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  1. Space Tribe - The Future is right now MFG - Project Genesis Tandu - Multimoods UX - Ultimate Experience Tim Schuldt - Single Collection Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden Cydonia - In fear of a red planet Infected Mushroom - the Gathering
  2. Astral Projection, indeed. Lame and pretentious. I recoiled from it 8 years ago and I would even more so today if I hadn't become so used to it. Hallucinogen is rather silly too actually. Asia 2001, yes, whats about Asia and 2001? Transwave... thought it was such a bad name the first time I saw it, but has by know heavily associated it to good music and since long forgiven the name. X-Dream, never liked that one. Infected Mushroom... how I hate that name. California Sunshine It's only when one stops to consider these names separately that they once again appears as it did the first time. GOOD NAMES (or rather, names that I like for some reason): Bypass Unit Cosmosis Green Nuns of the Revolution Etnica OOOD (the most aesthetically pleasing!) Blue Planet Corporation
  3. That's easily: The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences Probably followed by Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?
  4. The interview was very embarrasing...
  5. 2 Unlimited - No Limit I was seven. It was amazing, a revelation!
  6. I have actually never known any female who really liked or was interested in goatrance. The girls I know in the scene are more into the modern stuff and care less about goa. I've wondered if this truly is quite general, and then why it is so. I still hope to one day meet a girl who love it as I do.
  7. Ozric Tentacles - Eternal Wheel One can hear rather plainly that Shpongle was not without influence from these guys...
  8. Correct, I forgot the first part of the sentence. Love that track btw, rarely deranged.
  9. Phreaky - The Second Moon "A new kind of... brrrain cell!"
  10. I've read seraph's promotions of this particular track over the years. Since we seem to have quite similar tastes in goatrance otherwise, I really tried to like it. But failed. I can't really find it any interesting, and neither could those friends I have played it for. Best track ever: Pleiadians - Maia
  11. I forgot to mention whats so bad about the kick. Its the fact that it almost totally lack bass, which make it sound really silly.
  12. Ultraviolet Catastrophe is together with Sonic Mandala my favourite album of Space Tribe. I'ts not great though, and I do not have a detailed opinion about it since I listen to it so seldom. The Source Energy and the title tracks score highest on my board. The title track does however suffer from a terrible choice of kickdrum, one that renders the otherwise totally insane track virtually unplayable in a dj-set as far as I see it. I really detest that kickdrum. It´s the same thing with Zero Density by Transwave, a brilliant track partly ruined by an awful kick. The best track ever by Space Tribe is easily, I say, In the Hands of the Shaman. As is the case with a bunch of other artists, Space Tribe made his best work in collaboration with Simon Posford.
  13. One Love for sure. Am I the only one who thinks that Portamento is not very good? I do love the atmosphere of it and the long sample is one of the best ever. But, unfortunately, it uses the same melodic line over and over again through the entire track (except for another equally repetitive period at the end). I get bored.
  14. These aren't exactly as specified, tracks with mostly beats and 303s, but nevertheless great 303-dominated goa tracks. Green Nuns of The Revolition - Cor!, Megallenic Cloud, Ring of Fire, Klunk Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods Electric Universe - Luna Overdrive Chi-A.D. - Myoptic Utopia Shanti Druid - Insectattraction Somaton - Fearful Symetry Prana - Dervish (Spiral Rmx), Scarab (Green Nuns of the Revolution Rmx) <- INSANE The Secret - Pagan Dance These though: Gamma Loop - Eclipse Solar Quest - Georges Allniter Lochi - London Acid City DJ Hardware - Mad Cows on Acid
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