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"CRONOMI REC." - updates

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:excl: After long work, we can present our new "CRONOMI REC."logo! :excl:


We are very proud of it/them! :wub:
Them? Yes: there is a whole series designed, with all different color patterns.

Every pattern shows a very different visual effect.
A bit like how Cronomi is: "A label that evolves and feels at home at all colors (melodic/acidic) goatrance & psychedelic techno can offer to us.

For now I only uploaded the black-white versions. The bright colored logo’s will follow soon. We keep you updated every 2 days with a new one. Check for that our facebook page!!




CAUSE I DON'T SUCCEED TO UPLOAD IT HERE: follow us on our facebook page


LINK: https://www.facebook.com/cronomi



Like us & follow our page for the special versions: appearing in the next days!!!
Welcome to our "CRONOMI - MANDALA" !!! :D

Enjoy the fractal ride guys!!!



"Don't panic & keep psychedelic"

...signed "DJ Inada (owner Cronomi rec.)"

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Very psychedelic and dynamic logo, with some dark feelings (like Cronomi`s music as well).

Full support!

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I made a public Cronomi rec. group. :)

So all Goa influenced people that care to share it here, can activly share their content on it: promo's, dj sets, live sets, video's, parties,....feel free to share and make the community active & stronger as ever!! ^_^


Goa lives :wub:




LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/538590332938953/538643569600296

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Yes yes, Cronomi is very hot these days. :)


THX for all the kind words and honest feedback on our latest album, namely ARTHA ...it was so much input for us, noting it was only released for a bit more than a week ago from now :)

We couldn't be more happy and delighted to share this 4 years worth of hard work with you, and off course we expected it to be so well received by the scene :P ...no joke: with the resulting extra bookings in Israel - the biggest goa scene in the world - for example and the many sales already. Thanks for the support, it makes us able to start up the next project, keep it coming, it takes us loser to the next pearl ;)

So yes, this is a good news show, not as a promo tool, but cause you guys made it happen. So thanks to you, you are Cronomi!!! :)


What takes us to the next item (mystery)

We are happy to announce the track list of the next album (yes not a v/a) is completed.

Soon we will announce the logo and maybe something more? ;)


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A. Where have we been?

I noticed that the last update has been for a "while" - haha! BUT, that does not mean Cronomi is defunct :P

We waited to do a large update, because we had:

1. a re-arrangement of our label structure - also a new website will be made (with some updates on artists and dj's),

2. we had several talks with several artists to close some deals for the coming year(s) to come,

3. we are a collective of friends and not commercial managers - that means we never pressure any artist and await him until the art work (music) is done completely. We always strive for originality and that the artist takes years the time to explore all his artistic ranges. Yes, that means we sometimes wait 3 to 5 years for one album to come out. Deadlines - for us - kills music and creativity - and that will stay our philosophy. :wub:


B. What is new than?

So, here we go. The 'Cronomi-plans' are the following:


1. 'M-Run' (Croatia) will release his 2nd album mid. February 2020.

The project has been running since 2013 and is now finished. It will contain a new musical dimension of a whole different creative process Mario went trough. He made a complete album with live recordings of live played tracks. Expect a solid, groovy, not so fast and very complex album. The structures and music line will be off course very different, as stuff is mainly done live and on the spot.

Off course M-Run has his very specific sound signature, so his many many fans over the entire world will still recognise his music with eyes closed :+1:

Plus, not less important: he will do the mastering himself, and it is done in a whole new professional studio!!! :excl:

Listen here to the video of the live sessions:



2. 'UX' (Portugal/UK) will release a complete album in June or July 2020.

Yes? Yes! Remember the 'Anjuna' debacle? :(

Kris really wants to give his world wide fan base a fair chance to have the album - and we agree!!! :wub:


As we are well connected with 'UX' and friends for years, we came to terms to let this project happen - yes, yes!!!

That means the album will appear with the original intended art work and - very important too - with the right sound quality it had to have, as there were some sound errors that will be fixed now. So that means the album will appear as 'UX' intended it to be, and will be cleared by the arrors made by the other label. That means the 'Anjuna' version, and let there be no misunderstanding about that, will be different than the 'Cronomi' version.



3. 'InnerZone' (Israël) will release a complete album end 2020 or beginning 2021.

You might have seen him already appear on the legendary Dragonfly label a short while ago. They have a new 'OrderOdanata' compilation out now, and they were much impressed by this guy - and so were we - haha!!! ^_^

No, didn't hear it yet? Go and check his track 'Unlimited Happiness (303 mix)' here: https://dragonflyrecordsuk.bandcamp.com/album/order-odonata-metamorphosis

The fact that he is placed on this labels comp. and in between the legends upon it, means the 'Cronomi' album will be of some very very good quality: mixing, soundscapes, original,... :excl:

The sound of the track says a lot over the coming album - your patience will be rewarded!!! - we await the final track for the album...



4. 'Kinarra' (Portugal) will release a full CHILL album estimated mid or end 2021.

Been to ZNA festival? Yes? Pff, off course you did! Well, he played there several times already, so you must have heard him play live.

