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Dimension 5 - Transdimensional

Jon Cocco

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2007 - Re-Mastered / Re-Released

Track list:

01. 08'55" Iron Sun
02. 07'45" Purple Om
03. 06'33" Antidote
04. 07'28" Omega Centauri
05. 09'02" Deep Space 5D
06. 07'22" Psychic Influence
07. 07'22" Beetlesnuff
08. 07'50" Harmonic Convergence
09. 07'41" Utopian Dream
10. 07'59" Flow

Transdimensional is the debut Goa-Trance album by Dimension 5, remastered and re-released in 2007. It is or was considered to be the most sought after album in Goa-Trance by many Goa listeners and collectors throughout the world since the late 90's. I have not been able to find an available copy for under $100 in almost 10 years so I never owned a copy before. If you really wanted a copy throughout these years, you had to catch it on Ebay (for starters) where it appeared more than once for several hundred dollars/euros, a thousand, or more! Now that may seem like an insane price to pay for any album and I'd agree. Unfortunately this was how difficult it was to obtain an official copy of this thing. Why was it never reissued I don’t know. There’s a reason for everything and I'm happy to finally have it and have heard it, the full album, multiple times before writing this. Re-released by Suntrip Records in June, 2007, Transdimesional is finally available after all these years!

2007 version VS 1997 version: Every track has been remastered by Tim Schludt who's work remains top notch. I listened to parts of the original debut and compared it to the re-release. For starters the kick drum sounds harder as if the original raw files were run through a dance EQ. The 2007 sounds more clear and crisp as if in a higher quality. The melodies still have that tasty, juicy flavor. The 2007 has mastering that wasn't possible or available back in 1997. It's been reborn as the same spirit in a more attractive body for dancing and other forms of listening too. The 2007 is like a fresh coat of paint over an aging 1997 classic making it shiney again. The music is just as beautiful as ever. No song has been remade, remixed, or revised as you'd expect. This is the most faithful port from old to new mastering on an album I know exists because it is the only one.

01. Iron Sun is a very strong opening. It begins very Middle Eastern influenced. A sound combination includes ambient, a flute, another flute, claps, a voice sample, melodic bits both sustained and not, and more. "More" is a thing you'll be experiencing on this album quite often on this album. All these elements would be ineffective if it wasn’t for the smart sounds, mixing, and approaches in how they’re utilized. And this is just the beginning of the song! Suddenly the speed of the song increases. The previous introduction morphs into an aggressive rhythm. I don’t want to recreate every little thing that takes place but my description relative to you listening is two separate worlds connected to one. A catchy melody arrives, then another, and another. The repeating voice sample plays along like a tune. It’s short and effective in a subtle, appealing way. The speed alteration on the kick drum enhances the music. The song becomes more dynamic. There are multiple changes that take place with the music throughout. This is a terrific song because it begins attractive and develops attractively with a sound like a personality, likeable in the inside. It’s interesting and unpredictable in a sense. There’s strong melody structure. With exception to a nice transition or interlude in the middle, the song is constantly in motion. And it’s danceable. The returning voice sample adds a nice touch but a distorted melody at around 6:55 is unexpectedly great. One of the best things about this song is its ability to not lose sight of the foundation, returning to that pleasant sound to a degree after feeding its body with charm and charisma, love and life. A-

02. Purple Om is initially not as intriguing as the opening but patience is a virtue. Here takes place the second incoherent voice bit (male singing one word, one note) on the album and it works to solid, however short and minor effect. It plays like a tune. After the two-minute mark the melodies become more arresting. The beat is removed to compensate for a transition with tribal drums. The song becomes more engaging. Introduced is a Goa melody. A sweet spot takes place at 4:38 when the band of sounds distorts and skip. It’s cut and mixed very well. The sublime effect is hypnotic. Around 4:50 is a good melody. The catchy voice bit returns and a build up into another melody going on close to the five-minute mark. This is another strong track filled with a delectable combination of sounds, melodies, movement, warmth, and feeling. As with the opening track, it isn’t what I consider superb as a whole but there is nothing wrong with it either. Excellent track. A-

03. Antidote is very different from the first two songs. For starters it sounds more serious. It isn’t dark per say but it isn’t as joyous (what some call beautiful others call cheesy) as the first two either. What crossed my mind through the emotive music was that someone’s dying and needs to be saved. In the end it’s sad but beautiful in the sense they are free. I don’t know how story driven the intent behind the song is or isn’t but have the feeling it’s deeper than the general listeners perception of what it is. Pay attention to how the melody waves rise from above the bigger wave of sound at around 1:45. This is what Dimension 5 contributed to beginning, the circulation and manipulation of less conspicuous supporting melodies mixed in with a second and sometimes third batch. Around 4:07 is the first real ray of hope but a down tempo melody sound crushes such hope. The tone in this song is very different than the upbeat, pretty sound carried throughout the first two songs. It has a very light filled closing nonetheless. I think this is a great song but the first two were better for what they were. It isn’t that less seems to take place here but rather what is done with less, which is more in a sense but not enough relative to the first two. Great, thoughtful and mature track! B+

