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VA - Inti (Suntrip Records)


V/A - Inti  

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Title: Inti

Label: Suntrip Records

Release date: 19.04.2016



1) Ovnimoon - Invocation

2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu

3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph

4) Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream

5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur

6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions

7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden

8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition)

9) Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise


Inti means "sun" in quechua. We have a cover art of a sun rising in all its glory and the release comes from SUNtrip. Convenient! Im not a big fan of Suntrip, especially not recently. Floating, sunshine-filled and butterfly infested soundscapes are not my thing. The reason why I am taking the initiative of writing this is because of the HUGE names I see in this comp. Now, the way I do these reviews is write the intro, play a track and write the first impression of it as that is what I value the most. So this going to be a raw, empirical and intellectually unbiased review!


1) Ovnimoon - Invocation: Now, I know Ovnimoon as a psy-trance artist, not goa, and that is why I was surprised to see him here. The track builds-up pretty quickly and Im surprised by the recipe here. Hardhitting and somewhat dark-ish. The tempo is amazing and the moment the acid kicks in its a bliss. I definitely wasnt expecting something like this! @4:00......... a salve of chills went down my spine! AMAZING. One climax after the other! Ovnimoon needs to take into consideration to do a full length goa album! 7/7


2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu: Triquetra are Elric and Jurian Reinartz, brothers I suppose? They are pretty new and its awesome to see new faces in the scene! Again, hard and dark. I think Suntrip realised that the sun is also a 4.5 billion year old megaball of fire which will consume the star system as we know it one day. The feeling of the track reminds me somewhat of the feeling I had when I heard Howling At The Moon by Cosmosis, with its lightsaber-like melodies which feel like theyre slicing your brain into thousands of coronal sections. Orgasmic build-up all over the track. A great track! Good job, Triquetra! 6.5/7


3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph: Not to repeat myself, the album continues in its thematic direction.Ok, this thing is plain EVIL! A track for parties definitely as it's very rhythmic and simple. Its nothing special but it does it's job. Simply put, It's good! 5/7


4) Morphic Resonance - Varese DreamWe all know what to expect from this guy, AACCIIDD! A bit unconventional track considering his style in The City Of Moons. He builds up the track patiently and doesn't go overboard with chaos as he did in his album (which wasnt bad at all.) But even though it is a bit more serious as I said, there isnt much that is gripping my attention and its a bit crude to my ears. A touch above average  4.5/7


5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur: These dudes again! They must be doing something right if Suntrip gave them 2 slots on their new release. Lets see... What I hear is youth energy, careful planning, a balance between an adrenaline rush and a story. The track is good IMHO! Their sound and style sits very well with me. 5/7


6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions: The kings of melodies are back! At some moments the track feels a bit foresty! Its pulsating in such a way and it feels very experimental to me. A unique experience. 5.5/7


7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden:



HIER KOMMT DIE SONNE! and with it comes floatiness. God... This track feels incredibily out of place, but then again, I never liked Mindsphere's style. Even despite that fact, this track faired pretty well but its a thorn in my eye. It simply doesnt fit 4/7


8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition): Funny Crossing Mind decided to name this track Entropy, for it is its opposite. Melodies that remind me of BPC and at times it hints uplifting trance(?) All in all, a mid-tempo track with deep-minded and melancholic melodies. Dawn is upon us! 4.5/7


9) Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise: You feel the X-rays warming your skin, you feel the wind's caresses and the sand tingling the soles of your feet. Its light, but its not floating. Its epic, sophisticated and vast just like the importance of our Sun. Its source is bright and endless, she resuscitates the hopeless. Without her, we are lifeless satellites drifting! I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to this compilation. It deserves my epic seal of approval! 7/7



Phew, what an experience! From the chaotic darkness that the first part of the compilation represents (to me) to the sunrise, kindness and blissful melodies... This release made me realise that I spend too much time indoors. I will definitely remember this release and I highly recommend it to everyone!


Favorite track: 1.


Stream it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk82AnCYxUsjkC5iKR0DvFzt6vKt2lmcg


Buy it here:

-Suntrip store: https://suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD45/

-Bandcamp: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-inti

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Just after one listen on Youtube: most tracks are darkish but the highlight for me is the Crossing Mind track, what a beauty it is.