Didn't go to ZNA? Well, don't fear,

Listen here @ his soundclound: https://soundcloud.com/kinnara7/the-arrival-of-kinnarah-studio-version

This classical scolored musician makes you float in original and smooth soundscapes: post modern emotive music at its best - and that is not a lie. ;)

You will hear that his musical and poëtic mind is in the music, the level of originality baffled us. His self played and not programmed melodies are up there, up a high level; so is the experience. Yes, we promise! ^_^

Will chill sell? We don't know, but we don't care - this album is tooooooo good :wub:



5. Upcoming album, but in progress (no deadline/release date set yet).


a. 'Portamento (Denmark) agreed on releasing his oldest tracks in a full album.

What is ZNA good for? Well, for dancing, music and meetings - haha! B)

Jesper played a live set @ ZNA 2019 and we convinced him to play old tracks.

They worked so God damn well he got convined to release him (after we bugged him about it for years - haha!).  :rolleyes:

BUT the sound differs from his first album on 'Cronomi': slower, more melodic and yes, more funky and sexy grooved. That means it will be released under a different alias - tbc...


b. 'Lapsus' (Belgium) agreed on a full album.

We are searching for the best files, for the best results, because the tracks are ready but on several hard drives. Will take a while as Nicolas is a very busy guy - life is more than music - haha!

What will be on it? Nothing you have ever heard before: it will be the most post-2000 funky albums you'll hear! The music kills... :ph34r::excl::ph34r::ph34r:"we need more ninja's!!!!!"

What, don't know this guy? Check him out here on the legendary Cronomi compilation 'Erta Alé' with his bomb 'Holocron':



c. 'Dragon Twins' (Belgium) agreed on a full album

Some tracks are finished, some tracks are in progress, and due to his busy job we also get our patience tested here. But, again, an artist needs freedom :wub:

Doesn't ring a bell, well go to: https://www.discogs.com/artist/3531478-Dragon-Twins?filter_anv=0&type=Appearances

Also he is a sound engineer, that means apart from originality his productions skill will baffle you. :o

Even 'Suntrip' didn't miss him out.


d. 'Baas Complex' (Denmark) has a full album with music from '91-'94.

Kenneth (50% of 'ColorBox') will master the music himself normally, but we are currently examining which tracks will do the job and which track can be the reference for the optimal mastering. ^_^

The entire album will sound funky, but also as an uncomfortable psychedelic political statement - haha! Confused? :blink:

The sound of the album comes close to:

a) protogoa,

b) his later work (remember his famous track on the 'Trance Mix 5' compilation (BMI records): 'Sample Your Mind (Vector Mix).

No idea? Check it here:



e. 'Globox' (Belgium) is working on a full album.

The idea started when he was studying a partial sound engineers course and send us some samples to check on them. What happened next is a story for an album...:D

No idea when all will be finished, but there is already a lot of music. This young guy impressed us that much we couldn't refuse an offer he couldn't refuse - haha!

No pressure on him, we want him to explore over time his musical and artistic possibilities - BUT, it will come for sure!

You can't put a deadline on a real artist - his freedom of that will deliver in the time to come - yes, yes! B)


Listen here: https://www.mixcloud.com/sep-kruis/globox-bts-caveman-season-2-live-set-15112019/





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Heyo Globox here (username was already chosen :( )
Glad to be part of this :D
Don't wanna be too optimistic about it, but working hard on my music right now,
and I hope to have an album in about a year!
I'll be dropping some tracks here and there in the mean time so keep an eye out ;)

Looking forward to hearing the works of these other artists as well! (especially lapsus <3 )

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 Dear fans, thanks for your patience!

Here we are again! After a hectic time and a reorganisation we have finished a temporary statement regarding the release of the M-RUN album.
We are studying all options to make the release happen, BUT that takes some time and extra work from our side.
Within the coming week we will communicate if:

1. it is possible we will do the release in a digital way: we can let you buy the digital copy or a pre-order the physical album (when bought you will receive a link with the music): because with the borders getting closed, we are not sure the album will reach you at all,
2. if this first option is not possible, we have to post pone it until further notice.

Don't panic, keep it psychedelic

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21 hours ago, antic604 said:

Why wouldn't it be possible?? Just release it digitally AND as a CD pre-order (+ immediate digital d/l).


My dear, because this is the FIRST time we are doing it this way: 100% new for the label.

I had no clue how to manage this unique download code, but I've got finally some help now.
Plus the person who made the art work is stuck in Panama, so many things come togheter here :(

We are working on it, and it seems doable ;) Updates follow - thx for understanding and your patience, because in this time nothing is easy for no one  :wub:Wim and I will come asap with an update - ask people to be patient and compasionate.

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15 hours ago, HappyHorse said:

:wub: YES YES YES!!! :+1:

The new M-RUN album is out now....

What happened to that beautiful artwork?

Why is there a cup of coffee there????

Why does it sound like it was recorded in mid '90 with all those cheap presets and squeaky high-pitched sounds? It sounds NOTHING like the videos he's been posting on his YT, where it seemed much more contemporary and modern.

And there's "voice work..." again??? I'll pass on this one... 


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