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  1. V/A - Inti All tracks in this V/A are largely focused on the melody with a very energetic rhythms, very good selection of artists and also new and upcoming artists Triquetra !! 1) Ovnimoon - Invocation A rhythmic start of the cd that puts you directly in the general atmosphere of the album. The part before the first break is quite long and stays to me quite progressive. Suitable for a well sustained mix with a surprising end .. 4/5 2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu A highly energetic track ... Two talented young brothers with unlimited inspirational resources. The very special rhythm makes, in my opinion, the strong point of this track. Not to mention all these sounds that tickle your brain. Sustained rhythm, acid and melodic at the same time, a cocktail and an explosive and promising duo of wich I personally am a real fan for a while now already... 5/5 3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph Tribal rhythm and atmosphere "Jagoa" (as he alone can do), very aerial and cosmic, a beautiful track ... I really like this track,. ... 3,5 / 5 4) Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream A construction in finesse with already a beautiful explosion right from the start. Another track that is going to make the dance floor move in festival or in party, it keeps the energy flowing throughout the whole track ... !! 5/5 5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinausor A variation in layers while symphony. A perfect balance between the cosmic effect and the acid that make you enter in a trance state. From the beginning to the end, a true delight with a last super break. Suntrip found two promising young artists! Keep an eye and ear out for these two! 5/5 6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions This sound that belongs only to Celestial Intelligence, that makes you shiver and makes takes u to higher realms . Then the track is with a nice buildup in the second half of the track... 4,5 / 5 7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden A lightweight Mindsphere. Its notes make you vibrate in a rhythmic trance that gives you wings. Very melodic construction. 4,5 / 5 8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition) A wonderful surprise, that of the kind that gives you butterflies in the belly. For fans of endless melodies that rock you while giving you that urge to explode in trance, the one that happens to draw you a teardrop even depending on your mood. 5/5 9) Sykespico - Glimmers of Sunrise What a beautiful discovery yet. A track that begins and ends with a surprising softness. Trance and dance, beautiful climb and superb rhythm (with a nice vocal for those who appreciate) construction well structured with many beautiful and powerful energies. 5/5
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