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  1. Hi guys! 2nd self release EP on its way.. The first EP - Kaalratri was 3 tracks of Dark/Twilight Goa Trance. This one is 5 tracks of Morning Goa Bliss! Tracklist: 01) The Absolute 02) Project Dopamine 03) Amygdala 04) Morning Prayers 05) Tripping Through Space. Release date 6th June 2019. Stay tuned for the Bandcamp Link! Cheers
  2. I think that happens to all us producers.. many a times I listen to my tracks I would be like, how in the fuck did I create that? Was it really me?
  3. Try listening to your favorite songs just before going to sleep.. there's a chance of hypnogogic hallucinations
  4. Thank you for your feedback! Hopefully you will enjoy the stuff that will get released in the future..
  5. Maniacs! I'm proud to present to you my Bandcamp page with my first self released EP - "Kaalratri", featuring 3 Extra-Terrestrial Twilight Goa Trance tracks sure to send you to higher dimensions. Link is below. Thank you all for the support! https://themaniac1.bandcamp.com/album/kaalratri
  6. They take Indian pop songs and give it a metal twist
  7. Have no idea what the fuck the video was about, but damn it looks great!
  8. Basically what Tsotsi said. It's actually one of the most basic softwares. Easy to begin with and learn quickly. Give it a try!
  9. Rotting Christ new album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf7JZ2Q7oAo
  10. Denshi Danshi - The Upside Down. The melody at 2:53 Sounds similar to..
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