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  1. Does artist make any money from their music being on Spotify? How does it work?
  2. StratosOZ

    Sirian - Havona

    link: https://merkabamusic1.bandcamp.com/album/havona listening now, sounds really interesting
  3. Been listening to this comp in the car lately. Not sure how I overlooked "Didgeridreams" before, but omfg it's such a fantastic track. By far my favourite from nebula meltdown. Overall, a really strong and atmospheric compilation
  4. Still waiting for BSF to release another album!
  5. Shit, that's a really well-written review. Quote of the year! I would never have given this release the time of day, but now I'm super-excited to give it a go.
  6. Anybody who isn't sure whether or not they like this should try listening loud, at night, driving on a highway. Just be careful, it'll make you want to go faster and faster! It's proper trance, and yes, it's very repetitive. The first 6 songs are, in my opinion, excellent. Ideal for certain moods and activities. You just need to explore them to find out when the music works for you. It's worth it.
  7. Yay, Faxi is baxi (sorry...) I'll have a listen, usually like his stuff.
  8. This. Thanks for the recommendation. Just listening on Bandcamp now, only on track 3 of CD2 and absolutely loving what I'm hearing. Will buy ASAP
  9. I haven't got money to buy this yet, but I've listened to the mixed album on soundcloud many times, and I'd have to say it's something I keep coming back to over and over. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is I like (that's always the case for me, which is why you'll never see a long review from me), but it's the most exciting album of 2016 for me. It almost feels retro, in a good way, like all my favourite psytrance tricks/sounds have been condensed, cleaned up and perfected for my enjoyment. Great stuff, will buy ASAP
  10. I know... In some ways, it might be a good thing. It's hard to imagine anything improving on this. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though, if the alienapia guys are out there reading this.
  11. I still think this is the apex album of the modern goa movement. Just ridiculously good
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