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I want to work with Simon Posford, MWNN, IM ETC!


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Uh...since when have we thought of NHJO as anything else than (at least apparently) one entity?

it was supposed to mean that we maybe shouldn't look for separate meansing for both parts of the name. of course there can only be one nhjo hyennro! no one could successfully imitate him if they tried.




One month ago i was in Bulgaria and expected some smooth rubbing in club's darkness... but nothing :unsure:

maybe radi only comes out when you wear the right kind of leggings.

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Thank people.

Very sorry late reply.

now I decide reply for my topic.

and I post new my releasea at artists promotion section

and best of them is psyindia 1. please if you read this simon posford and mwnn, im etc listen and contact to me.

I want to immigrate to europe.

Today I send my demo to russia label mystic sound.

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