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  1. Phobaaa!!!! I log-in here once or twice a year, but this place is half-active so not much happening here. Not that Im super busy with my daily life, but I have neither time nor willingness to spam out this place like I did back in the days, plus, its illegal now anyways plus its super quiet and to some extent boring and sterile looking without cracy oldies, it used to be buzzing here, now its a freaking desert ! Im glad to see some older faces popping up here once in a while tho! Been listening more to proghouse and all kinds of diferent electronic music subgenres on Spotify, I dont listen Goa/Psy in my daily life anymore, I still love it, but Im nost actively listening to it anymore, maybe couple of songs couple of times a year and I have not been researching for a new Goa/Psy/Ambient stuff in years, so its basically everything oldschool and up into 2000s that Im listening once in a while. I was lurking around in 2004 and registered in 2005, the rest is history.
  2. Is that a picture of your Norwegian outhouse?
  3. That wasnt lab grown meat, it was recycled human bodies.
  4. Youre not OK, mentally, are you? Post proof that he was bullied by me or Imba here, or keep quiet. I stand my ground, the person who admitted that they played radi seemed rather convicing, despite "real" radi having online presence with social networks and videos, I still believe that it could have been real prank here by impersonator and possible for someone here to take a crack at him and create fake profile here with everything that "he - radi" posted. So, yeah, go cry in a closet for all I care, but stop calling people bullies and being all little drama baby when its uncalled for.
  5. Nope, not NHJO, Radi. I think confession came in different forum, we had one when Psynews went down and never recovered old-Off Topic, it was there or in chat group later on.
  6. How about stick your unckes d**k in your mouth once more 😅? On a side note - havent listened to psytrance on a regular basis for about a decade or so, so cant say anything much about musical trends, Otto.
  7. Browsing this place, soonish going to bed. First time in my military service life I decided to quit a course that I was sent to, and on the first day as well 😬!
  8. I always believed that hes just another wild account made up by one of the fellow members. Dont quite remember which one of them confessed being radi, or maybe I do?
  9. One day all these arguments will be solved, aside from the looniest folks, when all meat gets 'brewed' in bioreactors.
  10. Those were cracy times and Mars wouldnt take our sh*t anymore and cleansed this place 😃
  11. Oh the irony, I met a girl(few months after this "heated" discussion), whos vegan and me being lazy bum on making my food, I just started cooking vegan myself, learning from her, so theres that, been mostly vegan for past 4+ years 😂! And, yeah, it has changed my stance on veganism, tho I still dont get aggressive either lifestyle propagandists 😁. But to stir this ole, stale discussion a bit more - while for environmet and animals it is still better to be vegetarian or piscetarian rather than just bare meat eater, I'd rather see people either just eating whatever they please but keep their diets balanced or simply turn to veganism instead of half measures, at least talking about people who are vegetarian/piscetarian out of ethical reasons and not solely health reasons.
  12. Some impressive skills there mate, keep up the good work!
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