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    Republic of Crimea, Sudak town - /http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudak
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    MUSIC!!!, native history, geography, anime, nature, and many other things:)

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  1. Probably, Lousiana-swamped lovecraftian italo-disco? Herbert.West vs Proxeeus with touch of Joy Peters Trilithon
  2. Matsuzaka Yuki - Hokkai no mangetsu 松阪ゆうき - 北海の満月
  3. Very cool death/thrash metal man!!!
  4. Listened. Cannot say about my fav tracks yet, but for me it seems the best Neogoa compilation ever. The next level. But I am sure, better things is ahead! Thanks to Richpa and artists, from all deep of my heart!
  5. Dear Fabien & Joske! Are you still in touch with InnerSpace? He is making some of amazing stuff now. I like his music very much, and expecting on release someday. Hope, on Suntrip. :) https://soundcloud.com/inner-space/innerspace_mind-traveling_preview-part-ii
  6. !!! After listening to your last EPs , I have understand your restriction to play your music by DJ and on parties. You just care about peoples health, they can just go crazy, listening to your powerful kick&bass and screaming synths. Your 3rd Amithaba album will be great! Good luck!
  7. Must say, I definitely prefer this new version. Better sound. And of course, bonus track is good.
  8. THANKS!!! I like your Liquid Jungle project very much! (as I like all stuff of ACPrecorrds too)
  9. Mars Can`t Filteria - oh yeah, acid plushedelic punk...
  10. Welcome back, brother! Love your style very much!
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