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  1. Another ground stomping set, I had a lot of fun with this. Enjoy :-) * Title: PsyScape - July Promo Mix * Date: 16-07-12 * Genre: Progressive Trance * Length: 41.00sec * Format: MP3 * File size: 75mb * Equipment used: Apple Mac, Ableton, Akai APC40, Korg Kaossilator, Novation SL MkII * Tracklist: 1. Vertical Mode - Mr.Fix 2. Darma & Ace Ventura - Acidcore 3. Gaudium - SSRI 4. Easy Riders & Symbolic - Flashback 5. Time in Motion - dirty Ink 6. Liftshift feat. Ariel Electron - Plant Life Available to download: http://soundcloud.co...-july-promo-mix Links: http://soundcloud.com/psyscape/ https://www.facebook.com/djpsyscape http://dj.beatport.com/psyscape http://topdeejays.com/psyscape/
  2. Summer is here, and it's that time to get you're stomping feet on! So I'm pleased to welcome my summer bliss Prog Psy Trance Set: Tracklick: 1. Mental Broadcast - Jungle Twilight 2. D Twin - Active Circle 3. Ace Ventura and Timelock - Inside Us 4. Simply Wave - The Ride 5. Lyctum - Minds Mystery 6. Shanko - Set The Controls 7. Zen Mechanics and Future Frequency - Naked Stoned and Exalted 8. Killerwatts - All Seeing Eye Link (Available to download): http://soundcloud.com/psyscape/psyscape-dust-kickers-vol-2
  3. Yeah Mostly Barak is mostly full-on...but there is one or two twlight'ish songs he does.
  4. Barak hmm some of he's twlight songs are quite good; so if your wanting some good Twlight songs that will kick up any dust on the dance floors check these are tried and tested babies I play when the crowd needs a pick me up... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h651-x6thZU&list=PLC0B0D8ED14B62B66&index=36&feature=plpp_video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBVSUzjvo1c when the songs get to about 2:50 min's wow that drop...sends shivers down my spine haha
  5. Hello I am really good thank you! how are you? it has been a long time since I have been here! it has changed a lot!
  6. 18y/o When my friends took me to a psy trance party....I did not even know what the genre was let alone even been to a party like this before, I can remember stepping in to the place and feeling the vibration from the speakers going through the floor with the distant thumping sound of this strange music I've never herd; people walking past me wearing neon paint, furry clothing, dreads and wings...I was was so nervous I could of vomited, then I was lead in to the main room where my mouth actually dropped to the ground, seeing this massive room that was multi colour UV wonderland, massive sound system with this music that just reached inside me and awoke something inside I can actually remember running to the dance floor not moving from it until it ended (Eat Static was playing that night aswell) since then I never looked back haha it sounds so cheesy when I say it back....but that moment I will never forget ever it changed me for ever. The song that was playing when I first walked in that night was...
  7. C......D? what is this thing you talk of? is it some kind of ancient device thing that people used years ago? Mostly get my digitally now (not illegally before people pointing the finger of shame) Used to use Juno & Psyshop
  8. Things have changed around here a bit

  9. lol, dont remember myself saying that, but you could do so, could you :unsure:?

  10. *invoke shiva* close your eyes & let the music take hold...you will end up dancing like this. i.e looking like a complete twat...but hey who cares?!
  11. ooopz sorry delete this post....
  12. DMT? no but it is just as pure.. Dimension 5 The Cosmic Dream Makers & us the travellers.. close your eyes, feel the vibration & energery around an get ready tobe taken on that long awaited cosmic trip you been waiting for your whole life.... Fav Tracks - 01,02,03,05,08 FLOW is my all time fav track Score: 9.9/10
  13. Um not the Talamasca I like, I spun one of the tracks in my set the other week & got good feedback from the crowd...but not for home listners I do like the progression but it heads to the land of cheese at times.. 5/10
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