04. Omega Centauri has a very catchy melody in the beginning that sounds the most alien to me since a main melody took place at the final third of Iron Sun. The kick drum enters and another main melody puts its foot in the door. The next thing is the door is pushed wide open as all these sounds squeeze their way into the kitchen to score some food. No I’m just kidding but the track is an ideal pile of complimentary sounds and melodies that are never screaming or too subtle. Subtle applies throughout the album however. Omega Centauri is a return to the more driving layers of melody additions that the first two began. However this is more aggressive and driving. You don’t have a happy guy going “LA!” as I interpreted the word/note on the second track. I find very catchy a unique, lower in sound and frequency rolling psy-sound that rolls at the base of the track. This rolling sound is something Toi Doi would later take advantage of, but now I hear where the concept existed before. Omega Centauri is not exactly happy nor sad, but determined, forceful (but never violent) and uncompromising in its ability to move forward. There are no moments to stop and see the sights, as it drives right past them because it has an obligation, never speeding so fast as to evade the sweet landscapes. This is a very good song, but it isn't spectacular. It's more mature or rather less bright than the first two numbers and overall more driving than the third. A-

05. Deep Space 5D is superb. Okay wow. This is the best song on the album to me so far. I feel like I just experienced something significant by listening to this song. I value something super positive that can take place through music. At 1:10 begins the first great, if not excellent, standout leading melody. From that point forward at least two or three impressive parts take place, each gradually more moving. I actually felt more aware both during and after hearing this track. It’s one of those rare songs where the artists had the skill and ability to manipulate sound in a way to put the listener in a higher state. I love the entire song as is. And this is the first track I’ve ever given such a high score to by Dimension 5 to date. Congratulations. Deep Space is a masterpiece, and I'd love to hear more songs on this level and beyond. A

06. Psychic Influence is a return to the awesome, infectious combinations of melodies and sounds. It’s inspirational and dangerous sounding thanks to sample promoting an uprising amongst a group of people. I’m beginning more conscious of certain mind states, how I feel while leafing through my collection and listening to Goa-Trance albums I hadn’t heard in years. As if the rhythm wasn’t driving and upbeat enough there seems to be key changes. The sample of the man proclaiming: “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish! We’re going to survive!” The confirms my intuition that the song and this the overall album is being influenced by light, and darkness plays a role in challenging the light. We’re rivaled, given the confidence, and put in the state we need to be in order to break out of our everyday redundant lives and set loose like a dragon, wild and free. The voice sample is excellent and fronts a potential, mass fight that may take place. The strong, emotive leading melody, which took place earlier on, slides into the flow once again. It rises from out of the general rhythm from where it had begun at around 6:42. It’s excellent. The entire song is loaded with warm, catchy sounds but the main melody compliments the entire song. More little sounds and melodies take place too but that’s how it always seems to be with this album. One sound leads to a string of others. A- / A

07. Beetlesnuff isn’t as focused on shining the light on its emotive hook as the previous song. It’s constantly in motion like like liquid throughout. There’s nothing really to startle the wave save for a brief transition maybe. The motion never stops or seems to stutter even when the beat leaves for several seconds. Around 4:06 is a subtle, attractive fusion but it could have been going on from before that for all I know. This is one of those Goa-Trance songs where the leading melody isn’t standing out so much that you’re distracted by it. In giving less focus to the lead, (making it more high pitched, loud, etc.) the listener can come closer to an induced trance state with the combination of melodies and sounds because the lead doesn’t dissociate us from the thick band of sound. It becomes closer to being one if that makes sense. This is a wonderful song that may seem less memorable initially because the hook is closer to all else and it’s easy to remember a strong, individualized hook although many people will instantly hear what’s going on here. While I feel like the last was more my type of track, (it had that aggressive edge without losing it’s beauty) this too is one of the best tracks on the album. A-

08. Harmonic Convergence is the only song that seems to start off dark on the album. It’s a very traveling song with elements of greatness and excellence. I wasn’t drawn into this initially, the opening melodies. I like how this and others on here build a strong melody structure as they progress. Here the melody skips; altered to vibration effect. A good Goa fusion takes place around 1:42. Another melody arrives at 2:34 and these are just several sweet sounds that take place in the first third of the song! So far the song has many melodies but none of them are anything really great to me. The beat leaves into the three-minute mark for a short transition. Soon things begin to build again. A strong melody enters at around 4:30 and than another at 5:07. I really like the one at 5:07. It’s deeper (lower pitched) and fairly rougher in a sense. This is the most gripping part of the song I think, which gets better and better. Suddanly the more upbeat, gentle sound is removed to compensate for a detour. The direction takes us on new and different path on the journey. With all of the leading melodies and direction change, I’m still not in love with the general melodies during the first half. I'm very pleased with the directon taken after the halfway point however. The strong build wasn’t as delectable as some of the other songs here but the ride is so worth it. This is a great song, maybe excellent into the end. Around the halfway point forward is interesting, powerful. A-

