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V/A - The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds


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Release date: December 2015

Genre: Psychedelic Trance

Style: Goa, Progressive Goa

Label: Global Sect






V/A – The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds



This is a MUST HAVE.


Pure Psychedelic Trance from start to finish. It never gets cheesy or uninteresting. Everything is fresh and new.


Psy-H Project delivers his best stuff for sure on this compilation, and for me is the highlight of the album.
I can’t decide which track I like best, because they’re all so damn good. (Probably Dark Matter) Extremely good melodies and atmospheres, my mind is blown! And what a surprise! I NEVER excpected this from Psy-H Project and he went from zero to hero just like that.


Filteria’s track is, well, okay, but it tries too hard.


Artifact303 delivers yet again, with his super crisp production. I’m in awe how masterful this guy is at mixing. The melodies are always satisfying and so is the atmosphere. Best track is Black Light but Future Power comes close, and the others not far behind.


Sirius delivers some proper oldschool goatrance, and this is a new artist to me. Look forward hearing more.


Skarmas track Animoneae is sooo good. Sounds like Astral, yes, but that is his thing. And it works. It works VERY well. I’d place it in the sound kinda in between Another World and Amen. But obviously not feeling like an AP wannabe- he definitely has is own twists to it. He reminds me of Afgin – but Skarma does it better. This is really an overlooked artist at this point and should be well appreciated. Dude got mad talent.


Celestial Intelligence is another great artist, and all of the tracks here are great. My favorite is Infinity. Not much to say really, you know kinda what you’ll get before listening, but that’s okay! His tracks are more suitable for multitasking rather than dancing or whatever it is that you do while listening actively to goatrance. Stoned watching fractal animations maybe? No idea. But this artist is more for the background.


Merr0wBurning Universe is fu**ing crazy. Incredible acid tweakage and the guy knows what he is doing. Proper stormer this one. Have to admit, didn’t like Merr0w very much before. Not that he was untalented – his music just didn’t catch me as great. But this one is for me his very best. Its crazy energetic and if a dancefloor doesn’t erupt during this, then the dancefloor is collectively caught in a K-Hole.


Centavra Project is yet another artist, whom I’ve never heard of before. Galactic System is really sweet, and is close to the style of Artifact303. Can’t wait to hear more from this guy!


Nova Fractal & OXI & E-Mantra. Such a trio. Wow. Can they really make it work? Doesn’t that saying go; too many chefs spoil the broth? Well not here. This track is amazing.


Imba & SomnesiaAstral Travellers is very good, one of the better I’ve heard from Imba! Somnesia I’m not particular familiar with but either way, the collab worked, and the track is awesome. Another thing about Imba – I’ve been (well, the whole psynews community has) watching him grow the past 5 years. From a very skilled amateur to a total professional. Well done Imba, well done. Not many people get over that threshold and actually succeed! Im very proud of you in a must humble way.



The rest of the tracks are really good, and there is no bad track here. An epic compilation sure to last a long time. 5/5. WELL DONE, GLOBALSECT!

This is both dancefloor music and headphone music. Very well done.

To mention the Artwork aswell, It is the best since as far back I can remember. Thanks for bringing the real Goa vibe back, globalsect! <3

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A very nice comp this one. Mega Comp!

Thanks for the free download Global Sect.

Artwork is so beautiful, it has been the home screen and the lock screen of my iPhone for months now :) especially like the red mushroom laughing tree.


Nice review AP :) Cool new approach.

Dancefloor collectively caught in a K-hole :o:D lol. Imagine that.

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While not absolutely groundbreaking, it's a comp that knows what it does and does it (mostly) very well.

Definite highlights are Zirrex and Merr0w. The Zirrex track is just ridiculously awesome and sounds unlike anything else on the comp, and Merr0w is downright BRUTAL (for the lack of a better expression to describe it).

Also the Artifact303 closing track was a nice surprise.

The only track that I could very well do without is Filteria. While not being a huge Filteria fan to begin with, that track is just downright lazy.

And Skarma didn't exactly surprise me by sounding almost more like Astral Projection than AP themselves again :) The track also lacks a bit of the punch that the rest of the tracks (apart from Filteria) have.


But as it's a 3xCD it's a bit much to listen to in one go so a few more listens might reveal some more standouts (the Celestial Intelligence tracks have caught my attention a few times already).

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Yes, I have alot more to explore on this album also. Even though Ive heard every track 3 times now - in different settings - I feel there are 50% left to explore and that is amazing.

I feel there are train rides to come, bus rides, plane travel, smoking a blunt travel, what have you.

And I might discover a real gem here, that I thought now, was just great, but becomes legendary.


Such a feeling, I have not had, for a compilation, in the history of New School Goatrance.

Global Sect is where it's at.

Much respect to Suntrip though but ya'll have met your match on this one, for sure.

With all due respect and love.


ps. This compilaton feels like the first time I heard Gamma Goblins part 2. I knew there was more to that track than met the eye (ear).

And while I've heard Gamma Goblins 2 about 1000 times now - it took a LONG time for me to discover all the sounds, and appreciate the perfect mixing, structure, and intelligence - that went into that track.

