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  1. I think it was from golden days of DC++, when people often shared stuff they had no idea about !
  2. Board updated to a new version

    Why was was oldschoolgoa banned ? EDIT: Ah, I see, its the crazy dude filipe !
  3. China

    Chinese are as bad as USSR was and modern Russia is - expansionist occupant regime ran by loonatic, power hungry bloodsuckers. There are other countries too, to add to this list, less or more, but these two stand out the most since one of them is my neighbor country that connstantly threatens my country and tries to intervene with our internal affairs, while other is big ass producer that makes goods for most of the world.
  4. The 2016 Olympic games!

    Other than certain country not getting banned completely, even though it should be banned, its just like other Olympic games.
  5. How to spot a troll 101

    Hes high on drugs.
  6. Albums you dislike, but the reviews say otherwise

    Not at all, it took me a while to get into it and fully appreciate it, basically what helped was stomping away on a moon lit winter night under the starry skies alone in the middle of nowhere ! Eh, even their Mystical Experiences album or at least songs like Telepathy, Hyperspaced ?! For me - Hallucinogen and Shpongle, for me Shpongle is just ambient of some sort, so dont get the hype, Hallucinogen on the other hand is supposed to be one of the defining odlschool psytrance artists, but not my cup of tea and dot get Twisted at all. I know Charlie would verbally rape me for such blasphemy, a sacrilege, if you might, but I just dont like it.
  7. For IM was one of the windows into psytrance music, their hard kicks, gated effects, weird running hihats, basically the way I seem them is that they took all the distinct psytrance sound techniques and used them in their tracks, some sort of compressed psytrance for the masses ! My liking for their music passed very quickly as soon as Alien Protein opened up for me or vice versa ! Id say, MFG on steroids, some sort of fast food psytrance to me ! MFG, on the other hand, 100% oldschool gold.
  8. Best Chi-A.D. album?

    Earth Crossing, then again, thats probably that I liked some of those tracks and never gave proper listen to other of his albums, was hooked to Liquid Neon Sky ? Ah, I see I posted about Earth Crossing back in 2009 !
  9. What music are you listening to right now?

    CBL - RCA+ /beauty!
  10. TTIP - pro & contra?!

    Havent read it, the only thing so far that I know or dont know about it is its secrecy. But what Ive read from people who are in the know - its crap that will fill EU with crap food from USA, GMO including and might give big corporations power to sue separate states in case changes in local state laws might bring loss of profit or any other inconvenience to corporations.
  11. What are you doing right now?

    Oh, baba Goazzz! Hows yer MILF hunting going? Have you tried to switch genders and try Charlies uncle? Its been a while, fun times, youre not active(neither have been I) here on Pienews, but youre also MIA from the other side? I know this is an old post of yours, heres hoping that you will get back !
  12. Around 12 or so heard it for the first time, was too weird at that time for me, so around 17-18 rediscovered it again.
  13. What music are you listening to right now?

    Sum prog house playlist on tube, Fabich& Jetique - Love On My Mind Not psy enough, eh ?!
  14. Irrationally Angry

    What about track - after all, there are so many tracks in a modern song !