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Dimension 5 - Transdimensional

Jon Cocco

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lol khetzal better then D5 ? :lol: i mean khetzal has talent no doubt! but no chance against good ol D5 imho :drama: dont compare them they are from different eras.


yup, imo you simply cant say that someone from newcommers is better than some certain oldschoolers, they were there when it all started, they created it and it was damn good!

Let the lad have his opinion. We know all old school lovers prefer this to corolle but not everyone has to. They are both damn good albums & I think it's obvious that different people would prefer different ones.

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Have you ever seen that in 1024x768?




Psychic Influence is excellent.


Deep Space 5D and Flow are superb. On hearing the first one with the "consciousness expanding part," I sensed warmth throughout my body. The hairs on my head felt like they were standing up. Taking place in thast song is one of the most ascending sounds I've ever heard. Flow is another song that arrests my attention, consciousness in that deep, meditative zone better than virtually all songs here. Is it possible to give a song an 11/10? I'm just kidding. :P


Flow is possibly the most elevated and dreamy Goa downtempo number I have ever heard.


It would be amazing if these artists made a third D5 album, and captialized on these most powerful songs with deep, moving sounds and hypnotic, infected rhythms. Basically songs on the updated sound and level of the two I mentioned, plus some really awesome uptempo, mid and downtempo work as well a la the RA albums, but in the evolution of D5 of course. ;)


Having several superb climactic songs as Psychic Influence was here, but for our time now, would be wonderful. But they have to top it. They can and they must. I'd love to hear more songs on the level of Deep Space and Flow and beyond... because there are no limits... No rules... Develop the sounds that open the mind to the potential ... and develop the mind-to-soul connect so people can perceive their inner gifts, talents, and more. This is awakening music at times. I feel like the artists became aware of some very interesting concepts when experimenting, producing this album. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the third. Very happy I've finally heard this album. It's very well done!

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Dimension 5


Suntrip Records


1. Iron Sun

2. Purple Om

3. Antidote

4. Omega Centaurus

5. Deep Space 5D

6. Psychic Influence

7. Beetlesnuff

8. Harmonic Convergence

9. Utopian Dream

10. Flow

I fall into the camp that says this album immediately became one of the favorites in my collection. I also agree with all the responses, here or in the thread for the 1997 original release, that says most of these tracks are of equal value to each other, hardly any better than the rest, one whole album that is absolutely, remarkably put together.


"Iron Sun" is an awesome opener - exciting, riveting, with superb warmth and adventure emanating from the analog sounds. It sounds old-school but not too old-school. Instead the "Purple Om" follow-up comes off as dated, almost too old-school, but there are still some very strong points to the track, such as the cool male-voice tribal samples. However, one of the better moments from this album takes place in "Purple Om," where the direction changes and settles down and gets very mature and makes a seamless, break-less transition into the excellent "Antidote."


In fact, if you're not paying attention, it may be halfway through "Antidote" before you even realize that the track has changed. It is a very well produced moment, where the festive "Purple Om" becomes the introspective mastery of "Antidote" with such smoothness. It impresses me deeply each time I hear it.


"Deep Space 5D" gets the most votes, it seems, for best track on Transdimensional and it's very tough to argue with that logic, it is a track where the energy truly picks up and takes off, shooting you through the vortexes of outer space, a fantastic energy burst. But putting that much acclaim on just one track takes away from the power of the whole - this is a very complete album where each track makes perfect sense and lends power to the track that follows it.


As such, I find it difficult to separate "Deep Space 5D" from its block with "Omega Centaurus" and "Psychic Influence." The trio works tremendously well exactly as they are laid out in the tracklist. "Psychic Influence" even manages to be a great track despite its cheesy Independence Day samples.


"Beetlesnuff" is the weakest of this bunch but it is not one that I would call poor in terms of quality. It just lacks the magic of its nine siblings.


In an earlier post here in this thread, Jon Cocco says that "Utopian Dream" could be an Astral Projection song and I would agree one-hundred percent and add only that "Harmonic Convergence" be included in that assessment. These two tracks are phenomenal and wild space odysseys that romp intense and beautifully through the galaxy. This duo is an awesome conclusion to the goa part of the album, one hell of a rollicking finale.


"Flow," though, is simply perfect, an immaculate down tempo closer that keeps with the beautiful goa tradition of finishing with a serene chill track, lest we forget this is an album from the exact era that created that tradition. A perfect closer to an almost perfect album.


As the sample from "Deep Space 5D" tells us, "it turned out to be a good trip." From its hard-to-find 1997 original release to its 2007 loving remaster by Tim Schuldt, it turned out to be a very, very good trip indeed!


Many will tell new listeners about the goa albums that should be essential listening. Under no uncertain terms, Transdimensional should be an album at the top of those lists.

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Love Psychic Influence. Love this old sound!

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