This compilation has that same feeling.

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And while I've heard Gamma Goblins 2 about 1000 times now - it took a LONG time for me to discover all the sounds, and appreciate the perfect mixing, structure, and intelligence - that went into that track.

This compilation has that same feeling.

Thank you for review. Yes you understand us man, wow effect its cool, but more important for us its Deep. You can comeback to tracks again and again, its make project more long. Poem, illustrations, video, its like mini world where you can live :)Standart VA not can give this effect, but our next compilation will be in this format, because we want release more music now.


About Centavra Project - its 100% future of our label. He make new album and track for new VA. Great Master.

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It's a good album but I find it too samey throughout; only Zirrex and Katedra stand out as really trying to do something different. The rest is in the same vein: one part Astral's flowing melodies and walls of sound, one part Pleiadians' shredding distortion and spacey sci-fi atmosphere. All of which is pretty great, to be fair. Problem is, it becomes a little overwhelming when faced with three albums' worth of almost exactly the same sound and vibe. DJs and anyone looking to fatten their Goa playlist are going to love this; for extended home listening, you might want to look elsewhere.


The positives: Artifact303 kicks butt in all five of his tracks (I especially liked the closing number, which has an Ozrics-circa-Waterfall Cities kinda feel). Nova Fractal & Oxi & E-Mantra deliver a complex, yet not overstuffed track that's loaded with interesting twists and turns. And Morphic Resonance brings his characteristic teeth rattling intensity with 'Moonwalker', a track that will kill anytime, anywhere. Play this to electro house kiddies, they'll never be able to go back to Knife Party again.


A less conservative approach would serve this label well, and I hope they mix it up a little more in the future. Still, one of the better Goa releases of 2015.

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This compilation has received a lot of attention, so I thought I'd chip in and tell a few thoughts that spurred in my mind listening to this a couple times.


It's a fair thing to say that the overall quality is pleasant; there's no really mediocre tracks on any cd. The bad side is, like noted by an earlier reviewer, the music is somewhat stagnated to sound very alike (with a couple exceptions, sure) and listening to this thing throughout on one go feels like an attempt I'm unable to accomplish. I've noticed every little niche of a genre tends to progress into something quite homogenic, and goa trance is no different in that matter.


As a producer myself, I hate to trashtalk any particular track. It's very much a fact not everything is meant to suit my taste. The only exception to that rule is, and I feel compelled to say this, a small statement about the Merr0w track: it's mixing is a bit brutal. The mid-level sounds, especially in the later half of the track, are blurry and hard to identify. I think overall the mids are a bit too high as well. This track sounds very different from a production angle to anything else here.


There's many good moments sprinkled on these three cds. Here's what caught my attention:

- Psy-H Project's "Precession Of The Universe" has a great melody near the end of the track. Gives my a feeling of Slavic melancholy in its most delicate and beautiful form.

- Everything by Celestial Intelligence is great here. It's very small details, even impossible to mention in written language, they do different that makes them stand out for me. They're really at the top of the game at the moment.

- Centavra Project's "Capsula" has something special to it. Very coherent track with well placed elements, like they used to do in the 90s!

- Artifact303's "Family Of Light" is a great ender like many seemed to think. I love the spoken sample!

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I thought Artifact303 and Merr0w had the best tracks. I liked the Zirrex track but it felt a little out of place on this album. The other tracks were good, but nothing really excited me (maybe Psy-H Project).


I do applaud the effort of all the people who made this album (and the Prologue release) possible.

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I would advise everyone to listen more closely to Katedra - Radiointerference.

My goodness, that track. That's what I call a buildup.

A 1 minute eerie intro, a solid basskick and then it's all building up to goa madness. Wonderful!

This track puts me in a permanent state of trance.


More about other tracks to write soon ... :)

It's too much for one post. ;)

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for the first time in my "soon to be dj" life i cried for the first time after finishing a mix using psy-h project - precession of the universe...


this comp is not only a "must have", imho it s a masterpiece.


some may say it s quite "kind" repetitive in the selection but all those tracks are sooooooooo my cup of tea :s

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for the first time in my "soon to be dj" life i cried for the first time after finishing a mix using psy-h project - precession of the universe...


this comp is not only a "must have", imho it s a masterpiece.


some may say it s quite "kind" repetitive in the selection but all those tracks are sooooooooo my cup of tea :s

Yep, Psy-H totally owns on this comp.

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i think the style is overused

the scene has already been full of decent tracks like this for over five years

not terrible but not great either and definitely nothing innovative here

most tracks lack proper personality and sound like a copy of each other which is a pity - a few enjoyable tracks though


thanks anyway for the hard work but not for me this one

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Many of the songs are really good on this TRIPLE CD COMPILATION! You have to comb through them to find your favorites. 

The Filteria track I found underwhelming. It sounds too samey throughout and doesn't pop or immerse me like many of his other celestial bodies (songs).


Fortunately the artists and numerous others knocked it out of the ballpark!


Artifact303, Merr0w, Psy-H, Centavra Project, Celestial Intelligence, Morphic Resonance. 


STREAM the FULL 3 CD compilation on YouTube below! :)(


CD 1



CD 2



CD 3


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