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  1. Yeah, it's always nice to encounter a part in a movie that you've already heard before in a track... My last one was the beginning of THX1138 (the first movie directed by George Lukas). I once recorded a Breakbeat set that has 'UNKLE - I Need Something Stronger' as first track. We were watching THX1138 with 4 people and I told them I had never seen this movie before. And in the beginning I could talk along the quoted text for a minute long. This freaked them out. The track ( ) :
  2. Wow, that Unreal Project track is ar real nice one!! I have some tracks in the same style, but don't know if they are as intensely transcending... Edit (here goes): Hive - Tao Dao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoGZM0wO0jw Acid Squid - No Answers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzBrZzZySw0 probably the best resemblance: Mass in Orbit - Overdrive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eEEAm8z44E
  3. We've talked about the subgenres a million times before on our Belgian psy forum and what I've learned is that everyone uses other boundaries and definitions for the genres. If you (threadstarter) are still looking for some explanations, here is mine, after a long time of collecting and talking about it... - '94 - '99: People called it "Goatrance". In the beginning it had a more analogue and purely melodic sound to it. In the later years some artists brought out more darkish music (Cydonia, Toi Doi), more abstract music (Hux Flux, Kox Box), more subtle music (Progressive Trance. "Progressive" being an additive already being used in the Techno and regular Trance scene) and more uplifting music (Cyan) etc... So there are no real subgenres in "Goa" (as an answer to one of your questions ) - '99 - '04 People started calling this movement "Psytrance", although that term had already been used for several releases in the '90s. This period is seen as more dry and abstract time.. Everything started sounding more polished or digital. So "Psytrance" now stands for newer music. But basically the entire genre can be called "Psytrance", as it's all psychedelic trance (when compared to the regular trance scene). The word "Goa" mostly refers to the early years, where a lot of different sounds already existed and the term "Psytrance" was also into use by some. - '04 - now: The terms "Fullon", "Dark Psy", "Progressive", "Nitzhonot"... are being used to refer to specific sounds of Psytrance, that have been existing since the '90s. But most artists started focusing on these specific directions, so these terms can come in quite useful. To answer on your question about Progressive specifically: The terms "Progressive Goa" and "Progressive Psytrance" are not really used seperately in the scene. "Progressive" is more of a specific subtle approach of trance music that has existed since the early '90s. It was there when everything was called "Goa" and it's here now everything is called "Psytrance". Over the years the sound has become more clean and digital though, so you may hear a difference between old and new music. But if something sounds more or less melodic, it's probably the artist's style.
  4. When you say "muddy", I think of raw organic thick sound layers... Like: all the '90s Battle of the Future Buddhas releases: Album Twin Sharkfins, EP with Domestic Bliss, releases on Schlabbaduerst Rekkords etc. Also the Bandcamp releases of early BOTFB and Ka-Sol's music (Exhumed 1 and 2). My favorite tracks of those are: BOTFB - Here Comes the Sun and Ka-Sol - Chemical. Zabra - Waterworld, Gangnia - Ironic Eyes, Shaolin Wooden Men - The Mocking Laugh of the Cruel Ninja, some B.E.T.H. releases...
  5. @Radi60404: I'm using a Bose OE1 for outside, Sennheiser HD205 for dj'ing and just a nice stereo set for my PC. I'm saving up to buy me some nice monitors in the future. I do suggest you put your speakers in a triangle shape in relation to you (look for best ways to put your monitors). I don't know the shape of your room, but it should give you a better spread of sound waves @Penzoline: I understand your concern. But when I say "really loud" music, I mean it is so loud that I can experience it on a great level, without hurting the ears or even feeling dangerous on the long term. I also adjust my frequencies through software to turn down the hi hats etc. I've been dj'ing and partying for 10 years and don't have any hearing troubles so far. It is possible. But I'll remain cautious
  6. I need at least one hour of very loud music each day. I've found out that this is because of many reasons... - One: The reason you desribed. So I can hear all the details, or so the overall dynamics will be audible better. - Two: Loud music makes me not hear the voice in my head anymore... I often need something to chanalize my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I am mixing music for an entire afternoon, or longer, on a very loud volume, and it has often brought me to a total "zen" sense. - Three: I have been suffering from tension headaches for 4 years now. And the only thing that has ever helped me within the first half hour (next to taking a painkiller) is to put on some very loud Trance music. - Four: At a party I need to feel the bass vibrating in my chest. Gives me like this raw primitive sense of wanting to dance.
