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  1. Probably, Lousiana-swamped lovecraftian italo-disco? Herbert.West vs Proxeeus with touch of Joy Peters Trilithon
  2. Matsuzaka Yuki - Hokkai no mangetsu 松阪ゆうき - 北海の満月
  3. Very cool death/thrash metal man!!!
  4. Listened. Cannot say about my fav tracks yet, but for me it seems the best Neogoa compilation ever. The next level. But I am sure, better things is ahead! Thanks to Richpa and artists, from all deep of my heart!
  5. Dear Fabien & Joske! Are you still in touch with InnerSpace? He is making some of amazing stuff now. I like his music very much, and expecting on release someday. Hope, on Suntrip. :) https://soundcloud.com/inner-space/innerspace_mind-traveling_preview-part-ii
  6. !!! After listening to your last EPs , I have understand your restriction to play your music by DJ and on parties. You just care about peoples health, they can just go crazy, listening to your powerful kick&bass and screaming synths. Your 3rd Amithaba album will be great! Good luck!
  7. Must say, I definitely prefer this new version. Better sound. And of course, bonus track is good.
  8. THANKS!!! I like your Liquid Jungle project very much! (as I like all stuff of ACPrecorrds too)
  9. Mars Can`t Filteria - oh yeah, acid plushedelic punk...
  10. Welcome back, brother! Love your style very much!
  11. Can anyone ask The Hypnotic LFO Room, why did he talks about promotion? :)
  12. Like him too. Must say, I like his "trance side" much more than "goa trance" direction.
  13. My opinion: I will wait. Just to the end. Chris should feel free to live his own life, and maybe some day...
  14. Welcome here!!! Your music is very cool (following you on SC).
  15. Thank you James! Your pics are very interesting. And sugar glider is terribly cute! PS: I have 14 cats... ;)
  16. Thank you for your kind words! Merci beaucoup!!!
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