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  1. Hey there! Yes that's me! I'm actually planning to make a proper length version of that track for the next album! But Flumina was just released so that's not for any time soon haha. Hope you like the album in the mean time though! <3
  2. haha here they are :p
  3. No idea if the bought views already started doing something, but I shared it in a few fb groups as well. A lot of those are just regular views I think
  4. It's just about getting enough youtube views to trigger the algorythm to start recommending it by itself. Thanks!
  5. How many views does 10€ get you?
  6. I think he would have some kind of a deal with the guys behind trancentral though Because apparantly I can pay them to be on his youtube channel (and a bunch of other channels)...
  7. I came across this post on isratrance http://forum.isratrance.com/mr-lemilicia-on-youtube/ They said it was some Serbian guy, but the topic is 7 years old by now... Perhaps Trancentral saw how popular his channel was, and bought him out or something?
  8. Yo @Oopie I see your music is on Mr. Lemilica's youtube channel as well Did they ask you if they could upload it or something?
  9. A lot of more obscure goa as well!
  10. And if you think about it: A track being promoted on trancentral's youtube channel, which has thousands of subscribers, and shared on the trancentral fb-page with over a million followers, their instagram, all their secondary youtube channels and fb pages etc... Of course you'll get popular that way. Idk what a bunch of views from an indian click-farm will do, but I don't think this would get the desired effect....
  11. They own trancentral, mr lemilica etc... Was shocked to see that this even the psy-scene is so infected by capitalism, but it was naïve to think otherwise I guess... Just buy your way to the mainstage of boom... Now I'm not sure buying views will do something significant...
  12. Also, I think people like Astrix got so much views from things like this https://www.glidebros.com/ Look at their partners...
  13. I'll do the title and fade-in/out as well, that looks a bit more professional.
  14. It's just the way overused aum sign :p
  15. Yeah sure! If it does something to audio quality, I can also export the original audio to the video file again, but I guess it won't do anything to audio quality
  16. Still needs the title somewhere though, maybe bottom left corner
  17. Here it is :D https://we.tl/t-9pEOz3meUz
  18. You could use such an image as thumbnail, while using something different for the video That way small image size doesn't matter I used a free online music video maker and the result is the most commercial thing ever :p I'll upload once it's done exporting!
  19. Thats not really fitting for a psy track, no?
  20. I found this royalty free image
  21. @Multi-Media Yeah I don't mind making the video, you also don't get the tunes2ube watermark if you upload the video yourself.
  22. Yeah there's a limiter on there to take the biggest peaks out, but thats it
  23. Definitely put goa, goatrance, goa music, trance, psytrance, psychedelic trance, psy and acid as tags Maybe also some drugs like LSD or DMT also (unless the youtube algorythms don't like that) As for the image, I can import one in my DAW and make a video like that, so you don't have to use tunes2tube. I'm not sure but I think tunes2tube kinda messes with the audio quality. I guess some good looking dreadlock girl could be good. The thumbnail for deep jungle walk is that tripping pikachu, somethink like that would work as well I think.
  24. @Multi-Media Here you go! Hope it sounds good enough without mastering, not really great at that. I made the .wav file downloadable on soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/globoxgoa/globox-x-ray-spex-for-psynews/s-5tyUbF1PkNg
  25. Oh damn totally forgot about this, sorry! I'll work on it today!
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