  7. Exactly! That's what I always tell others too I'm an active dj and through the years I've come up with very precise categories for my tracks and lists. It allows me to stay within one sound/atmosphere (trance through repetition), but also allows me to shift over smoothly to some other sound/atmosphere. For example, within the Old/Newskool Goa: Dark Acidic Goa, Melodic Acidic Goa, Morning Acidic Goa, Twilight Acidic Goa, Twilight Goa, Dark Melodic Goa, Alienated Abstract Goa, Early psytrance, Early Forest Trance etc.... I have about 30 categories in my head just for Old & New Goa... I actually have a Trance list within my Goa list (like this thread) that differs from my Trance list on its own (pure trance classics) [/Anecdote] On Topic: I've always liked the Cosmic Cubes VA's. This balances a bit between Goa and Trance. I also have a great VA here: 'VA - UK Space Techno II'. I always put this up when I'm inviting friends over for a drink.
  8. Damn, it's been a long time since I've encountered people who are just as much into categorising as me... The TRANCE side of Goa and Acid, but not Goatrance, but influenced by it... Okay I'll post some stuff when I bump into it in my folders and cd's... But what I can emphasize: That Eternal Basement - Taking Place in You !!!! What a beauty! Still waiting for the perfect moment to play it in a set on a party... Edit:
  9. Plus actually most of my favorite tracks are able of getting me euphoric ánd melancholic at the same time. Other tracks (especially in Forest trance) can feel overwhelming at first and then calming after listening to them for a while. It's not necessary to list those emotions, just go to the dancefloor and experience it...
  10. Even though I am also fond of talking about what track/music does what to who, and of making lists... I think this thread won't serve its purpose as you cannot "list" emotions. Plus the fact that it will depend on the mood you were already in before listening to the track, the context in which you listen to it, the fact that people's perception of the track can change over time etc. I'm also a bit curious of what the results of the poll will be, but don't expect to find an answer.
  11. I remember a lot of Dark Psy tracks being rather funny when that style started to come out around 2004 - 2005. Fungus Funk - Duck the Mechwarrior Kluster - Balanced (not on Youtube) Neuron Compost - Dragon Poo (Not rly Dark Psy, more like night fullon. But it has some funny elements that kept stuck when I was 15 or so... ) Is it this one? Fragletrollet - The Invasion of the Mysterious Partyclowns
  12. I never connect music to "types" of women, or types of people. I do connect a lot of tracks to certain girls, or to certain memories of people and parties. And those tracks do manage to evoke more emotions than others, while they are not necessarily better than other tracks.
  13. You mean the folder with DNA, Faith, Controlled etc? I don't know about that. He said I could use it in my dj set for sure, but said nothing more. I'll ask him about it next time I speak with him. But for now I'm guessing that internet release was enough for him.
  14. Lapsus has quite some tracks he's working on or that are still at Cronomi Records. Some of his unreleased tracks sound just as good as or even better than his releases... I'll tell him his name came up here, this might encourage him some more to keep working on it Portamento is still active in the way that he's interested to be booked at parties! But he just needs a 2 or 3 months heads up because of his other activities (work, family). From time to time I see a new unr track of him pop up at Cronomi Records, but I don't know how much he's still active in making music. Inada should know... Artha's newer music is great indeed! Check out this vid M-Run keeps working on new tracks under that alias too. He's been very driven the last years. At our New Year's party in Belgium he played half an hour of new tracks / work in progress, and that sounded like a deeper and more night time oriented style. I really loved it and he told me this has become an aware approach of him. Be sure to look out for it in the future!