09. Utopian Dream is a beautiful track. It begins more gentle and takes time to throw some more aggressive, liquid rhythm currents at you but be patient, they come. This could have been an Astral Projection song and I would have never known it. Actually that could be said for several songs on this album maybe do to the combination of energy, driving melodies on melodies, and more. Fortunately this song and others correlate greatly into the spirit of D5 on this album. I’m beginning to feel spoiled after hearing so many well-done songs. This is one of those very special albums. A-

10. Flow is a very strong closing. This is an incredible, deeply felt, emotive, meditative chill piece. I think it's outstanding, another word assiciated with superb, and one of the finest closing album chill tracks of the golden era of Goa-Trance. Is it the best chill track ever made? Oh I don't know. Favorite tracks are subjective, even if we and others say we have great taste and high standards. This is definitely up there as one of the best chill numbers in my opinion. Just shut your eyes, try to release any current thoughts, and listen to this, loud! It’s impressive, the sound and rhythm carried throughout. I love the reinforced beat two-thirds of the way through and how it adds determination to a dreamy world through the subconscious mind into the dream. I sometimes wonder how artists create something that sounds on another level from most things we’ve ever heard. This final track doesn’t need to confirm that the album was no fluke. Nearly every track has beauty, depth, and imagination, and an enormous amount of heart put in. Music this deeply felt is often meaningful and not soon forgotten. A

In conclusion, Transdimensional is a magical album for people who like and love the pinnacle, the golden years [96-98] of Goa-Trance. This is an intelligent release! I could throw a dart and virtually any song it lands on is wonderful. D5 takes the oriental and middle-eastern Goa sound to space! It's piled with graceful, lush, soundscapes, and leading, co-leading, and supporting melodies, often energetic, driving, and dreamy. Some influences or examples of the general style can be associated with Astral Projection, California Sunshine, Cosmosis, Electric Universe, Jaia, Ra, X-Dream, and several others at their Goa peek. Such Goa Artists as Ethereal were subtler with their waves of sound. Artists like Astral Projection were generally the opposite with their leading, sometimes roller coaster melodies, buildups, and climax. I’d say D5 falls somewhere in-between. Fortunately it has its own style and sound. The melodies are juicy and flavorful. The sound is ultra-melodic and layered, fast, beautiful, elegant, warm, light-filled, positive and inspirational. I think it’s very appropriate for listeing to this album in the morning and during sunrise, and at sunrise parties(!), dancing, driving, and home listening. Suntrip Records has made a rare exception with Transdimensional. They’ve taken the initiative to re-release an album from 1997 that many consider a milestone, a classic in Goa-Trance. Thanks to the articulate re-mastering and care provided, the kick drum and other general sounds are more present and adequate to today’s production and mastering standards. It's basically a technical improvement over the old mastering and I respect that some people will find the aged version just as classic untouched. The 1997 was near perfect for its time and this is just as excellent for ours. Everyone please enjoy, cherish, and savor this wonderful rare album. Thank you Suntrip Records + artists for re-releasing this truly inspirational classic!

Favorite Tracks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10





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I cant get tired to say this is the most wonderful album in the Goa trance genre.

All tracks are filled with warm cosmic vibes, oriental melodies together with spacey sounds that generates high psychedelia.


Many artists fail to create complete melodies because of fear of making it too cheesy and then the result is just ambiental melodies without buildings or climaxes, Dimension 5 didnt failed and made some of the most powerfull melodies in the genre.

This album is like a trip through outerspace always with the warm vibes of some bright star...i still remeber the day i heard this for the first time, from the alien main melody of Antidote to the hypnotic synth of Harmonic convergence i was shocked i coudnt believe it was possible to make such a magnificent music.I will always be thankfull to this 4 english men.

I also think its necessary to say they created a subgenre in goa trance, space goa trance, unfortunately noone could at least mimic this style, this proves the brilhiance of this album.

For me all tracks are favourites anyway there are 2 that stand out for me, deep space 5D and Harmonic convergence.I think i already heard more than 500 times Deep space 5D and i dont get tired of it :)

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well, even tho it is a re-release, this will stay in the 2007 section for following reasons...