Agreed on Crossing Mind. Anyone else hearing the sameish melody @ 0:55 (of the YouTube clip of Crossing Mind track) as Pentatonix-Hallelujah? Only a good thing imo.


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Triquetra. Somebody call the exorcist asap, these guys are officially possessed. Dear lord O_O

You are so wrong. The Triquetra boyz are Children Of Bodom fans so that's their energy heritage! Angels don't kill :P^_^ They are just Children of Decadence!

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I love how this compilation seems to be a step in another direction. The last 3 compilations from suntrip have been a bit homogenous in the style department(not to say there wasn't any great moments) but they shifted gears with this compilation to a much more stylized refreshing path. Some of the music reminds me of something like Matsuri's Resonance mood, or otherwise acid heavy darker compilation. I mean just listen to the atmosphere in the Jagoa track. There is a clear, maybe more mechanical, style till the 7th track, where I feel the compilation kind of falls apart into the typical Suntrip realm. I don't understand why, because like I said, up until that point it was really refreshing.


So I think the biggest critique for the compilation is the inclusion of Mindsphere and Crossing Mind. Crossing Mind doesn't fit one bit. It's very harsh and lacks the softness of the first 6 tracks. Not saying it's a bad track, I actually like it, lovely melodies, but I don't feel like it belongs. (Also to note he is in every compilation since Temple Of Chaos.) Mindsphere is a tad too uplifting, although again a good track. I know he has darker tracks (he must) that would have fit the album better. I just find the change from 1-6 to 7 jarring.


The last track is fine no matter the selection, it's a nice throwback to the 90s and, well, it's the last track.


I really feel weird critiquing the selection, because compilations lately don't really convey a theme(to my ears at least), so that doesn't ever even come up in the discussion. This one, however, does, and big thumbs up for that. I really think the compilation until 7th track is something new and great and I hope to hear something like it again but more complete. Great job regardless of that (personal) critique.


Actually now that I got to think about it, doing a split compilation would have been cool. Darker tracks for the first and brighter for the second. Like you kind of did with Energy Waves and Temple of Chaos

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1 - I think Onvimoon has much better tracks. The only thing I can say about this one "it sounds like goa". Very un-memorable.

2 and 5 - Not exactly a fan of this kind of goa but these ones are clearly very well made. People who like darker stuff with dissonant melodies and rampant 303s will appreciate it. Very good production.

3-4 - Not for me, I guess many people here appreciate such stuff but I'm not the one of them.

6 - The melodies here heavily use dissonant inetrvals. This is fine but then it should resolve into something following more traditional scales, otherwise it feels like having sex without cumming. FM synths which start at 4:00 are epic and the supersaw leads later on are also very nice. Should this track have more pleasant melodies in some parts I could rate it very highly but unfortunately it doesn't and therefore it creates the sence of never resolved tension.

7 - This one is just simply good. Not the very best I've heard from Mindsphere and not especially outstanding per se but definitely a good track in Mindsphere style. Not too keen on the melody starting at 6:33 though.  4/6

8 - I have kinda love-hate relationships with Crossing Mind music because of his tendency to put both very good melodies and almost unlistenable parts into the same tracks but here the great melodies definitely overweight. 6/6

9 - Dangerously close to uplifting trance territory at times and could do without the singing, but nice captivating melodies and great spaced out euphoric atmosphere. 5/6.


I rated only those tracks to which I can relate somehow.


Is seems that the purpose of this compilation was to present all shades of goa trance but I wonder whether there is anybody who actually liked all tracks from here.

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Damn, I'm going to say it straight: I'm let down by the newest Suntrip I must confess.


Ovnimoon - Invocation is a very good opener and I really like the flow. Great to see that Ovnimoon can create some good goa.


Triquetra - Renkinjutsu is a great surprise by a -to me- unknown artist. Nicely acidic, groovy and aggressive goa. The track builds up nicely and creates a good vibe. Stomping!


Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph cannot delight me. It's dark, evil, yes. But I feel it's going nowhere. Not my style. I expected something else from Jagoa.


Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream. Oh he's made much better than this. I'm surprised it's only this. Again I feel it's stagnating and going nowhere.


Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur. Unlike the other track on this comp, this feels empty and without a climax or drive or story. Sorry.


Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions are all sounds but without a destination or hypnotic vision.


Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden has the same syndrome. More of the same but without climax or something interesting.


Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition). I see some people writing this is uplifting trance and therefore not fitting. No it doesn't fit between the other tracks, but to me it's one of the best tracks on this compilation. It's not aggressive or acidic but it has a story to tell and a vision. Crossing Mind very well knew which direction to hit with this track. As a former fan of normal trance, I can only applaud this creation. Well done.


Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise finishes the compilation in a rather forgettable way. Nothing interesting happens in the track and it doesn't bring me into a trance.


Well, it can't always be bulls eye with compilations, not even from Suntrip. I'm sure the compilation will have its audience, but this time it's not for me. With the exception of a few tracks.


On the other hand and maybe contradictory, it's not bad to see Suntrip releasing compilations with different styles. It keeps it refreshing. But perhaps for a narrower audience.

I really don't like giving negative reviews, especially to my favorite label. But you know, shit happens.


Waiting for the next, always a surprise. :)

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V/A - Inti


All tracks in this V/A are largely focused on the melody with a very energetic rhythms, very good selection of artists and also new and upcoming artists Triquetra !!


1) Ovnimoon - Invocation


A rhythmic start of the cd that puts you directly in the general atmosphere of the album.

The part before the first break is quite long and stays to me quite progressive.

Suitable for a well sustained mix with a surprising end .. 4/5


2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu


A highly energetic track ... Two talented young brothers with unlimited inspirational resources.

The very special rhythm makes, in my opinion, the strong point of this track. Not to mention all these sounds that tickle your brain.

Sustained rhythm, acid and melodic at the same time, a cocktail and an explosive and promising duo of wich I personally am a real fan for a while now already... 5/5


3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph


Tribal rhythm and atmosphere "Jagoa" (as he alone can do), very aerial and cosmic, a beautiful track ... I really like this track,. ... 3,5 / 5


4) Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream


A construction in finesse with already a beautiful explosion right from the start. Another track that is going to make the dance floor move in festival or in party, it keeps the energy flowing throughout the whole track ... !! 5/5


5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinausor


A variation in layers while symphony. A perfect balance between the cosmic effect and the acid that make you enter in a trance state. From the beginning to the end, a true delight with a last super break.

Suntrip found two promising young artists! Keep an eye and ear out for these two! 5/5


6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions


This sound that belongs only to Celestial Intelligence, that makes you shiver and makes takes u to higher realms . Then the track is with a nice buildup in the second half of the track... 4,5 / 5


7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden


A lightweight Mindsphere. Its notes make you vibrate in a rhythmic trance that gives you wings.

Very melodic construction. 4,5 / 5


8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition)


A wonderful surprise, that of the kind that gives you butterflies in the belly. For fans of endless melodies that rock you while giving you that urge to explode in trance, the one that happens to draw you a teardrop even depending on your mood. 5/5


9) Sykespico - Glimmers of Sunrise


What a beautiful discovery yet. A track that begins and ends with a surprising softness. Trance and dance, beautiful climb and superb rhythm (with a nice vocal for those who appreciate) construction well structured with many beautiful and powerful energies. 5/5

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Artist: Various

Title: Inti

Label: Suntrip Records

Date: April, 2017


1) Ovnimoon - Invocation

2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu

3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph

4) Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream

5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur

6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions

7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden

8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition)

9) Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise



I cut my the tip of my right ring finger off yesterday.




I didn't do it on purpose Ross, although watching some of your reruns the other day I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a sharp pencil.  You really were a whinny p*ssy.  Nope just slicing some zucchini for dinner and wasn't paying attention.  Didn't really think that finger was important until you realize typing is much more difficult.  Had to take a break from piano,  And forget about ass wiping, had to go southpaw.  So the moral of the story here is f*ck zucchini, nobody ever lost a finger from a doughnut.  


On a less bloody note, I've been giving the latest Suntrip offering some play and I think they've done a really good job.  The artwork was done by Margot Schaffer who had a hand in the artwork for Aurora Sidera and the tracklist is like a damn all star team.


Invocation- Anyone who is surprised that Ovnimoon made a deliciously dark goa track clearly wasn't paying attention.  His albums  Trancemutation of the Mind  and Holistic were loaded with them.  His opener is a powerful entrance into thumping goa trance territory for this compilation.  Nothing groundbreaking, but tasty just the same.


Rekinjutsu- Where the hell did these brothers come from?  They took the ball from Ovnimoon and f*cking ran with it leaving a powerful trail of acid on fire behind them.  Just an outright bomb. 