  15. Nervasystem - Time Travel Arjuna Records 2013 http://www.discogs.com/Nervasystem-T.../master/636383 Even as a true Goatrance lover it took me some time to really understand this music. It was only when I heard him play at the Lost in Time 2013 - 2014 New Year's Party in Belgium that I realized how great this music is. To quote a friend: "It's dark, but pure and positive". And that's also how I experience it. This is music that could (and should) be played at any time at a party. It's dark and psychedelic for the night time, yet also melodic and trancy for the morning hours. And actually this is one of the few releases that cannot be classified as just "dark" or "light/melodic" as our scene (and yours truly) likes to do. It's just pure no-nonsense trance music, based on the less is more principle. Nervasystem does not rely on climax introducing alarm sounds or wave-your-hands-in-the-air cheesy climaxes to create a trance, but lets the percussions and melodies do all the work. And God the melodies are well produced and are being twisted in a subtle but effective way throughout the track. Nervasystem keeps bringing what the trancer needs, in time. For me this release is Nervasystem at its best. It does not contain all of his best tracks, but stands out as the best package in a whole for me. Previously unreleased '90s tracks, with a modern mastering (this I believe). Every track is great and can be played at any time at the dancefloor, but only when brought well by the dj. And that is what I will try to do... 5/5 !
  16. It's possible and has happened in the past. I could explain it to you by doing some math, but let's say that a standard trance mix only cuts off +-1 min at the beginning entirely, so a large part of the track can be cut and mixed again.
  17. Great to see someone wanting to spread his music like this... If you want, you can send your tracks to Cronomi Records. You can find us here, or on our website: dj Inada (label owner) or me (one of the dj's).
  18. I had a few conversations online with Drezz after his live set in Belgium on New Year's. Last time I spoke to him was in March or April. He kept telling me that he wanted to be booked as many times as possible, that he really wanted to let the people hear his new music. It would surprise me that he has totally lost his will to play shortly after that? His New Year's set was GREAT! Old stuff, new stuff, all played in a thought out way, what a trance experience! I wrote a review of his Time Travel release (his best release since his comeback imo): http://www.discogs.com/Nervasystem-Time-Travel/master/636383
  19. As I've been collecting Psytrance for 10 years now, why not start writing down some feelings so I can lead others to decent releases...? Also: Inspired by all the great reviews I've read here! Goch - Sphere of Influence Hypnotica Records 2014 Let's start by saying this is pure braincandy for the Forest and Dark Psychedelic Trance lover, and that it is gold in any Forest dj's hands. I see this release and Goch's music in general as pure Forest Trance, and of the best in its genre, as it posseses every trait this genre has to offer, there where other artists offer only a few. It's dark, atmospheric, organic, raw... and can be played at any time in a set. At first it may sound chaotic and overwhelming because of the many many continuous layers, but when you listen to it closely, you will notice that he uses slowly moving waves and patterns and trancy percussions. This is were Goch offers a really unique experience. I find this music to be exciting as well as calming. It's very dark, but it never gets negative, depressive or downspiralling. Goch especially stands out in the way he uses percussions and bassline variations. All of his tracks are filled with changing and ever building organic percussion works, and this is what ultimately will have its effect on the dancefloor. For this release itself: This album will leave no Goch fan unsatisfied. It is similar to his webreleases and it feels like the artist has gone all out on this one. The 1st track 'Hemisphere' feels like a moodsetter for what is to come. The 2nd track 'Arched Orb' is where it really starts. This one has some amazing almost ravy sounding waves in it, and a bassline that will get everybody dancing. Somewhere it does feel like it would have been better if the waves and melody would have been used more on the foreground and in a more climaxing way. And that is what he does in 'Binary Pulsars' : After only 40 seconds he introduces a mindtwisting pattern that will leave no-one untouched and that really makes the track stand out. 'Flow of Perception' is typical bubbling Goch music with an intense transcending and heavenly sounding wave in it. Again very exciting and calming at the same time. Number 5 'Innersphere' is definetely the darkest and heaviest. It's like listening to a horror movie and experiencing it all within 6 minutes. After this tracks 6 'Sphere of Influence' , 7 'Purliev' and 8 'Swirling Crystal' offer a bit of a cooldown, welcoming some melodies that resemble Goch's earlier works on for instance Chronicle of Mystery Records.This tone continues throughout the second half of the album. The two last tracks 'Syntetic Space' and 'Outer Sphere' sound a bit less heavy and are there to serve as a cooldown I think, as they don't have much in it that makes them stand out from the rest of the album. In general I think Goch has one of the most intelligent and unique styles in Forest Trance music and with this album he offers us a trip as we would experience it on the dancefloor. For home listening and as an album, after listening to it as a whole, it does appear to sound a bit monotonous. It's a unique and great formula, but this album could have used some melodies, breaks or other elements that would make some tracks stand out. It could have used a track like Goch - Scatter for instance. I want to give it 4.5/5. But will give 5/5 for originality and the genious percussion works 5/5
