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  1. No, i'm touching my Japanese doll.I love my Japanese doll.
  2. Because you touch yourself at nights,that's why.
  3. Ah,nice one. Lovely sounds,the oldskool tunes are pure gold.
  4. I understand,i'm afraid it's already online. Can you not generate a randomised URL for it and give it to certain people from the forum,the Facebook page etc? (by the way i closed FB and the Schlab grp is the only thing i missed).
  5. I went to Greece the other day,stayed for 3 weeks,came back +5kg.No joke.Fuck that,terrible place.
  6. Let us know if you upload an mp3 version for purchase,no chance i'd go for a CD at the moment - too much plastic and i'm an Earth loving hippy.
  7. Hello sexy. Oh,also everyone else.
  8. Oh no Pandora's box is open! Well i'm eating my favourite muesli+banana+milk+honey combo at the moment. And listening to Petar Dundov (nice!).
  9. Ah,finally,a breath of fresh Schlab. Monotono wet my eyes To people expecting something extraordinary or revolutionary:psytrance is dead and zombified anyway, get over it already.Duh.
  10. Attoya track kicks arse.
  11. Gnome

    Yagya - Rigning

    Look for Gas' Nah Und Fern if you want something similar,less "dubby" though. Still,filled with downtempo atmospheric beats.Not as good,that has to be said,Yagya is of rare quality.
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