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  1. Do you perhaps remember where you got the speech samples? Don't really understand what they say, so I don't think I can find them unless you maybe remember... Ps: Thanks for this track man! One of my favourite morning tunes for sure!
  2. Heyo Globox here (username was already chosen ) Glad to be part of this Don't wanna be too optimistic about it, but working hard on my music right now, and I hope to have an album in about a year! I'll be dropping some tracks here and there in the mean time so keep an eye out Looking forward to hearing the works of these other artists as well! (especially lapsus <3 )
  3. Hey there! My name is Seppe, and I just made my profile here. I've been producing goa trance for 2 years now, and my artist name is Globox. My goal is to make tracks with a more 90's oldschool sound, but I don't know if it always works out that way though :p I like to put a lot of acid in my music, but still keep it very melodic. Recently, I played my very first live-set at a party in Brussels, and now I uploaded it to mixcloud. Most of these tracks were never released online, so tell me what you think (P.S. you can find me on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/globo
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