- this version IS released in 2007, and sounds masteringwise different from the 1997 one (and the artwork is different as well)

- many many people will have this one for the first time in 2007 instead of 97


and now, back for reviews ;)

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I wasted no time ordering this one. I've always heard people talk about D5 in goa discussions but I had never heard anything by them. Seeing how both their albums were rather hard and pricey to obtain, I never bothered buying them. Luckily this has been a good year for old school goa (first Transwave and now D5!) and I now own this once rare album. I love all tracks, but Flow stands out very much so to me. The water samples and voice make it stand out from the other tracks. This track breaks out from goa and gives the album a new life. After hearing this album I deeply want Second Phaze now.. but i'm wondering if Suntrip has more re-releases up their sleeve and perhaps i should hold off...

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I recieved my copy within two days of ordering from psyshop, always fast and smooth between Sweden and Germany. I have listened to it several times since and this is truly a wonderfully composed album, each track a treat of its own. The D5 style is rather unique. I wonder, where else to turn in search for exceptionally far out, full-on melodic goatrance if not to D5? That would probably be to Pleiadians or nowhere, asking me.

The D5 style is very epic, travelling and hypnotic, with an ever present sense of purpouse and connection. This is goatrance close to its core. I have not listened to this album nearly enough to write a full review, but the tracks that are most strikingly engaging and beautiful to me are Omega Centauri, Deep Space 5D and Harmonic Convergence (which by the way might be my favourite track-title ever). Though as suggested by Jon Coccos (excellent) review above, the album has an overall very high quality, not failing the listener anywhere.



After hearing this album I deeply want Second Phaze now.. but i'm wondering if Suntrip has more re-releases up their sleeve and perhaps i should hold off...

Second Phaze was never nearly as expensive or difficult to obtain. Me myself scored it on Music Stack for little more than 20$, and I have seen it thus available more than once since. Amazone, and of course ebay are other possibilities. Good luck finding it.

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Received my copy today :) Thanx for the stickers.


Listened to the original album only in mp3 quality (well, because it was simply impossible to get it anywhere these days), so it's hard to tell the difference. Mastering freshened 10 year old music and those analogue synths sound very warm :)


This is an ultimate classic and every self-respecting goa-head should own this awesome album!

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It was about time that this got re-released and the remastering only sweetens the deal :) Now if only someone released some other goa classics too :P

But this is indeed a great album and gets a full 5/5 from me B)

Good job Suntrip :clapping:

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Oh, it actually arrived? It only took two weeks. Who cares when the music is this good. Sorry, I meant to say excellent!!!


I don't think an in-depth review is really of essence here, as only few do not know this one by heart yet. Be it CD-R's, ripped WAVs, MP3 or the Intastella Records original, this is a release everyone knows. Where do I even begin or finish here? This is, front to back, one of the most skillfully produced, blissful, melodically explosive, positive and sought after albums in the history of goa trance. I have no other choice but to place this one on my top shelf right up there with the rest of my favorite releases.


Man, a kazillion thank yous to Suntrip Records for making this possible- the cover art simply shines, even the CD design is superb, the new sound coating is a story of its own, while the music... Well, the music is just classic here. 10/10. All I can say. And I have not once wondered why- this is as great as the melodic, dreamy, spaced out old school goa trance got!


None of their later work or side projects ever matched this. None. They never could recapture the magic displayed on here. Better so, as you can only better appreciate the true marvel of Transdimensional. Get it. Do not waste time, don't let it pass you by again!


Favorite tracks: Purple Om (ever since I first heard the album, this has been my #1), Deep Space 5D, Psychic Influence (the sample still gives me the shivers...)

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So outdated sound. I love goatrance, but somehow i never liked dimension 5.

Always was getting very fast bored of their style.

And is it me, or the new master by tim schuld't isnt any better than the original 90's release ?

Well...maybe i just havent listened to it enough carefully.

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So outdated sound. I love goatrance, but somehow i never liked dimension 5.

Always was getting very fast bored of their style.

And is it me, or the new master by tim schuld't isnt any better than the original 90's release ?

Well...maybe i just havent listened to it enough carefully.




kidding :D

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btw, ive listened to both their albums few times, cant say much, its sort of space'y atmospheric trance, dont know if i like it or not, lots of attention must be paid to some albums before they either grow or not B) these are of such for me.

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DMT? no but it is just as pure.. Dimension 5


The Cosmic Dream Makers & us the travellers..


close your eyes, feel the vibration & energery around an get ready tobe taken on that long awaited cosmic trip you been waiting for your whole life....


Fav Tracks - 01,02,03,05,08 FLOW is my all time fav track


Score: 9.9/10

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Will post a review later (hopefully), but is it only me or the new mastering makes it more unpleasant at high volumes? I listen to music 95% of the time in headphones, so if the mastering is too bright it simply hurts at high volume. The original was IMO more balanced, though admittedly not as clear. I noticed that 'over bright mastering' with V/A Twist Dreams too (especially Khetzal's track) and I thought it was a bad direction to take for Avi - I reckon his mastering on previous Suntrip releases was better.

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