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  1. Thanks. My wife confirmed for Father's Day here that on behalf of my son she will get me the RME Babyface. Now I'm just saving for some Adam monitors & room acoustics to improve sound
  2. You mean the dude dating Tara Reid after dumping his wife & kid? Well as cheesey as it is I do enjoy Power Of Celtic still, and also his work in Infected but the only Infected album I listen to anymore is BP Empire.
  3. A shame about the lack of CD releases. I'm still yet to covert to buying digital only unless its very special.
  4. My copy of the Deflon track just cuts out suddenly, no fade at all. Really frustrated my listening experience so I ripped the cd & removed it completely. It's such a shame, surely during the mastering period they could've organized a slow fade out of some kind for 10-15 seconds. Also the ambient titled last track on disc 2 is really weak, it sounds like what I used to joke around making back in early '00s, maybe I could get some of my old rubbish released? Other than this issue it's a great compilation, and compared to say Goa Trance revolution I much prefer having the old school sounds completely seperated from the new school sounds. Looking forward to where Zion goes from this. The Kingdom is by far still my fav release.
  5. Forgot to add Deviant Force Records & Active Meditation.
  6. I can see you're point, the lyrics dot grab me a huge amount, but the music is quite good for what it is. The other groups you listed I'm not much in to, industrial type music & EBM is not something I was ever tempted to really delve in to. It never got "big" in Australia or at least the Australia I grew up in.
  7. IMO it needed a really hot intense lesbian scene. joking. Kinda.
  8. It's a nice book IMO, and well done for a scene that not very cohesive globally. I enjoy the art in it, the articles are ok but nothing mind blowing. It'll sit nicely in my book collection, and many will no doubt look or ask questions. I'd definitely like my son to read it when he grows, as I want him to have an interest in areas outside of everyday society.
  9. Was my birthday recently, budget is tight so just had a nice dinner but as I come from a large family sibling do a Kris Kringle for gifts. I am happy to have gotten a 2 year hard copy subscription to Sound On Sound magazine Also from my folks got a copy of Ableton Live 9, enrollment in a short course on Ableton Live and a pair of ATH-M50 headphones. Makes life a bit easier, now my savings can go to a good sound card & midi keyboard.
  10. Amazing music although Pretty Hate Machine is the only album that gets regular play time with me anymore. I do enjoy the GWADT soundtrack, terrible films but wonderful music.
  11. I love the 80s, it's supremely cheesey now but it's the era that former my interest in synths & audio programming.
  12. Makyo/Padmasana etc. Sandman UX Elysium Tim Schuldt Xenomorph The Delta/X-Dream Midi Miliz (not Extrawelt) Metalogic Fuzzion Derango Crazy Astronaut Already Maged
  13. My son is napping, so I'm listening to Tribal Encore again on headphones and surfing the web. His sleeping pattern has changed in the last week so I realized today I need to start going to bed a lot earlier. It will make my day more pleasant as its much harder to enjoy time with a little person who can barely speak when you feel sleep deprived.
  14. I really never got the big fuss about Misted Muppet. To me the music was to much of the same and made it very hard to listen to the album. I'm not saying it wasn't good music, but variety is the spice of life.
  15. I just have to say a really big wow & thank you to this label. This is the compilation I've been waiting for more tha decade to come out. It's deep, dark and very psychedelic. I am so proud to own this, and I cannot stop listening. It's pure magic. I cannot wait for more releases to come out. I really am grateful for all the hardwork the Anjuna team has put in to this. Well done!!
  16. The 9 Pills compilation for me has always been the mos underrated tech-trance compilation in the genre. It has some absolutely amazing tacks, and a lot of them to me have a real nice atmospheric psychedelic edge. The Joti Sidhu track for me is amazing http://www.discogs.com/Various-9-Pills/release/150917
  17. I don't want to say much other than I don't support this at all in anyway but am curioustonsee what others think of these practices?
  18. Is it horror? I watched it an it was just another obscene gory exploitation film. The idea is so unoriginal , and what's even worse is they sold it to an American organization to have it remade Hollywood style.
  19. Never ever got in to full on enough too buy albums although I ind the early Nomad, Absolum & Takamasca albums to be quite good. When I feel the urge for full on I just have the TIP World compilation like the "Nations" series, Dimitri's DAT Bag etc. A bit old but they're pure quality IMO.
  20. I never really loved Matsuri. I found that it was a little bit underwhelming in many ways, as it could have been a game changer if some of the experimental world had been produced with a bit more deepness & definition.
  21. You said it very well, I was a hater of the minimal & prog sound in the early '00s as it wasn't psy/goa enough but as I started to mature and validate the music on its own merits rather than as part of the goa scene I now find that music to be some of the most technically proficient of all EDM. Paps was & is amazing to listen to, and I'd love to see a label reissue his works as an album. Especially if the original recording could be remastered from the source by a proficient masterer.
  22. Used to enjoy them but grew out of them. It was the Hostel ones that told me it was time to give up, they were just so pathetic in every way possible. I much prefer my Cannibal Corpse collection for horror themes than movies. I don't think it suits trance much, just like the demonic stuff that's been done doesn't either. There's nothing psychedelic about horror, I saw The Exorcist reissued in a cinema years back on psychedelics & it was not triply at all. I just laughed so hard my face hurt for the next month!
  23. Just confirmed that my copy of Uberpedia has been sent from Amazon Japan. Can't wait!!
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