Perverse Polymorph- This one continues the dark atmosphere.  It wandered a bit, but finished quite strongly.  Love that bouncing 303!


Varese Dream-




Anyone else get like this when you see this guy on the tracklist?  F*cking King Midas of goa trance.  I believe he is physically unable to make a bad track.  Another pumping and swirling entity with plenty of layers and power.  He builds, he deconstructs, and then builds again.  Bravo.


Destroying Dinosaur- The second track from these brothers sounds distinctly old school.  Think Transwave wrapped in a blanket of Etnica under an umbrella of the Pleiadians.  Yeah, I'm looking forward to beach weather.


Distorted Visions- Celestial Intelligence takes the compilation in a lighter direction.  It's melodic with less bombast, but I don't believe it to be among their best.  It's missing the aggressive element that their album Perpetual Energy had.   


Harmonic Garden- I really liked this one.  Melodic to the bone with many layers.  This was a very positive track and reminded me of what Afgin did way back when.


Entropy (First Edition)- Seems like a lot of people are split on the work of Stephane, either they really like it or perhaps they find his sound choice unduly harsh.  Again, very bright and sunny vibe where his style is certainly evident.  We're definitely in gently and friendly goa trance territory here, seemingly miles away from the beginning of the compilation.  Really good.


Glimmers of Sunrise- Ah the closer and the title is very accurate.  Someone said we're teetering on the edge of melodic trance here and it would be hard to argue.  It sounds like where Afgin is now with his latest Ep releases and we are now 180 degrees from where we started.



Suntrip delivers yet again.  They do what they do well.  This compilation began in the dark and powerful milieu, and then became lighter.  None of the tracks are filler and all of them were enjoyable.  I can understand the disappointment for those that were expecting a dark, thunderous ride all the way through.  For me however, dark or light this was a great album and I highly recommend it.




Suntrip Bandcamp





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Impressions after a first listen:

First of all, this does the progression from darkness to light much better than Aurora Sidera, seems like you took the extra effort to build something coherent :)

The 2 highlights so far have been Morphic Resonance (no surprise there, Christian does kick some serious ass) and Celestial Intelligence which rolls along very very nicely.

No annyoing tracks at all on this one, however those Triquetra and Ovnimoon Jagoa (now that I'm on the 2nd listen) kicks are so mid-nineties it's not even funny :D and even Mindsphere managed to churn out a track that caught my interest (I've never really been a huge fan of his uptempo work TBH).

I got a bit distracted during the Jagoa track so it surely needs a re-listen.

Crossing Mind surprised me with an unexpectedly smooth track.

And that Sykespico track definitely reminds me of Man With No Name's classic Sugar Rush :)

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V/A - Inti 

Suntrip Records

1. Ovnimoon - Invocation takes a few minutes to come alive, but sounds good until it breaks out(!) at 4:27. The second act great, but sounds a little  progressive/mainstream-friendly influenced. Several great climaxes take place. The song sounds a little safe to me, but its Goa sound is catchy as well as the energetic (with energetic boost FX approaches to the music). It lacks depth and feels a little long, but (for what it's going for) it's smooth, attractive, and digestible, a more mainstream-friendly approach to Goa with less of an exploratory element. Great for dance floors.  B+ / A-

2. Triquetra - Renkinjutsu is more aggressive, acidic, psychedelic, and dark. The skipping "accent" FX are great, so catchy! There's an exciting climax at 5:19. The structuring of the song is fairly simple. But the overall developing sound/approach here is engaging throughout! This is one of my favorite tracks on the album and of 2017.

3. Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph is dark and atmosphere. The first minute is intriguing. It seems like things are about to pick up. Instead however, the song grows repetitive until 2:35 where the rhythm changes up. The music could have benefited from this a minute back. What is it with these drawn out segments? A fresh part arrives from 3:39 to 3:53, but is quickly off-set by an annoying effect that sounds like the music is being pulled down. I found that distracting and unnecessary. Things improve at 5:00 until the energy retracts at 5:40. *Sigh...* This song could have taken off numerous times. In the end, the parts are stronger than the whole. As my girlfriend said: "The song did nothing to impress me."  B-
4. Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream showcases a moody, atmospheric, and darkly melodic first two minute opening. It's very good and I hope that the next album has moody/atmospheric elements like this. The second act incorporates dynamic segments and variety. The music isn't too intense, though I wish the opening melody returned like a chorus at some point with new work built on top of it. The artist allows the music to breathe between climaxes, something Filteria learned from but didn't seem to perfect until his third album in 2009 via Daze of Our Lives. Speaking of climaxes, there are two in the last act. Is the second climax at 8:33 just a bit too much?, or too close to the previous climax? Maybe it's the rolling synth. Something  just seems too much or crammed in regarding the overall sound or placement of the finale considering all other segments flowed so well. Few nitpicks aside, this is strong, sleek, and edgy track. Well done.  A-