  20. Tracklist: 1. Derango - parvatrip 2. nolm - snusuns 3. jangaramongara - proud (humanoid interface rmx) 4. gu - behaviorism 5. digitalian - new face 6. goch - arched orb 7. derango - irrbloss (part 2) 8. attoya - natural vitamin 9. loke - riding bridges 10. drury nevil - mystic vibes 11. psychoson - here or here 12. atriohm - rings of fairy (rmx) 13. scatterbrain - infernal angels
  21. Psytek (BE) - We're All Math Here (Forest Mix) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-were-all-math-here-forest-mix-1/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After 10 years of collecting this music I felt it was time to upload a Forest Trance mix. For this one I tried to focus on atmospheric "mossy" tracks in which the artists spent a lot of attention to the percussion works. I picked out music since '05 until now and wanted to stay within the modern Forest Trance sound. The first half of the mix is pure night time music that will hopefully get you ready to dive into the twilight/morning part, when the sun comes up, and the music becomes more floating and subtle. And for anyone who makes it to the end, there is a nice melodic surprise! This mix was made to spread the vibes as the artists intended it. All respect goes to them. Please support them and their labels by buying their work if you like it! And please leave a comment on my set if you feel like it, as I'm only doing this for the dancefloor, and your home listening pleasure!
  22. This is a dj set I recorded while brainstorming for some opening sets for parties like Occultrance and Old is Gold in Belgium. It's not your typical party music, but more like a trippy listening set... I chose some nice storytellers from back in the days, like the works of Tandu and Mushroomman. Hope you'll enjoy! Comments welcome, as I'm only doing this for the dancefloor, and your home listening pleasure! http://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-telltale-gravitational-wobble/ 1. Sheyba - Into the 4th Dimension 2. Etnica - Chemical Trance 3. Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden 4. Factor - Orientrance 5. Psychaos - S.E.T.I. 6. Doof - We Are Free 7. Subcouds - Spiral Guide 8. Mushroomman - Crystaldelic 9. Tandu - The System 10. Mushroomman - Dreamer 11. Nasha - Silky Bliss
  23. Hello everyone! This dj set contains some released and unreleased tracks from Cronomi Records, blended together with a few tracks of our scene's greatest artists since the '90s. Most tracks are new (made around 2010), others are "Oldskool". But they all contribute to the story: Crawling acid lines, becoming more and more intense and melodic This is the kind of music I would play during twilight. If you want to hear what comes next, feel free to book me at your party! Enjoy, and comments welcome!! http://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-theta-waves-cronomi-mix-2/ 1. Portamento - 48 Hours http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop 2. Artha - Signs http://www.cronomi.com/#CRONOMI002EP (GRATIS ) 3. Daimon & DJ Inada - Enigma 4. X-Dream - Our Own Happiness (303 Edit) 5. Etnica - Mental Puzzle http://www.datrecords.it/dat/releases/etnica.html 6. K.O.B. - Pitch and Chips (A Fairytale About a Chip) http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop 7. Nervasystem - Juddervision http://www.anjunarecords.com/shop#!/~/product/category=5774688&id=29509009 8. Bypass Unit - Frozen Symrex 9. M-Run Feat. DJ Inada - Kapala http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop 10. Psychaos - Return Voyage 11. New Born - We Are Nothing But Dust http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop This mix was made to spread the vibes as the artists intended it. Support the artists and their labels and buy their work if you like it! Why the name 'Theta Waves'...? Check out this article by Aernoudt Knecht: http://www.trancedans.net/artikels/ontwaken-dromen-schemerzone.html Bookings: wip3out@live.be
  24. "High quality" is something subjective if you ask me. For instance: - Her later albums will sound more polished / better mastered, but her compositions and sounds are more simple to me... - Her first works like the album Phenomena sound more organic / not that polished, but have a much more complex composition I prefer her first works. Especially the album Phenomena and after Real Rush. This Gnocchi 2004 remix sounds like a wanna be hardcore track and the acid line sounds so generic and digital. I don't like it at all
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