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  1. I waited 7 years for this? What is with all the bass and electro vibes? Where is Alyssa Palmer's voice? Why is there no CD release? Huge disappointment.
  2. i never considered that to be a separate track, more like a bonus ending to the song... but you're right. thats probably where the missing number went
  3. i find it odd that the back of the digipak starts at track 24. hydroponic garden had 11 tracks, and so did world of sleepers. thus making 22 tracks so far, which means interloper should have started at track 23.
  4. Some of these tracks seem to be new versions / remakes of tracks from the first album. Um Central Plain? As opposed to Central Plains? The vocals thing scares me too. I hope they don't go too far with it. I would be very interested to hear that album that got canceled a year ago.
  5. i didn't realize morning full-on was a genre. i thought it was either one or the other.. guess i have something to search for now though
  6. so would you call this track morning trance?
  7. Well first off, can anyone tell me exactly what kind of trance this is? Psy, morning, full on, etc? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPhgFMRJN4I I'm crazy about the sound of this one. Can anyone recommend similar artists or tracks of this kind of trance?
  8. Flegma & Nerso, Ritmo, Suntree and Progenitor are my current favs from Iono. Protonica is working on their 2nd album thats going to be on Iono too. I would also look out for the upcoming Motion Drive album.. sounds killer
  9. i think one of the best examples of this is velvet acid christ's "twisted thought generator" album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvk_ADhs7nQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ce6NCcHDEI&feature=related
  10. Anything from Activa is golden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYA5BfoEP1U&feature=related
  11. people are still discussing this? this album is never going to happen. until i have the CD in my hands i will never believe any kind of release date they give out.
  12. where can i buy the CD from? when i go to these sites all i see is download options
  13. I have been a fan of Autechre for years. Pretty much everything they released from 2000 and beyond was harder and harder for the casual fan to enjoy. They really had developed their own version of IDM. It was difficult to get into, but once you did, you were rewarded for your patience with a universe of layers and sounds. Now with Oversteps, it is like they went about 5 steps backwards. I don't see it as progression - I see it as giving in to all the whiney fans who wanted more mellow and ambient songs like on their 90s albums. I'm disappointed to say the least.
  14. krusseldorf just released his second full legnth album, Bohemian Groove. i think its much more evolved and polished then this one... but i love both!
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