5. Triquetra - Destroying Dinausor is another tight song by the artists of #2 (not even gonna try to pronounce that). The atmospheric opening is warm and euphoric, very catchy and intriguing. Although the second act (earlier on) could have developed a little more, a mechanical synth varied it up, complimenting the rhythmic design. There is a transition breathing space of sorts (since the beat remains) at around 4:52. The music breaks out a minute later, igniting a flavorful and exciting final act. MR's song was obviously more dynamic with twists and turns, but I loved the overall sound, mixing, and melody work here that gave me more feels. That said, I think the artists' previous song is stronger or at least it's punchier via stands out more (comparatively speaking), but I really like the less intense approach, and (like I said) the warmer sound/melody design here. Great track!  B+

6. Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions starts mysterious and mystical, catchy before a typical melody arrangement (segment) arrives. Please avoid typical stuff. The middle, more complex and mechanical (robotic) segment is good (finally breaking away from the typical), and the last act is great, very catchy! The song could have ended slightly sooner but I love the less layered Goa tune part just before that. Find a way to end the song there, so it doesn't spend forever chilling down but doesn't feel about either. This artist has done better numerous times before. This is a good track with some really great work.  B+

7. Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden starts great before getting too busy sounding IMO. The middle act has some very nice tunes that stand out, great arrangement, sounds, etc. Then things sound over layered to my ears again. There's a catchy, harmonious tune in the last act that adds focus, euphoria. Keep the melody arrangement juicy and interesting! This is a pretty good track with some beautiful elements.  B

8. Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition) took time to grow on me. It's very melodic, and not too complex or technical to the point I admire more than enjoy it, as my issue with some songs by the artist. The melodies smooth. They stand out. I enjoyed the euphoric feel in the song, but felt that the arrangement in the forth and fifth minute grew fairly typical and repetitive. Why not have magic in place of this? Take us higher? There's a sweet maneuver in the sixth minute that refreshes the whole. The song feels more varied and alive here. Overall this is an elegant, enjoyable track and one of my favorites on Inti.  A-

9. Sykespico - Glimmers of Sunrise is an uplifting, morning track. The female hymns aren't too frequent (thankfully) and grew on me on repeat listens. The song has a pleasant vibe, nice melody/sound work. For a sunrise song, it's not at the level of Astral Projection's Liquid Sun, but then again, what sunrise track is? The track does waver close to mainstream trance, but basks close enough to Goa shores to not sabotage the album. The climax towards the end lifts the mood higher. This is a solid way to end a compilation that goes from dark (aggression) to light (positivity), something we can all experience more of in our lives.  B+
Inti is more atypical not. Nearly every artist offers something different, interesting, and catchy. Both songs by Triquetra are very great! Morphic Resonance delivers another dynamic, exciting track, though maybe crams in a bit too much via super climax towards the end. Crossing Mind offers a surprisingly elegant (not overly technical stylized) track. Sykespico ends Inti with an upbeat morning sunrise track. There are no filler songs, though a few segments of songs I found to drag or have slightly typical arrangement before breaking out into more refreshing (imaginative) work. These moments were few and far between. That said, Perverse Polymorph should have been more cohesive and satisfying considering its terrifically dark, crisp atmosphere and synths. It never seems to go anywhere and appears to be the least favored song here by general consensus. As with any compilation, everyone seems to have their favorites. Check it out and decide for yourself. On a side note, the album's theme appears to be energy going from dark (aggression) to light (colorful, uplifting without sounding cheesy, positive) and while the colorful placement of the Mindsphere track may seem a little jarring, I enjoyed the theme for the most part since so many compilations remain dark and intense throughout. This gave me variety and some very beautiful, crisp tunes within the last few numbers. Overall Inti is a very good / great compilation.

Favorite tracks:  2, 4, 5, 8


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