeus indeed! I hope someone else will take over this "gap"...

As for modern goa, it is very vivid and alive in my opinion. The sounds have much more variation as before (when it was 90% highly melodic) and a lot of older guys are back into it as well. If you get tired of it, it is mostly not the music, but the fact you are looking for something else imo... There is enough talent and there are enough good releases :) 

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More on-topic regarding the label NeoGoa Records. As I deleted my Techno ramblings which was OT. :)

These are the releases I’ve heard so far that I really liked from the label:



I’m sure there’s plenty more I will like. But like I said in the previous post I was absent from this forum/goa music more or less between 2010/2020. So I didn’t hear these two releases until quite recently a year or so ago. :)

As I was doing some back-tracking on artists whose music I enjoyed in the first Neogoa wave in the 00’s. Which btw brings me to the question, what happened to Astrancer? Does he not release music any more? Or did his style fall out of fashion? :( Which wouldn’t make sense perhaps since Goa to a large degree is a retro-style. Anyways I always liked his music in the 00’s and thought he would make some inspired albums in the future. Which never seem to have materialized. 

Good work on the label Richpa, and I hope you find inspiration in the future again to work with Goa Trance in some other capacity. Hopefully on a new label or some classic one. :) Wish you best of luck and thanks for the free releases with a very solid quality indeed!

And btw Richpa you did an amazing artwork on this album, which really captured the mood of the music:


So I certainly hope you continue with graphic design for Goa or Psy. :D 

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Thank you all for kind words and feedback! ^_^

Regarding the graphic design, I don't have any plans to work on it again. Most of my unpublished creations will probably end up on my wall and I really don't have that much of time to spend working on anything new. However,

I have Chaosphere design (it was supposed to be front artwork for unfinished Dimensional Gateway 6 V/A), but since it won't happen, I'm willing to give it to artist/label for free, but it has to be in it's original shape and form (text can be added by artist or label, but no graphic editing, that is the only term I have).

Take care guys,


Edit - artwork has been reserved


Edited by Richpa
Artwork has been reserved
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The way I see it, since Neogoa is no more (this really hits me hard for a shit-ton of reasons,can't stress this enough) I'll probably release the album on my Bandcamp space and will ask for GoaD's approval to include our collab within.

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^ I feel kinda silly writing this, I mean no dissrespect. You can get smth like a 100% royalties deal with KER if you wanna, you know, release there. Richpa, very cool artwork. To bad it's not what the new A1ON e.p. needs. :) We're still in Mastering process. Will msg. you to hear from you when it's done. 



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Very sad to read this, neogoa will be surely missed! Much respect to all your hard work, both regarding the music and the artwork! I'm sure quite a few from your roaster will remain classics of the scene!


I wish you luck on all future endeavours, and hope to see your around here non-the-less!

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