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  1. Oh the irony, I met a girl(few months after this "heated" discussion), whos vegan and me being lazy bum on making my food, I just started cooking vegan myself, learning from her, so theres that, been mostly vegan for past 4+ years 😂! And, yeah, it has changed my stance on veganism, tho I still dont get aggressive either lifestyle propagandists 😁. But to stir this ole, stale discussion a bit more - while for environmet and animals it is still better to be vegetarian or piscetarian rather than just bare meat eater, I'd rather see people either just eating whatever they please but keep their diets balanced or simply turn to veganism instead of half measures, at least talking about people who are vegetarian/piscetarian out of ethical reasons and not solely health reasons.
  2. Set Mo, Deutch Duke - White Dress, Extended
  3. Some impressive skills there mate, keep up the good work!
  4. Well, well, well, what do we have here - double morals or bigotry :D? Assumption, my friend, is mother of f-ups ;)! Dont assume and dont judge and then make false claims or empty assumptions, thats one big problem with all the white knights advocating pro-vegan lifestyles.
  5. Void Mantra, you wont convince anyone here about how much better vegan diet is when compared to meat eating diet. Extremes never worked well and if you have to stuff yourself full of supplements or order produce to be shipped from far-far away lands, then such diet is not sustainable for a human being to thrive on, end of story. Since you like to advocate for scientific research, do your own google-fu and find data that speaks in favour of meat eating diet as well, dont pretend that the data isnt there. Some thrive on vegan, some on vegetarian, others on balanced meat eating diet, I know it hurts, but thats hard facts. My own experience might be anecdotal to you, but it what counts for me, not some new age wishful thinking about what works for me or should work for me, here, in this part of the world. As I said, been there, done that, was meat free for 8 years, naturally returned to eating meat one day and thats what MOST of vegans/vegetarians return to, go check facts, scientific data, statistics. We are not there yet to be able to turn 100% vegan/vegetarian, just because you think we should and some snake oil sellers tell you that we could, doesnt mean we can, there are other, much more serious things to be solved before we even can touch the sacred cow of vegans point of view considering meat eating.
  6. I dont have time at the moment, but when I find time for it, I will go to hunter courses, get my license, buy my gun and will slay away at wild animals. Until then, I will keep on eating either farm meat or local country side meat, was vegetarian for 8 years, been there, done that, its not for me, its not for humans as such and at the moment there is no way around balanced diet and balanced contains animal or fish meat, if you have to eat things that dont have enough bio available nutriotion, then you are turning into cow that will munch on greens all day long without benefits to your body. Most of vegans or vegetarians, eventually, turn back to eating animal produce, it happens on average somewhere between 6-11 years, facts that emotions cant change.
  7. Smart farming is sustainable, including meat eating, the question is - who will be the pioneer in such farming, where everyone wins?
  8. How far does your food has to travel to your local store? If its sustainable, I dont care whether one is vegan, vegetarian or meat eater. Unfortunately, killing your own meat/fish is impossible for the most of society, both because we have been raised without hunting as well as there isnt enough of wild fish and animals for all to hunt, so for survival of humanity, farming is still the way to go, big or small depends on sustainability, unless we go for every house hold having their own garden and animals for meat and dairy.
  9. WTF have you done to Psynews, such little activity in this thread has no excuses :D!
  10. reger

    Cost of a cd

    Sh1t, Abasio, it looks like youre getting closer, another year or two and youll be the king of spam!
  11. Oh my, sorry for the late check in, am I still eligible for nothing? And that Cinos thread about shaving nis nutsack with blunt razor was a good one, infeet!
  12. I think it was from golden days of DC++, when people often shared stuff they had no idea about !
  13. Why was was oldschoolgoa banned ? EDIT: Ah, I see, its the crazy dude filipe !
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