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  1. Yes some, including myself, stepped over the line on occasions. I sometimes think about it and feel sorry for the dude. But it's pretty fucking wild resurrecting it now and starting pointing fingers and putting so much focus on it. It's some random forum out in the wild of the Internet and we're all here by choice, shit happened. Shit happens is the universal baseline, the universe is chaotic by nature. No offense but may want to start looking after your mental health before you focus on someone else's, and i'm genuinely concerned please don't take it the wrong way. You've created drama and attacked people personally in an anxious attempt to criticize drama and personal attacks.
  2. So @mars surely you kept an archive of that beautiful mess old off-topic was. Right? Please tell me that y'all miss it a bit seeing what a joke social media, reddit etc is nowadays.
  3. No, i'm touching my Japanese doll.I love my Japanese doll.
  4. Because you touch yourself at nights,that's why.
  5. Ah,nice one. Lovely sounds,the oldskool tunes are pure gold.
  6. I understand,i'm afraid it's already online. Can you not generate a randomised URL for it and give it to certain people from the forum,the Facebook page etc? (by the way i closed FB and the Schlab grp is the only thing i missed).
  7. I went to Greece the other day,stayed for 3 weeks,came back +5kg.No joke.Fuck that,terrible place.
  8. Let us know if you upload an mp3 version for purchase,no chance i'd go for a CD at the moment - too much plastic and i'm an Earth loving hippy.
  9. Hello sexy. Oh,also everyone else.
  10. Oh no Pandora's box is open! Well i'm eating my favourite muesli+banana+milk+honey combo at the moment. And listening to Petar Dundov (nice!).
  11. Ah,finally,a breath of fresh Schlab. Monotono wet my eyes To people expecting something extraordinary or revolutionary:psytrance is dead and zombified anyway, get over it already.Duh.
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