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The best collaborations that never happened.


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What would be the best collaborations between artists that unfortunately never happened?


I have one that it could potentially be the best of all time: Pleiadians vs Transwave.


Or Psychaos vs Tim Schuldt

Astral Projection vs Infected Mushroom (really curious how that would sound)



Post yours.

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pleiadians vs x-dream -> intergalactic dark space blast


juno reactor vs shpongle -> tribal mind expanding psychedelia


astral projection vs transwave -> dancefloor atomic bomb


chi-ad vs hallucinogen -> i guess that it would be something extraordinary


hux flux and/or logic bomb vs green nuns of the revolution -> madness


:D :D :D :D

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Hallucinogen + Etnica - HallucineTnica/Etnallucinogen

KoxBox + Ubar Tmar - Koxmar BoxTmar

X-Dream + Chi-AD - X-dream A.D.

Psychaos + Dino Psaras - Psycharas ehm Psychaopsaras

Pleidians + Space Tribe - Pleiadiaspace Tribe

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Artha + M-Run
Trinodia + PharaOm
Artifact303 + Nova Fractal
Sky Technology + Psy-H Project
Astrancer + Goasia
Portamento + Arronax + Cybernetika
Amitahaba Buddha + Liquid Flow
BlackStarrFinale + E-Mantra


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Joti Sidhu & Psykovsky (it could just be called Psychaos or Psychaovsky)


The Delta & M.O.S. ( The MOSsy Delta)


Sandman & Xenomorph (SandMorph)


Space Tribe & Total Eclipse (Total Space)


Electric Universe & Oforia (Electric Oforia)


Pigs In Space & BLT (Pigs In Space Eating BLT)


E-Mantra & Ishq (E-Shq)


Space Tribe In Dub (Ott)

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