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  1. haha here they are :p
  2. No idea if the bought views already started doing something, but I shared it in a few fb groups as well. A lot of those are just regular views I think
  3. It's just about getting enough youtube views to trigger the algorythm to start recommending it by itself. Thanks!
  4. How many views does 10€ get you?
  5. I think he would have some kind of a deal with the guys behind trancentral though Because apparantly I can pay them to be on his youtube channel (and a bunch of other channels)...
  6. I came across this post on isratrance http://forum.isratrance.com/mr-lemilicia-on-youtube/ They said it was some Serbian guy, but the topic is 7 years old by now... Perhaps Trancentral saw how popular his channel was, and bought him out or something?
  7. Yo @Oopie I see your music is on Mr. Lemilica's youtube channel as well Did they ask you if they could upload it or something?
  8. A lot of more obscure goa as well!
  9. And if you think about it: A track being promoted on trancentral's youtube channel, which has thousands of subscribers, and shared on the trancentral fb-page with over a million followers, their instagram, all their secondary youtube channels and fb pages etc... Of course you'll get popular that way. Idk what a bunch of views from an indian click-farm will do, but I don't think this would get the desired effect....
  10. They own trancentral, mr lemilica etc... Was shocked to see that this even the psy-scene is so infected by capitalism, but it was naïve to think otherwise I guess... Just buy your way to the mainstage of boom... Now I'm not sure buying views will do something significant...
  11. Also, I think people like Astrix got so much views from things like this https://www.glidebros.com/ Look at their partners...
  12. I'll do the title and fade-in/out as well, that looks a bit more professional.
  13. It's just the way overused aum sign :p
  14. Yeah sure! If it does something to audio quality, I can also export the original audio to the video file again, but I guess it won't do anything to audio quality
  15. Still needs the title somewhere though, maybe bottom left corner
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